• Jack Brown 1 month ago

    Black panther is way better than captain America

  • Owen O’boyle 1 month ago

    Favorite hokey team is aqua dudes but for real it’s Pittsburgh Penguins football team Eagles for life other teams Phillies and the fliers

  • Axemaster2006 Browne 1 month ago

    Sesame street is longer than spongebob

  • Daniel Mills 1 month ago


  • Austin Patton 1 month ago

    Harry pooter is not a superhero

  • snipe 1 month ago

    More donkey Kong!

  • Caleb Pulepule 1 month ago

    Black stix are the best hockey team

  • baccaman62 _ 1 month ago

    Ben thinks hes so good butt its just the armor and sword

  • Riley Drowley 1 month ago

    the second longest running show behind the simpsons is an animated show called Arthur

  • ginny lau 1 month ago

    Your my favorite

  • FlyPlayzGames 1 month ago

    Ben ruined my childhood at 2:52

  • mighty militia 1 month ago

    I love sponge bob

  • Kenneth Isidro 1 month ago


  • Braden Cosier 1 month ago

    Which is stronger, Black Panther or Captain America?

    Donkey Kong

  • Justin Wittman 1 month ago

    I have 64 wins

  • Justin Wittman 1 month ago

    Black panther is better but they never got enchanted panther suit

  • Sharp Madness 1 month ago

    Black panther is better if

  • Sharp Madness 1 month ago

    If they just put the realistic stuff in the lucky blocks than black panther would win

  • hussain nakvi 1 month ago

    wakanda forever

  • Boopy Doopy 1 month ago

    Little does bean know, fortnite mobile can play with everyone else

  • TorinMK 1 month ago


  • Aiden Yeng 1 month ago


  • epicgamer Z 1 month ago

    Jeromeasf is my favorite superhero

  • Christian Golding 1 month ago

    I’m canadian I trump all of you

  • Austin Pikaart 1 month ago

    Make dragon ball z lucky blocks

  • Jeremo 947 1 month ago

    Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium which Wakanda has a lot of.

  • supergamigmonkey 1 month ago

    Huston arrows jk rip

  • supergamigmonkey 1 month ago

    Marvel did not steal captain America frozen in ice from Star Wars also star wars is Garbage and both are owned by Disney so it can’t be stolen by anyone

  • TNTFighter18 the destroyer 1 month ago


  • Kieran Johnston 1 month ago

    Ben and I have beef after disrespecting the Penguins

  • Justice Faubert 1 month ago

    plz play ark

  • Justice Faubert 1 month ago


  • Greenday 2464 1 month ago

    Use the gumbas lucky blocks

  • April Stein 1 month ago

    philly for ever

  • Jared Birdsong 1 month ago


  • Sut Hting Pauhkum 1 month ago

    Anybody else get what Jerome said in 33:13

  • Pyropanther 1 month ago

    That’s a Hypixle map

  • Landon Pogreba 1 month ago

    Uganda forever oh shot wrong meme

  • Itzchaos hi 1 month ago

    Minnesota wild

  • soccerkid324 -random things 1 month ago

    Harry potter is a superhero!

  • Mitra Manau Abadi 1 month ago

    I saw ben cheated

  • Best basketball player is Michael Phelps

  • Mrslime 99 1 month ago

    I never freeze

  • Doink3 1 month ago

    When Jerome didn’t use the patriot sword I hated him so much

  • Jaime Zimerofsky 1 month ago

    What was your favorite subject in school mine is gym

  • NeonSin03 1 month ago

    In Reality Black panther is Stronger Faster and more agile then captain America bcz of the herb he took/ also his entire suit is made out of Vibranian so only Vibranian can destroy it but his new suit is even more advanced Vibranian so captain America would get destroyed in seconds

    Also Black Panther single handedly defeated Thanos

  • LJTwiggy 1 month ago

    The Lightning is the best hockey team. I don’t even like hockey.

  • 2006ColtsFan 1 month ago

    black panther is better

  • Sebastian Slotness 1 month ago


  • Nurul Islam 1 month ago

    It’s so funny because in every fight between cap and t’challa, t’challa has won

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