• luke hershey 1 week ago

    Hey python yet another great video I’m kinda as though because flora valley will stop expanding and growing because your running out of space and you will be.working on the underwater base but I was wondering if you will countinue to work on flora valley and to maybe make it bigger expand underground

  • Z Rivive 1 week ago

    Luv the vid. U should build a theme park. Sorry if my idea is bad 😓

  • Dinesh 1 week ago

    How do you have time to upload daily videod 😎 . Your builds are amazing , I love your and I sub your channel

  • Shadow Blaster9 1 week ago

    I was playing Minecraft Bedrock on my Xbox using experimental play. It had reloaded all of the natural spawning chests in the game but I could tell it didn’t quite work because I found Iron Leggings with Impaling II on them in an End Building

  • xiandre cruzada 1 week ago

    You can get name tag from the librarian

  • Shadow Blaster9 1 week ago

    Hey Python, for your plan to make all types of farms, I think you should make a skyscraper with every floor having a different farm. When the items are ready, they should be launched out of a dispenser to a hopper on the bottom floor that filters into a chest. If possible, maybe items from different farms should fall into different places and hoppers as a way to organise chests.

  • Landon Callaway 1 week ago

    its called going of cam in creative mode 😛

  • Shadow Blaster9 1 week ago

    Hey Python, have you ever found the tile.info_update.name block?

  • YT GAMER 1 week ago

    Make a swimming pool

  • Pyro ES 1 week ago

    I feel so uncomfortable on how tight the spaces of buildings are it just feels so cramped

  • Gibbstanator Games 1 week ago

    U should build a tree house in your village

  • Joseph Lui 1 week ago


  • Zolk04 1 week ago

    No hate but you should change comment question to something else because some are statements. Again no hate because I can think of anything good but it’d make sense.

  • Zolk04 1 week ago

    I really like watching your videos and seeing you get all excited over EVERYTHING. It makes my day to see someone else happy and your basically that person everyday! Keep up the great work.

  • OxCharger 1 week ago

    Hey Python, love your videos! Just one suggestion, when you are not in combat, don’t have your shield in your off hand, as it covers up part of the screen. Keep making awesome content!!!

  • AdrianAnt Gamer! 1 week ago

    I just subscribed and I can’t believe I missed 20 episodes of survival.

  • Whatareyoutalking about 1 week ago

    Does anyone know what mending does?

  • Sussan Young 1 week ago

    im a new subscriber to this channel because of this series loving everything u do keep it up 🙂

  • SidedGamerHQ 1 week ago

    your the best builder

  • JennzOrs 1 week ago

    I can’t wait for this map download 😍

  • ErichPlayz Gaming 1 week ago

    hey python uhmm if the world download is available where are we gonna spawn if we downloaded it?
    in the original spawn or in the “Flora Valley”?

  • TheShadowsCave TSC 1 week ago

    Hey python I think you should add a flower shop in one of the buildings since it’s a flower settlement it would make sense and also thankyou for making these videos their awesome

  • Kinh Soeung 1 week ago

    Python you can spawn an iron golems to protect the villagers

  • kamiss1 1 week ago

    this series will be the longest series in the whole youtube

  • Fanalama 1 week ago

    9am, time to watch Python’s video! #SouthAfrica

  • Theepic Gamer 81 1 week ago

    Python are you going have a face cam and how much video do you think this series will have?

  • Benedict Robertson 1 week ago

    Yo Pythonator, are you going to make a flag (banner) for flora valley?

  • The reason you cant have a iron golem [ if its not a bug ] is because I think it cant have anything around/Above it. Basically he is very fat!!!

  • Jack'O Creeper 1 week ago

    Python, will you make a storage house?

  • Dev Srivastava 1 week ago

    Please no more building episodes

  • Fantastic Gamer 1 week ago

    Python it would be nicer if you was to make big walls that reach the flying platforms

  • nop o 1 week ago

    When Python mention mending

    The ridiculous best mending villager owned by python years ago….

  • Tom W 1 week ago

    When you traded for the glowstone you actually got one extra

  • Hellfire i 1 week ago

    Can u build a statue python ? Like some sort of a knight holding a glass sword. Btw love ur vids… Good luck ! Hope to see more building from u in this world

  • Mohammed mudaf 1 week ago

    no offense but python is the type of person to be buried straight and under flat ground with no bumps cuz if not it will trigger his OCD lol its a joke hope you live a long life python and so for everyone else😅😅

  • Ouppen Gaming 1 week ago

    you can build better in hard mode survival than i can build in creative???? i have played minecraft about 7 years too? im pretty noob :p

  • Shaista Faysal 1 week ago

    hey phython are you going to use podzol in your builds lately by the way love your vids keep up the good effort <3 🙂

  • Wong Shiau Fern 1 week ago

    Python MC can you do a video is mining Trip.can you find 10 stack of diamonds

  • Gail Kyffin-Hughes 1 week ago

    the iron golem didn’t work because there was a flower underneath☺

  • RACHEL GILFILLAN 1 week ago

    you are [asum

  • WEB TREE 1 week ago

    Love your survival series 🤗

  • Tehcno YT 1 week ago

    Does us that the end

  • Tehcno YT 1 week ago

    Are you ending the episodes?

  • Afriji Naon We 1 week ago

    jelek banget

  • Drewlord 1 week ago

    Hey, Python. I have a suggestion for you. Maybe when you have completely finished the series you could build a MASSIVE library with all of the books you have with really tall shelves. It’s your choice though! Great video!

  • Drewlord 1 week ago

    OMG! Thank you so much for putting me in your comment question I feel so honored! I meant everything I said! OMG still can’t believe it. Your the best Python! 😀 x100000000000 ;and probably about another few million zeroes! Thanks again!

  • good11gaming G11G 1 week ago

    If you get looting 2 enchantment on your enchantment table it will give you the boss sword enchantments

  • Mervanya 1 week ago

    Finally I learned how to get villagers to fill a village … never did know how to do this.

  • Guardian _421 1 week ago

    13:52 OMG that the episode you’re gonna make?

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