• Sgt. Zman101010 2 weeks ago

    Okay the minecraft edition of this thing actually looks cool!

  • midgtivity 2 weeks ago

    havent played Minecraft in awhile but controller making in game sounds

  • Bora Mapper 2 weeks ago

    Can I do a house with this minecraft block ?
    I tried

  • Ethan Conner 2 weeks ago

    I still see this at target

  • Lunar Singer215 2 weeks ago

    I still play minecraft

  • georgelp _257 2 weeks ago

    I expected Minecraft gameplay

  • Demon Electro 2 weeks ago

    my little brother bought this 😀 its cool make a minecraft sound if you on or off it

  • Redox Gameplays y pvp 2 weeks ago

    ste men con un shingo de consolas y yo no me hago ni con un 360, pinche pobreza :”v

  • osamabinpimpin 2 weeks ago

    Are fortnite players on Xbox that bad

  • ON CE 2 weeks ago

    The controler is amazimg

  • Sharkz ' 2 weeks ago

    Even though I’ve grown out of minecraft it looks cool

  • Time lapse 2 weeks ago

    Your such a gay pathetic idiot mine craft is for big baby’s you idiot😂 get a life

  • Álvaro G. 201 2 weeks ago

    Why people hate minecraft?,I think is a good game

  • Michaella Cole 2 weeks ago

    i really want one but i got no tv cause my dumb brother boket by thorghing a pillow at it sorry cant spell im special needs

  • Parth Swami 2 weeks ago

    which one do u prefer ps4 or xbox??

  • End15 Gamer 2 weeks ago

    That pig controller tho haha

  • Knight Boulegard 2 weeks ago

    That’s a quality knife right there.

  • YT shadows 2 weeks ago

    Good top 1

  • ratno ratno 2 weeks ago

    what you not play minecraft inside

  • KillBarney87 2 weeks ago

    I have this

  • LJ GamerGuy 2 weeks ago

    Even with what’s happening with technology the still use double A batterys XD

  • Dog F Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    I still play minecraft trying to get it to 100% but I already know it’s going to take about 10 years just for me to get 100%.

  • lil Clock 2 weeks ago

    Lol ofc it’s for the xb one. Nothing but shitty 7 year olds in it’s community.

  • Christian saldivar 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you talk

  • Nathaniel Jaurigue 2 weeks ago

    i thought relaxing was gonna play Minecraft

  • ZombieYum Tom curry 2 weeks ago


  • TwoGunToast 2 weeks ago

    Creativerse is Minecraft but better… And free lolz

  • TwoGunToast 2 weeks ago

    I suck so bad BR, not a single kill or win yet 🙁 people are so dam good and have really nice optimized mouse and keyboard set ups and high end headphones n shizz. Seriously can’t wait for the PvE because that looks like it’ll be really good

  • luedy silva 2 weeks ago

    Mainkra ecsbocs juan edishion

  • KOSOVO KING 2 weeks ago

    Can you Do auf dragonball Fighter z Limited Edition

  • CTNK 007 2 weeks ago

    I am not a fan of minecraft but it actually looks so cool

  • BlinX YT 2 weeks ago

    by the way inside of the controllers, where you keep the battery they have a little picture of a carrot for the pig and gun powder for creeper

  • Giannis sgourovasilakis 2 weeks ago

    I play the minecraft pe 😊😊😊😊

  • DeezNuts 121 2 weeks ago

    Is this an ASMR?

  • UCHIHA 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if the puts the stuff back gently and has like 4 rooms just sitting with all the stuff hes unboxed

  • Heavy Metal King 2 weeks ago

    Wow Xbox actually thought outside the box

  • Josiah Hey 2 weeks ago

    I still got a kick flip phone

  • lol idk 2 weeks ago

    i hace that

  • Goku Black 2 weeks ago

    I’m still playing in 2018

  • Mario Martins 2 weeks ago

    what type of shitty ass console is this that uses batterie shitty controllers pufff fuck xboxtrash i think the best xbox was the original one

  • Carlos Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Game cube límites edition¡

  • Eli funnyVids 2 weeks ago

    Congrats bro

  • gonzalo orellana 2 weeks ago

    thanks theRelaxingEnd for motivating me to win the fortnite and to use the stealth technique

  • Diegito alias noob 343 2 weeks ago

    Puro pishi maikra

  • Fabian Gutierrez Video 2 weeks ago


  • Daniel Baker 2KTV 2 weeks ago

    I genuinely enjoy Minecraft. I enjoy making my own cities, underground e.t.c

  • Caleb King 2 weeks ago

    Am i the only one that feels uncomfortable watchjng these videos that have no voice

  • Gd Geilite 2 weeks ago

    Gears of war edition were cooler

  • Saroj Upadhyay 2 weeks ago

    i still play minecraft in 2018

  • Eagloman 2 weeks ago


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