• master studious 1 week ago

    Acrobatics allows you to like run up walls a little bit

  • Caleb Walker 1 week ago

    Make the flash armour

  • Rygy HS 1 week ago

    Ya know Jerome there was nether quartz in the chests that you found the pets in

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 1 week ago

    Do ultimate armour for 5000

  • Shaun Murtaza 1 week ago

    5000 likes to go

  • King Logical 1 week ago

    U need too get this channel more views it’s dying not being mean just tryna help

  • Rygy HS 1 week ago

    maake a crafting table roof

  • Venom 1 week ago

    How do i play that crazy craft modpack its nothing like normal crazy craft 3. Someone please tell me

  • Jakub Obuchowski 1 week ago

    Do a 2 hour special

  • Jack Johnson 1 week ago


  • DRISK 33 1 week ago


  • IdioticNuke 1 week ago


  • Creeper kids 1 week ago


  • Pj Poopkins 1 week ago

    Jerome could you just do a livestream where you just use the echo and say a ton of random thing

  • Julian Chin 1 week ago

    Plz use the weeping angle to scare biff

  • the nutheads 1 week ago

    happy birthday my friend anas bd is also on friday. i wanna go to petersburg and just go wish u a happy birthday

  • pokemaster dios 1 week ago


  • Jackson Zenger 1 week ago

    The black bacca

  • Ryan Pintoski 1 week ago

    Its sooooooo boring when they go mining

  • TheCazinator 1 week ago

    It’s rebuttal guys.

  • Max V 1 week ago

    Jerome is de past he knows the way the queen

  • nova playz 1 week ago


  • Travon Arnett 1 week ago

    Dasha’s made ultimate armor

  • thomas beeson 1 week ago

    happy birthdab

  • Jeremy Coolkid 1 week ago

    Subscribe to jeremycolkid

  • tobi rotowa 1 week ago

    The prince or princess 🤴🏾👸🏾

  • Sian-Jodi James 1 week ago

    Do hulk vs red hulk plz big fan

  • Dallas Greer 1 week ago

    do docter who plz

  • Adrian Cisowski 1 week ago

    Can we get the modpack for this?

  • chris sickels 1 week ago

    “designated Minor”

  • Thief Gameing 1 week ago

    Zoom is ded barry alen is a savage jerome

  • Kimmie Schaefer 1 week ago

    Be co net

  • Michelle Taylor 1 week ago

    My friend jimmy it’s his birthday and he LOVES you if you don’t mind next video can you shout him out on his birthday the 9th

  • Steven Clementi 1 week ago

    Jerome or Ben, there is a config in the superheroes mod that lets you use nei with the suits its called crafting mode

  • Andrew Salazar 1 week ago


  • Trobasey 1 week ago

    Jerome you need to give Prince a diamond block to make him grow a up and the princess does not grow up

  • Dancilyee Ow 1 week ago

    Happy Early Birthday!!

  • chuckwagon2477 1 week ago

    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  • Ben Gill 1 week ago

    He looks like batman

  • Owen Hedley 1 week ago

    happy bday Jerome

  • the next big thing 1 week ago


  • James Cook 1 week ago

    Hi im new

  • Henk-Johan Kwakkel 1 week ago

    My name is jef

  • First name Last name 1 week ago

    Happy birthday

  • Eric Lee 1 week ago

    Lol, when Austin asked Jerome why has a full inventory, I’m like “because he’s dumb, duh.”

  • Bedwars Pro 1 week ago

    I giggleled my LITTLE head off

  • ioanrogers 1 week ago

    How did u get this crazy craft

  • ioanrogers 1 week ago

    And what platform u get it on

  • Tammie Williams 1 week ago

    Shuri:what are those Me:Yo mama twinkle toes

  • AnonymousCookieMonster 1 week ago

    omg datia is just a pain like ‘But what if I don’t wanna give it to ya.’ like why…

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