Today we play MInecraft Traps Modded Maze Minigame!
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  • angelotjuhh 7 months ago

    in your next maze you should do command blocks that tp you go the start

  • Torin Criswell 7 months ago

    you,er the best

  • DRAGON ROCKER 7 months ago

    ha whens the next stream

  • Brody Bailey 7 months ago

    I want to give Jerome credit because how hard he works on getting lots of videos on all of his channels each day and I love his videos and i believe he is one of the best YouTubers out there like if you agree😀

  • Braden Cosier 7 months ago

    Do the first floor with nothing on it, and they have to find the only ghostblock in the entire area leading to the actual maze underneath. But while they are looking for the only ghostblock to fall down, you also have Insta-kill shock panels just randomly scattered around as the two block setup. So while they run around looking for the hole, they keep dying.

  • Hunter Null 7 months ago

    jerome do differnt teams plz its boring watching the same teams

  • Sito36 7 months ago

    Trap maze?? But, Jerome… Traps are gay

  • Darth Herobrine 7 months ago

    If thats 10,000 then whats 100,000 or a million do?

  • MrTrickster k 7 months ago

    Do a command that will give them a jump scare everyone plz like or say this again we have to tell Jerome it will be so funny

  • Braden Cosier 7 months ago

    Jerome, when doing gamerules, the first word is lower case but every word after that (in the game rule name) starts off capitalised. So it’d be doMobGriefing, doDayLightCycle, doFireTick etc.

  • Max Fischer 7 months ago

    They should make a maze all out of invisible presureplate that top them back to the start

  • Panzersoldat99 7 months ago

    I’m sad they did not finish the maze

  • Lilgatorman1 7 months ago

    Hey jerome on your next maze minigame. Place a command block that teleports them into their own maze. Like this so jerome can see.

  • Camden Peterson 7 months ago

    Jerome started singing Pokémon when I did while watching lol

  • Ethan Knight 7 months ago

    You guys should make a one block tall maze of bedrock and then put a two block high full layer of obsidian and give them a diamond pick and they have to mine and hope they are mining the correct path and also put a layer of bedrock at the top so they can’t mine straight out

  • Noah Kunzweiler 7 months ago

    Wow you nasty

  • Kevin Myers 7 months ago

    there dumb there like some is missing but its actully just facing the other side it hurts me inside and is hilarious

  • Will Martir 7 months ago

    Next one of these you should fill the whole maze up with gather same blocks but you can only go threw certain ones

  • korinu 7 months ago

    i haven’t watched it all, but how come you don’t make ghost block walls… you only make ghost block floors

  • Dislodged Grump 7 months ago

    he never placed that random tewtiy head lol

  • Puggy Potato 7 months ago


  • mark clinton 7 months ago

    Make a solid air maze!

  • Reader Minion 7 months ago

    Use soul sand as the floor.

  • wezzy gaming 7 months ago

    Invisible blocks maze now thats a jerk move

  • VINCENT GAMEZ 7 months ago


  • PandaPlayz 7 months ago

    Next time divide the maze into fours and then make it so they have to press a button to get to another section. Make 1 quarter the finishable and the rest unfinishable. Make the start so they have to press the right button out of 4. Then they complete the maze to try and win.

  • toie hormones 7 months ago

    Jerome,try using tech guns mod for battledome😀

  • Tom tdm 7 months ago

    Do a cob Web maze

  • Jeremy David Morales 7 months ago

    make a line of death put multyple ghost blocks in the side’s and only one is correct

  • CaptainStone 7 months ago

    Make a maze that are just square rooms with a pressure plate on each wall. Tell them the plates teleport them to the next room, and they just have to get across the grid. The teleports are jumbled however, and not connected directly.

  • irfan ramadhan 7 months ago

    i thought te shock panel is instan kill

  • Benjamin Borlaug 7 months ago

    You should fill the entire space with obsidion but make all of the routes out of ghost blocks. They would never be able to see what they are doing and would have to hug the walls to even attempt to find the end

  • Prankster Peter 7 months ago


  • Claire Huang 7 months ago

    jerome you guys should make your maze a straight line from front to back, but have ghost blocks in the wall that lead to the rest of the maze.

  • Jeremy the Turtle 7 months ago

    I can’t believe Ben trusted jerome with the maze when he left.

  • Justin CGF 7 months ago

    Should have placed command blocks that gave them hunger. Then they cant regenerate the health back

  • Jerome you should have it so the whole shock pannels are connected so as soon as one person steps on it the whole thing would insta kill both of them

  • Faceless Freak Gaming 7 months ago

    love this series

  • Ahhhhh nothing says nostalgia like jerome crashing a server

  • Hayden Dobson2 7 months ago

    Dooooo more with more people and do more traps plzz

  • The Family GamePlay 7 months ago

    I cut my finger with a exo knife and its been bleeding for 15 minutes now

  • Mariell Glesnes 7 months ago

    For the next one you guys should do the roof with barrier blocks so you can see everything

  • Kenny Ekstrom 7 months ago

    Team with Steve one of these days <3 give that man some lovings

  • Kt Be 7 months ago


  • The CubeX 7 months ago

    Make maze out of wood, then set one wood on fire, and then let it burn. So it’s easier each time they get stuck. #unnasty. #notBean

  • Matthew Blevins 7 months ago

    They should make an entire maze out of barriers. Lol Rekt awesomeness

  • Evan McFleek 7 months ago

    I dont think jerome hasnt lost

  • andy huang 7 months ago


  • The Skitters 7 months ago

    Do a maze in the newest version because there is a completely black block that is so confusing in mase

  • Roarinredmusic /gaming 7 months ago

    Ben is an expired milk

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