• GoldenArmor 5 months ago

    Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the video! I couldn’t make full 10min this time and YouTube is very unstable and broken at the moment. I have to upload a video which has over 10min. I hope you didn’t mind me adding an old video at the very end… Sorry to those who are awesome subscribers and already saw it. Please understand. Love you and stay awesome <3

  • Banyu Kinar 4 months ago

    Hey golden armor please do modzilla from the ores

  • darren Arquillano 4 months ago


  • Μαριος Αντονοβ 4 months ago

    ylur server is not worki.g

  • Μαριος Αντονοβ 4 months ago

    your server is not working I put in my pc and ..
    Failed to login:Invalid session (Try restarting your name)

  • MyZoX 4 months ago

    Herobrine 6:58 !

  • Blue Nike4008 4 months ago

    Do what if Dinasours were in minecraft and u could tame it

  • THE UNDERTAKER 4 months ago

    If herobrine was a stupid noob.

  • ScoTTcatX 4 months ago

    🙂 lol rip pro 8:30 noob win ???

  • PlayerPL Janus 4 months ago

    6:56 hirobrine LOL

  • Traian Tigru 4 months ago

    6:53 wtf herobrine was in window

  • Devilhunt'S Gaming 4 months ago

    If a meteor crashes to minecraft

  • Devilhunt'S Gaming 4 months ago

    You make videos very slow.it takes many time you are not like orepros I know it takes to edit,graphics

  • FIGHT 007 4 months ago

    Nel minuto 6:55 c’era herobrine fuori dalla finestra

  • Sam Průša 4 months ago

    Life twinkl winkl

  • Meslouhi Hamza 4 months ago

    I found herobrine

  • steven chappelow 4 months ago

    Could you do a noob pro Vs noob plz

  • Tricia Richards 4 months ago

    I saw herobrine out the window

  • nuevo factor 4 months ago

    Like si viste a herobrine en en minuto 7:08

  • Ranger 4 months ago

    This is so great

  • Anthony Iech 4 months ago

    When the pro was pooping I saw herobrian!

  • Derpy Pro 4 months ago

    Who see herobrine at window at time 6:54

  • Homie Owl 4 months ago

    Never tell anyone to jump down a tree you must ask them what their health is first xD.

  • crusher11223344 4 months ago

    dumb admin vs smart admin like if u agree

  • Homie Owl 4 months ago

    3:33 I would lure them away slowly not to close though then after run with a speed potions or just run if I don’t have one on me.

  • Shamsul Fathri 4 months ago

    herobeni members null hhhhhjjheeeeeeehhhheeeeehhhhhhhhhh

  • Homie Owl 4 months ago

    Herobrine you gay pervert.

  • Leonidas Rivas 4 months ago

    Heribrione was watching what a creep like if you saw it

  • Yeassy 4 months ago

    Im an actor on that ep

  • Stephanie Gayden 4 months ago

    If golden amror meets

  • Stephanie Gayden 4 months ago

    I meant if golden amror meet minebox.like if you agree

  • Minecraft Gaming 4 months ago

    Smart Noob Vs Stupid Pro

  • Roberto Tolentino 4 months ago

    It’s funny I should do pro vs noob in bedwars!!!

  • Toxic UniFox Sandoval 4 months ago

    😭😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣Really funny like video

  • Sansarovski Michael 4 months ago


  • Dominik Zieliński 4 months ago

    Wow in minecraft but Titan tols exist to minecraft but honor exist to minecraft

  • Johann Lopvet 4 months ago

    LOL 6:55

  • Tao Lugod 4 months ago

    Pause at 6:55, you can see Herobrine

  • Tao Lugod 4 months ago

    9:43 Look at that chicken suffocating in the floor

  • EzraCam PlayzUnturned 4 months ago

    HEY GOLDEN ARMOR!!! I saw someone is infringing your rights!!! Link: https://youtu.be/Aj9oEjdl8cU.
    Please report him!!!

  • Merty Playz And More 4 months ago

    Pro cow vs noob cow

  • Asmat Suhail 4 months ago

    If a sin bar was added to minecraft

  • Gabriel Pachica 4 months ago

    I see herobrine that poop pro

  • James Ramos 4 months ago

    This is so funny

  • Steven Madrid 4 months ago

    I saw Herobrine in the pro Is popping he’s behind the window

  • Ella Mapanao 4 months ago

    6:58 herobrine is on the window

  • Anwarul Haq Choudhury 4 months ago

    If donkey can kick everything in minecraft

  • Anwarul Haq Choudhury 4 months ago

    6:55 Herobrine

  • UndeadGamer 4 months ago

    Hey GoldenArmor if you take skin requests in videos can you pls put mine in a animation. My username is GamersUnited21 I’d really like that if you could

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