Today we play Hide And Seek on Hypixel in Minecraft!


  • SaberTheGamer - Games And More 7 months ago

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  • chris p 7 months ago

    I missed stream to……. “SAD” How do you even play HYPIXEL

  • Jacob Israelov 7 months ago

    wheres pixlmon??????

  • SpaghettiBologames 7 months ago

    Reminds me of guess who gmod

  • Sophie Tsulaia 7 months ago

    my friend was casually playing minecraft and then- oh look. a game came out. oh look its the new hide and seek. oh look im dead.

  • Bryan 823 7 months ago

    The intro is not ohhhhh buddy!!!

    Its ahhhhhh buddy lol

  • Dexonic 7 months ago

    oh no i was in it at 10:44 xD

  • Ninjakai79 Gaming 7 months ago


  • Francis MarkJ-gameng games 7 months ago

    Who anderw shark if it im right im fan of shark anderw is shark

  • Francis MarkJ-gameng games 7 months ago

    Yeah i miss it tooo

  • Aayush Goyal 7 months ago

    Play trap raiders

  • Obaidullah TheGamer 7 months ago

    why is Austin obsesed with poop

  • Gaming Pidgeot Let's Plays 7 months ago

    Potatoes aren’t just smart they rule the world, we rule the world, we are one we are one we are one

  • aoife Hayes 7 months ago


  • theseptiplier BOB 7 months ago

    there is an island in uk thats called Jearsy

  • bunnygirlxx love 7 months ago

    Jerome pls bring back cops n’ robbers and try to play with the people u did a long time ago pls I really liked the cops n’ robbers videos

  • thegaminglemons 123 7 months ago

    At 18:35 a Steve is hitting a plant lol

  • Cole Harpham 7 months ago

    Me to

  • Kunming Zhou 7 months ago

    Jerome you should play dance party

  • SpoopyKei 7 months ago

    My dude I haven’t watch a video of yours or played minecraft in 4 years

  • Tedzo Mank 7 months ago


  • HuskyMonkey11 7 months ago

    Jerome can you bring back board game Sunday??? That was always the highlight of my week!!!

  • DogOnLaptop Play 7 months ago

    NPC don’t jump while running

  • RAHUL BASAK 7 months ago

    Is the mic staticky for anyone else?

  • Mohammed Ibraheem 7 months ago

    mannnnnnnn i got banned for nothing pls tell an admin/owner to unban me/unmute me i got muted for saying someone hacker PLZ UNBAN/UNMUTE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • donalduab 7 months ago


  • Mohammed Ibraheem 7 months ago

    pls unban me and unmute me i got banned for killing 9 on 1 game of skywars
    Pls unban me PLZ unmute me i wasnt doing anything!

    please please please please please please

  • Mohammed Ibraheem 7 months ago

    my mc name is “leocrad” plz unban me and unmute me

  • Mike Mellace 7 months ago

    what happened to tewity and alexircraft

  • MadPlaysGames Yt 7 months ago

    Where are the mike myres? xD

  • Michael Hollin 7 months ago

    Is block hunt still a thing

  • Johann Dacudao 7 months ago

    jerome could you play with ben alex tewtiy steve andrew austin play minecraft or fortnite or any gun games together plz

  • ChickenLover O'Neal 7 months ago


  • Legendary Shadow 7 months ago

    How do I play hypixel?

  • DoGiLL 7 months ago

    ermmhh… imm gonna give u a seeker tip : Real players have overlays NPC Don’t have overlays just let you know cuz i think you where dumb

  • Owen Wilson 7 months ago

    make a series in hipixel hide and seek plz

  • Erin Tumas 7 months ago

    What happened to Tewtiy?

  • Jamal Akhter 7 months ago

    I like how Jerome is still nicked as frizzleNpoop

  • Jamal Akhter 7 months ago

    20:48 blade doesn’t make Jerome maps he deletes them that’s what happened to traps

  • Amy Louise Wilson 7 months ago

    Interested game

    Wish I could but laptop won’t be back until Monday I hope.
    Cross fingers

  • SnowmanHaqs - Minecraft 7 months ago

    andrew on hypixel must be weird lol.

  • Noah 455 7 months ago

    Hi Jarome

  • Yelin Kong 7 months ago

    NPCs dont jump Jerome

  • XxThe_Gaming_GarchompxX 7 months ago

    When will Dasha come back to streams? I like her.

  • Ekko.Abuser 7 months ago

    Wow Minecraft died so so hard lmao.

  • Nemus detelinara 7 months ago

    Its not rape if we both are crying

  • Tadeo Vargas 7 months ago

    Video for rat boy

  • Saintgaming PS4 7 months ago

    It based on another game called like spy or something

  • Dare 05 7 months ago

    Jerome: You don’t know the first thing about good jobs
    Me: But Jerome they work for you…

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