• Iballistic gamer 1 month ago

    Play pixelmon trinity

  • LJT Gaming 1 month ago

    do more league of legends Video

  • Theresa Anway 1 month ago

    and if you can you will be the best you tuber but you are already love you

  • * AlmightyDerpichu * 1 month ago

    Dan where is Pokémon Brick Bronze and Pokémon Trinity

  • Kaspars Jagza 1 month ago

    pleeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslook video by miji mike my twin brother dantm. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  • dara r 1 month ago

    best youtuber ever do it again

  • PixieM X 1 month ago

    play more minecraft play more minecraft play more minecraft! SAVE MINECRAFT!

  • AgentN 774 1 month ago

    Hi I’m new

  • MLGgamer 999 1 month ago


  • Jorden Rich 1 month ago

    go dogo!!

  • Cupcake swirl Coco 1 month ago

    Omg DanTDM is the bestie you tuber the the world Dan TDM you million subs

  • Puppypach291 Da_fox 1 month ago

    Dan! I’m so sorry! Mike posted a joke and it made -some- A LOT OF HATE sorry dan please listen AND STOP THE HATE

  • Δανάη Καζάκου-Scholten 1 month ago

    Very nice video

  • ZackAttackVlogs&Games 1 month ago

    Dan notice bijju Mike your brother

  • Ibby 653 1 month ago

    I love your videos Dan

  • Coral Black 1 month ago

    Hi! You are the best

  • Drogen X 1 month ago

    “Team aqua bed is destroyed”
    Archie: well played maxie, well played

  • LoverOfPugs Gaming diy vlogs 1 month ago

    So unfair… I prefer hypixel bedwars btw

  • PrapsTy Minecraft 1 month ago

    what a

  • Ireneusz Pawlukiewicz 1 month ago

    do more of these they are AMAZING

  • . 匚ㄖ乃尺4 . 1 month ago

    Dan wheres your intro?

  • Sonia Shahid 1 month ago

    🙁 Dan died

  • Marcus Robinson 1 month ago

    I have chicken pox and DanTDM cheered me up 😀

  • Hayley Downard 1 month ago

    react to going to the store it’s really funny

  • TheMinecraftGM GamingPRO 1 month ago

    24 diamonds=full armor

  • Michelle Weldon 1 month ago

    Tell Jemma to do more vids pls

  • CreeperXD 557 1 month ago

    Dan where is your brother?

  • Fionn Lawlor 1 month ago

    I have your book😁😁😁😁😁😁 you are the best Dan

  • Erikmoe 1 month ago


  • Shazad23 Miah 1 month ago

    And where’s the intro

  • Analiza De Lumban 1 month ago

    dan can you react to your brothers video

  • Beyblade burst guy Metal Version 1 month ago

    Dan TDM has a brother

  • Mark Thomas 1 month ago


  • Brick Gaming 1 month ago

    do it again( want to see more bed wars )

  • Lucas Otto 1 month ago

    amazing videos dan

  • JCGaming 1 month ago

    DanTDM plz do a shoutout

  • Cod Trickshotz 1 month ago

    Dan how colld you don’t replay to your brother I hate you

  • Gaurdianuniversgirl xD 1 month ago

    Try Hypixel bedwars

  • Jayden Fay 1 month ago


  • Jaaziel Surya Pratama 1 month ago

    what about gary the skeleton dog

  • Rileygreen green 1 month ago

    Notice your brother now 🙁 or unsubscribe

  • hossam abuo taleb 1 month ago

    do more

  • Yazan Elkalmi 1 month ago

    dan plz play hello nhibor

  • Sans & Papyrus 1 month ago


    Read more

  • Sans & Papyrus 1 month ago

    -) )-
    | |

  • Milla Pironi 1 month ago

    Can you play more bed wars because I love it

  • Georges Oueiss 1 month ago

    plz more hive bedwars

  • Chelsey Phimister 1 month ago

    Use got prank

  • Chelsey Phimister 1 month ago


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