• temmie fwesh 4 months ago

    Your so smart (and pretty)

  • maria sanchez 4 months ago

    Man!!!! Mangle your mean to your Dad and f. Foxy jr!!!! 😂😂😂 you too bendy!!!!

  • temmie fwesh 4 months ago

    Bendy got friend zoned and I fell bad *puts his arm on bendy shoulder and brings him to a closet * welcome to the club

  • Sinister Foxy Pro 4 months ago


  • maria sanchez 4 months ago

    For some reason I got a long nose bleed from this But I think it is my innerfangirl cause I ship you and Bendy Mangle…

  • Sinister Foxy Pro 4 months ago

    😘😀😄 yes

  • 1984buickboy 4 months ago

    mangle you are my favorite character in all FNAF history and I would never lie to you. all of my pack members come to me for advise and to get a good strong opinion and that is why they are so happy with me being Thier alpha so please listen to me
    bendy is a sweet and carry fellow that has been threw a lot and has a hard time with his emotions and for him to open up to you and to be so upset when he thought that there was some one else that you liked
    that shows you just how much he cares for you and wants to be with you . heck he got so mad at your sister was it, that made you so scared of the boogy man. and he just wanted you to not be scared and for you to be happy
    so I am telling you with the most honestly I can speak with that you should pick bendy. but I can not make desicions for you, for that is your job and your life to live. and if you have second thoughts, hang out with him more and try to get him to open up to you more and get to understand each other more and I am sure that you will understand what I am trying to tell you. just please give it a try
    man, I sure get attached to these rollplays

  • Deborah Robinson 4 months ago

    Best 😍💓💘mangle

  • Elizabeth Vega 4 months ago

    Please bring in Baby Boris.Please!!

  • Funtime Lobit curd 4 months ago

    Oh my god mangle chose bendy for my DEAD HAMSTER KIKI

  • Brooklyn Singletary 4 months ago

    best video ever mangle

  • Caleb Gross 4 months ago

    Can’t you take a video where y’all go to Funtime Foxy’s place

  • Crazy Rae the Smol Bean 4 months ago

    Foxy and mangle are sisters in real life don’t crush my dreams or I’ll be sad forever and I will never watch your videos again can I be in your videos and the baby I will be is baby Boise and I’ll will be baby toy Bonnie

  • The Gr8 Greninja 4 months ago

    Hey mangle plus freddy is og

  • Itz_Lucy Nguyen Gaming 4 months ago

    I’m positive Mangle will choose Bendy,

    1st he likes her and mangle like him


    3rd nice vid

  • Marsha Derkaoui 4 months ago


  • Aayla Shiffler 4 months ago

    You should choose Bendy

  • Fun With Kharmony 4 months ago

    So mangle just listen to me pick then tale bendy but if its Roby then he wants to fight➕ I love your vids

  • LovingMyLittles 4 months ago

    I saw tons of those butters!!!!!!

  • Mykee Valdez 4 months ago

    i want you and bendy will fall in love whos with me

  • Dragon Block C 4 months ago

    Mangle you do realize you are cheating on robbie right!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????!!!!

  • Elizabeth Tilley 4 months ago

    Me too

  • Evermore Heart 4 months ago

    I wish tightly and toy Freddy is there

  • Karma Daisy 4 months ago

    I love your channel and I ship bendy and mangle now

  • Sintija Visocka 4 months ago

    Ooooo~ a new shiiip~~~

  • Shirley Dixon 4 months ago

    why is everyone in love with mangle

  • juan lopez 4 months ago


  • LaRhonda McKinstry 4 months ago

    I love your channels plz can I be in your rolplays plzzzzzzzzz

  • Baby Foxy girl 4 months ago

    Awwwwww!!!!!!!sooooooo cuuuttteeee I love ❤️ you thx for making this video I love your channel so much!!!

  • 1166 creeper king 4 months ago

    Bendy back away from mangle she is mine (in secretly in love with her)

  • Nightmare Funtime Foxy 4 months ago

    Tangle is gone??? ☹️

  • Felicia Abrams 4 months ago

    At 7:28, that gave me an idea. Toy Freddy’s adventures. After baby Toy Freddy, baby slendy, and baby Tangle graduated,they decided to go on an adventure. This is Miles Abrams and I’m a boy.

  • John Campbell 4 months ago

    Magle x bendy

  • Alexandria Garza 4 months ago

    Go for bendy he really likes you

  • Marissa Humphrey 4 months ago

    Mangle and Foxy sitting in the tree k i s s i n e first comes marriage then comes love then comes baby in a baby carriage that’s not all no no no then comes baby drinking alcohol PS foxy x. LoLbit

  • Jonamie Campos 4 months ago

    ummm why does mangle do not know that bendy loves her

  • Jonamie Campos 4 months ago

    and i ship it mangle x bendy

  • Jonamie Campos 4 months ago

    1 wat gf ummmm im so cunfued

  • Marissa Humphrey 4 months ago

    Guess what that woman has a crush on someone has a crush E7 has a crush on Helen has a crushee guess who it is it’s in this room and guess what I am going to have a heart shaped pancake and heart-shaped toast for kids eggs and heart-shaped bacon yum yes and heart shaped butter and I’m going to put a heart syrup on my pancreas on my pancakes bro bro bro bro bro let me know make a song up for you welcome to the YMCA welcome to the YMCA a welcome to the Y YMCA welcome to the YMCA welcome to the YMCA welcome to the YMCA yes welcome to the YMCA welcome to the Y YMCA yeah

  • Marissa Humphrey 4 months ago

    Mangled Kevin Bacon oh my God give him bacon give him pink giving bacon but I got a idea you have to do this to vending you have to give him Raw pork chop I know he won’t like it but I guess they eat it yes you’re going to have to force him to force him to yes for some to force him to force them to force him to force him to force him to force him to force him to forced him to force him to force him to force him to force him to force him to force him to raw pork chop do it do it make him eat raw pork chop PS. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖. Also I have a question for Bende is it true that you are in love with mangle please answer this quiz question bendy please

  • Victorino Madayag 4 months ago


  • mangle the fox priscilla hernadez 4 months ago

    Thank you Benny

    Thinks he’s a little cute 😍😍😍😍😍 : 3

  • Venus Vortex 4 months ago

    Hi horror daycare I really wanted to buy one of your t shirts and I was wondering if you have a shirt of bendy and Mangle

  • Venus Vortex 4 months ago

    My birthday is tomorrow and I really like mangle and bendy

  • funtime foxy's voice 4 months ago

    Why do I have a notification for a new vid but when I go on their chAnnel it’s not there?

  • Jack-o-bonnie fan800 4 months ago

    What about robot gaming son

  • sydney mitchell 4 months ago

    pick bendy

  • Supreme Kai Of Time / Chronoa 4 months ago

    This channel is so good and awesome I hope you guys make it to 1 million subs soon

  • Lucinda Gaming 4 months ago

    I saw butters on table in the cafe thing and maybe in the play area

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