Today we play with the Kingsman Lucky Blocks!


  • ManateeLover04 2 weeks ago

    Roblox lucky blocks cuz why not

  • Ye Hui Tian 2 weeks ago

    Ill make duh animation snip

  • Zernand Afalla 2 weeks ago

    Learn to block hit m8

  • Angel Lilli 2 weeks ago

    Every like = a 1up mushroom for Ben lol

  • Fito Shahzada 2 weeks ago

    Jerome it realy suits u
    Hah got eeeeeeeeeem

  • PortCheese Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Death battle-kingsman vs men in black.

  • Little Umbreon 2 weeks ago

    What do they type in discord…….

  • Itz Ashlyn 2 weeks ago

    16:15 ben how come your foreheads so big but your brains so small 😂

  • Panda Lovin 2 weeks ago

    I miss monopoly on board game Sunday….

  • Jacob and Lucas 2 weeks ago


  • cool dude6654 2 weeks ago

    Were is crazy craft

  • KadenzPlayz 2 weeks ago

    Jerome. We did it.

  • Ty Zych 2 weeks ago

    Do more modded gun hunger games

  • jksar1 2 weeks ago

    Bacca always win

  • damienncorona 2 weeks ago

    Kingsman was a good movie

  • jeromewatcher45 2 weeks ago

    Can someone link me the original video of the spoil

  • Daddy in the Chat 2 weeks ago

    Eheeheh. I love kingsman ❤

  • Curtis Grisham 2 weeks ago

    Jerome: you should play berthdays the beginning

  • David Horan 2 weeks ago

    what video did ben ruin harry potter in

  • Darius Voyc2 2 weeks ago


  • allen dai 2 weeks ago

    Jerome you are not as hyper as always

  • Yuval hakimi 2 weeks ago

    Do a lucky blocks and fight when you have hacks xD

  • Pooper Chen 2 weeks ago


  • Mario Juguilon 2 weeks ago

    Did you know the Kingsman 2 has some blood and gory parts guys.

  • the predator 2 weeks ago

    wait Jerome could be a superhero because his nose is so big he can smell the persons next move

  • NIGHT Core 2 weeks ago


  • Del Foxblue 2 weeks ago

    Yeah Squidbossness do it just do it plz.

  • Zackaree Alvarez 2 weeks ago

    This will probably be lost in a sea of comments but: Jerome I really wish you did more vids with Tewtiy, not to say I don’t like Andrew or Steve (they are cool) , but I really think tewtiy should be in these alot.You, Bean, Alex, and Ryan are a perfect team, and Steve (and Andrew make it even better, not to mention Dasha completes it). Anyways, you are the best, keep up the beautiful work Jerome! Finaly, Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean, BEANNNNN!!!

  • 3004973 2 weeks ago


  • Zackaree Alvarez 2 weeks ago

    Jerome should make a diss-track for Ben (as a joke) like if you agree

  • Orgne The God almighty 2 weeks ago


  • cowamatic122 2 weeks ago

    The kingsman is the greatest movie

  • Brandin Webster 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome on my channel I did a video of an impression of your intro. I think I do your intro really good. Tell me what you think

  • raychel buettner 2 weeks ago

    Do more lucky block games please

  • Major Hatchback 2 weeks ago

    Andrew 1 vs. 1 me bro(JK)!!! Also on a more serious note . . . HAAALLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Zebraplayz roblox and more Sub4sub4sub 2 weeks ago

    72000 is toooo much Jerome plz lower it

  • kaiden duke 2 weeks ago

    What stream was it

  • kaiden duke 2 weeks ago

    Leopard pants are obviously hookers

  • Josh Whitmire 2 weeks ago

    Stop nose shaming jeromisalami

  • Mitchell Shea 2 weeks ago


  • FalconBoy76 Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Lol I’m 13 and I have to shave everyday

  • Jaxdakid Coolmen 2 weeks ago

    Manners makeith man

  • Purple ShEP 2 weeks ago

    9:48 GG

  • Reihana Tohara 2 weeks ago

    can you please do a lucky block challenge where u beat the ender dragon with the items you get

  • Muhammad Athaillha 2 weeks ago


  • Zebraplayz roblox and more Sub4sub4sub 2 weeks ago

    #rated R

  • Alex Brassil24 2 weeks ago

    Bens “zinger” made no sense, obviously he can smell better with a big nose

  • ZeldaBiggestFan 2 weeks ago

    I’m gonna make that dubstep-sniper video now. How do you share it though?

    Just made it. How do I share it?

  • Ethan Parrish 2 weeks ago

    I love both of the Kingsman movies!!!!

  • robskates 13 2 weeks ago

    Which pixelmon did blade spoil

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