• benedict Janozo 1 month ago


  • Green Boy0234 1 month ago

    Fifth comment yay and hi jerome

  • Samsung Galaxy 1 month ago


  • Shify Shafy 1 month ago

    Why only 2 streams?

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  • TCKK_BOY GAMING 1 month ago

    Now 9th

  • Xdavidson23257 1 month ago

    Late Squad!!!!!!

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  • Chris Stewart-Beckett 1 month ago

    Why don’t you take the duffle bag for extra inventory space

  • little trooper 1 month ago

    Yes I love marshmellow

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  • ZachGamingYT 1 month ago

    Jerome you need to make another series with your buddies about zombies bro

  • life of a creeper 1 month ago

    Not the cat puns

  • edin hrustemovic 1 month ago

    What is the name of a sport played with a prolate spheroid not a ball and uses hands to cearry the prolate spheroid or throw it

    OH they kick the prolate spheroid some times



  • Diana Wasielewski 1 month ago

    Crafting Dead return pls

  • Red Scout Freeman IV 1 month ago

    love your vids

  • Logan Eells 1 month ago

    Hay can you make a new BACCA book Jerome

  • cakeman gaming 1 month ago

    What happened to the crafting dead

  • just meh 1 month ago

    rip craftingdead

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  • Benedict Llarena 1 month ago

    Take out decimation mod and put techguns instead, decimation mod is iffy a bit

  • arno van der kamp 1 month ago

    Hi yt

  • WizeOn Gaming 1 month ago

    44th commenter

  • Angus Love 1 month ago

    Go get your shirts at nicepostureclothing.com

  • Kyle Wahrenberger 1 month ago

    Rounders is baseball balled underarm and a small cricket bat

  • Gene Andrei Godoy 1 month ago

    Yey my favorite gamemode i have a challenge for ben can you make it that it is a team effort and zombies come in hordes

  • Charli Alvey 1 month ago

    The Peg Things Are Wickets And Jerome There Can Be 1-4 Wickets AND BEEN YOU RUN I CRICKET I KNOW THIS CAUSE IM AUSSIE MATE

  • Ben Feldman 1 month ago

    I like how he says you can throw a cricket ball almost as fast as a base ball in my head im just thinking people bowl cricket balls at about 170-180 k/h

  • Jeremy Sorejian 1 month ago

    10:20 It’s a common thing but my last name is Sore-ray-gin it’s Armenian

  • SkullMaster 1785 -Gaming And More 1 month ago

    picture and sound dont match

  • bressy bro's 1 month ago

    You should do a zombie apocalypse vid with that map

  • Jennifer Pease 1 month ago


  • Mike Personal 1 month ago

    Really are you Chewbacca cuz you’re subscribe point it looks like Chewbacca

  • Earth Destroyer 1 month ago

    Rounders is definitely different than cricket Jerome

  • Earth Destroyer 1 month ago

    Jerome, can you please do another guns hunger games please??

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 month ago

    YES I really wanted to see decimation in action

  • Jacob 1 month ago

    This channel is trash now. Nothing to do with fortnite

  • Elliot Sarra Films 1 month ago

    ben none of the stuff you said about rounders was true 1st its got 4 bases and also you hit it like a baseballer would just with 1 hand and you throw it under arm it doesnt bounce on the floor so there you go rounders is sooooooo different to cricket

  • epic ender gaming 1 month ago

    Rounders is not cricket with less people it is a completely different sport

  • Jamie Brown 1 month ago

    damn that title, it has everything

  • Ahmad Raza 1 month ago

    Watch a cricket match

  • Jacob Pierce-Selleck 1 month ago

    Do a video with your dad

  • Natsu Gamer 1 month ago

    You are a animal

  • Harrison Adams 1 month ago

    Kricket is a totally different sport to rounders

  • Shadow123Wolf 1 month ago

    lol fortnite thumbnail

  • DJ DEATH 1 month ago

    i only know about rounders not cricket

  • Lachlan Blair 1 month ago

    best vid on the channel

  • tyler helquist 1 month ago

    Jerome you have bandages for a reason

  • Fire Phoenix 1 month ago

    Play with the tech guns mod

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