How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • xMayola210x 3 months ago

    Lol you were being a spoiled baby in this one vik should of let them do lock out for fun.

  • KyrieTheGamer 3 months ago

    speedy scared the life out of me when he said he was breaking birch trees

  • Barish Biswas 3 months ago

    Who was telling that there was litellery a desert temple in front of him and he didn’t notice….AND the map restart…..AND I am done….

  • KenWays 3 months ago

    Play minecraft story mode

  • Evin Chioh 3 months ago

    Use one of Ur wish to get Ur gear back

  • Austin Smit 3 months ago

    “Skelly didn’t drop an apple” 😂👌

  • Endyex 3 months ago

    Hate bingo

  • jace welsh 3 months ago

    why isn’t there a blackout mode? blackout in bingo is when you have to fill in all the squares.

  • Gaming with Swayam!! 3 months ago

    Anyone down for a quick maths event

  • Gian Jacob De Leon 3 months ago

    Vikk Press F to Automaticly put the item on your off hand

  • PHEONIX GAMING 3 months ago

    vikk took an L and turned his losses into learnin. in the end hes earnin.

  • Mechadoodle 123 3 months ago

    H5M animations!!

  • Jolt On 3 months ago

    Next minigame suggestion: Beaconators like so vik can see

  • Faqih Naufal 3 months ago

    could u make h6m a team like h3m?? like so vikk can see it :3

  • Impaled Dog 3 months ago


  • Grimmjow 3 months ago

    “We can turn our losses into learning” I see what you did there Vikk 😂

  • Defying Gravity 3 months ago

    if only he had sticks in his inventory……

  • Shah Dhruv 3 months ago

    Vik missed apple

  • Jon sandman 3 months ago


  • Jon sandman 3 months ago

    Ark with Lachlan

  • Jay_X _ 3 months ago

    At the End of the Video….

    Thank’s! And……………😐

  • Krisscope 3 months ago

    Wth vikk😂😂😂 u didnt even think about gravel

  • Zahra Thomas 3 months ago

    if you have a villager that’s a fletcher call him Mundungus if you red or seen Harry Potter you will get the joke

  • Vype Gaming 3 months ago

    Vikk what happened to story mode

  • MrCalumLim 3 months ago

    Vikk the kind of dumbass to not notice a pyramid

  • Levinia Tron 3 months ago

    I watched your live stream but I only got to watch the very end I love your vids 😄

  • FlyingDutchMan225 3 months ago

    54:07 When’s speedy’s unable to find clay and apples Vikk casually walks over a huge patch of clay next to oak trees in a swamp and doesn’t notice any of it

  • ROBRIFF29 3 months ago

    Who is char?

  • Ben Stidolph 3 months ago

    “Pumpkins are rare” Leaves a pumpkin to be found by someone else

  • Mateen 16 3 months ago

    “We only take the resources we need”…. takes down 4 more trees after getting the sapling

  • dimitri verhaeghe 3 months ago

    Fan batle in h5l pls

  • niger yolo 3 months ago

    ahhh Vikk makes so many stupid mistakes and also he’s legandary lazy, also in fortnite but your remain my fav YT thats why I takin my time to type this

  • RudeStar 51531 3 months ago

    is it me or did no one see the desert temple bruh

  • RudeStar 51531 3 months ago

    oh no nm

  • Super charged Ryan 3 months ago

    Wish for infinite wishes

  • SavageSlamerzz 3 months ago

    “SMH My head”

  • Brayden Maxwell 3 months ago

    30:01 listen to speedy

  • PAC MAN 3 months ago


  • PAC MAN 3 months ago

    I love this guy

  • Elizabeth Agazaryan 3 months ago

    You three definitely need to film together more!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsDerpCraft 3 months ago

    At around 17:55, he builds up, building right next to coal!

  • Nic Koh 3 months ago

    this is what happens when you play too much modded minecraft that you forgot how to actually minecraft

  • Sunfish Gaming 3 months ago

    Honestly Vik why don’t you just mine like 15 coal while you are just waiting for a furnace anyways it makes no sense

  • Susie2015FTW 3 months ago

    vik is a walking L

  • AiM-G0D_ 1 3 months ago


  • Dan365 prostyle 3 months ago


  • Cr1m50nn 3 months ago

    You should do a scavenger hunt event like you did in h4m. Or maybe you could do an Amazing Race event or something

  • Vincent Green 3 months ago

    did anyone else see the desert temple

  • Evan Shafer 3 months ago

    48:34 dat face though

  • AR_ Va 3 months ago

    You could of crafted a bucket and collected some lava to use as a fuel source. Or you know there was some coal right next to you but you realised that after the game had finished…..

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