• Xfire Tango 3 months ago

    Mitch do og fans

  • Xfire Tango 3 months ago

    O a diamond

  • J14987 3 months ago

    Item it j14987 pls

  • jordan johnson 3 months ago

    Can you make a gold shovel and name it gold digger

  • Rowan Fischer 3 months ago

    Hey Mitch ur probably not going to read this but could u name a fishing rod after me i love ur vids ur my fav utuber

  • Bacalocks Games 3 months ago

    Name a fishing rod “el boost

  • Jax Woods 3 months ago

    Can you put a Diamond on the wall and call it Noob’s Wood

  • Spencer davis 3 months ago

    PLEASE READ My design would be for the Walls Small 2×4 Windows on each side of every exhibit and 2×2 window on top of door red stained clay for walls and the walls and for the roof 2 blocks of birch wood planks at a slanted angle to meet up in the middle which will be 2 blocks tall with quarts strip down the middle MEME: name a gold sword A BUTTER SWORD

  • SAFWAN DUDE!!! 3 months ago

    Grass block named= minecraft

  • Slik XxBlood32xX Gaming 3 months ago


  • Mr. Seijuro MC 3 months ago

    Mitch, rename an enderpearl as Pearl Clutch. I kinda like a Green Blue combination color.

  • evan lawless 3 months ago

    Mitch please can you put a zombie head on the wall and name it zombiepc #keepitguav

  • Tenzin Younten 3 months ago

    Its my birthday can you pls name a cake happy birthday cake

  • Ayden Hewer 3 months ago

    Put a golden nugget named chicken nugget butter

  • Alfred Mjörnheim 3 months ago

    Make me a stone and name me macho mon

  • Alfred Mjörnheim 3 months ago

    Make me a stone and name it macho man

  • Crunchy Gaming 3 months ago

    Name a chest “Vault”

  • Kaylie Pretorius 3 months ago

    Name an ender pearl remember me to remember to take ender pearls to warzone

  • Michelle Buchanan 3 months ago

    add jp’s coal

  • Fergal Molloy 3 months ago

    Mitch you are amazing thank you so much for making me smile

  • master army 3 months ago

    Rename a lava bucket to i think your hot

  • THEFLASHISME273 3 months ago

    Name a squid ink sack murderer in honor of the murder.mystery squid challenge

  • itai cohen 3 months ago

    I want to be an item frame named pussy destroyer

  • TimPokemon3 3 months ago

    Name a Diamond Chestplate “Hunger Games 70” it was easily my fav ep of that series and a great throwback!

  • Prefire Gaming 3 months ago

    Mitch get a bow! Name it Katniss

  • David LaBue 3 months ago

    Hey Mitch,
    Just got back from Toronto and Niagra Canada Today!

  • David LaBue 3 months ago

    Name generzon’s head Pretty Lit, Can Say!

  • Dragon Boy 3 months ago

    Name a gold sword corn on the cob

  • Brandon Butler 3 months ago

    Rename a iron chest plate Boobplate Ftw

  • Wolfie Saturdays 3 months ago

    Huge Fan Mitch you need too keep up the good work :)I would like a wolf egg and name it Wolfie sat

  • Thierry Rami 3 months ago

    Call a piece of redstone Preston

  • JesseMstar 3 months ago

    Name chain legs spooky jeans for your hunger games

  • Diamond Pokémon13 3 months ago

    You should get a vine and name it “cause we do it for the vines!”

  • Nick & Kelly RothKugel 3 months ago

    Pick up

  • Nick & Kelly RothKugel 3 months ago

    Get a chest and name it rigged

  • Chief of the Fang 3 months ago

    A cauldron named ” Mitch Ditch”

  • GlitchShotZ Number1Fan 3 months ago

    Mitch Next give away can i get legend rank or and ikit pls i luv u IGN Beachy

  • MyNameIsJeff 3 months ago

    Name of item: MyNameIsJeff Item: sponge Hi Mitch I have to say something MyNameIsJeff

  • CBM170 3 months ago

    name an enchanted diamond helmet OR an enchanted stick #Your A Wizard Genny

  • dark arrival 3 months ago

    Name a peace of gold Money wars S2

  • Bekfast Boi 3 months ago

    Can you put a Steak called “Bekfast” on your fan wall plz

  • Talavon !! 3 months ago

    Hey Mitch could you make me a black leather chest plate called Talavons harambe chest plate? Thx like so bajan can see thx

  • Ethan Bell 3 months ago


  • Jake Tyler 3 months ago

    Raw fish = bacca foodz go days son lez goooooo

  • Ethan Bell 3 months ago

    Name a Enchanted Golden apple Apple Of De Gods

  • CrimsonTheTrueGamer 3 months ago

    Skeleton knight

  • Tpsugercookie 3 months ago

    Name a dimond axe gyarados from season 1 of pixelmone # keep off thaw cawn. ps when ever im down your vids chere me up

  • Gaming with Rushil 3 months ago

    Mitch make a pumpkin named spoky

  • Lightning Gamer 3 months ago

    Either do nether warts that say nipple farm or do prismarine that says rigged

  • PurplePlayz 3 months ago

    Hey Mitch! Can you name a gold sword “ButterKnive”???? Thanks love ur vids… Laake and Quiff both said they would join my island… can you join my island too?

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