• Super candy gamer 4 months ago

    I hope Ben doesn’t feel guilty when he turns back into good 🙁

  • Arely Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Is it just me or did Little Kelly’s voice changed. Btw, I LOVE U LITTLE KELLY AND I LOVE YOUR VOICE

  • Anita Yongo 4 months ago


  • Yasmin Jaglal 4 months ago

    little kelly i’m dutch and i like to play with you but i do not know how and i hope you read this i’m a big fan of you can tell me there are meschien children who want to meet you too but can not come

  • Kallie_WG 4 months ago

    Omnitrix swapped arm 😂

  • GGalantian Games 4 months ago

    The only good thing about Ben being evil is HE EXPRESSES HOW HE LOVES KELLY SO EASILY! also in ur future video on this make Ben loss Kelly and ask to be a couple

  • Hadassah Timali 4 months ago

    I don’t feel bad for little kelly! Because she won’t snap out of it that ben is being rude to sharky! She needs to know that not everyone is good! Especially when ben is like that!

  • Addi Playz Roblox 4 months ago

    :O ben admitted to sharky that his girlfriend is little Kelly and now SHARKY IS GONNA TELL TINY TURTLE AND SHARKY AND TINY TURTLE ARE ALWAYS GONNA TROLL EM but seriously LK amazing vid I lov it

  • Its Aliyah 4 months ago

    At the start its animated like ELK. Little Kelly, can u carry on with Evil Little Kelly episodes pls

  • PetalFinder2435 4 months ago

    Why did the game turn to sharks cam

  • Kulsum Surti 4 months ago

    lk ever get to be with ben
    What is the ship name be

    Mine is Ken ir Belly

    I meant or not ir

  • Jwaria Yosaf 4 months ago

    Poor Kelly
    Poor ben

  • Lizann Worrall 4 months ago

    By Ella !

  • Jwaria Yosaf 4 months ago

    Upset ben:(
    Happy ben:)
    Upset Kelly:(
    Happy Kelly 🙂
    Are in love

  • Fun Sister 4 months ago

    I like Ben loveing little Kelly as like this but not the evil kind that destroy the city

  • WarriorPlayer 666 4 months ago

    Sharky perv

  • SongPuppy LOL 4 months ago


  • little ANGEL Byrne 4 months ago

    My favorite you tuber is little Kelly too

  • Livy Eminshow 4 months ago

    Who thinks Ben should join love island

  • Tanesha Evans 4 months ago

    ,NOW GI HD vs

  • Caty Sanchez 4 months ago

    Can I be part of your chanel please my whole room is pink your favorite color i am your 1 fan can you send me your seed so i can play with you x}

  • Dennis Bigornia 4 months ago

    Little kelly ben has a kuma

  • Dennis Bigornia 4 months ago

    Little kelly ben is evil

  • nicole lorraine 4 months ago

    oh no ben 😢😢😭😭 i cry in rael life

  • InfityWonders -It's Still Haley 4 months ago

    Im suprised ben does not have little kelly posters in his room

  • jennelyn ordonez 4 months ago

    I hate ben like this he was so cute with kelly and good and what happen to your hero time

  • Daniel Mejia 4 months ago

    Why Ben why are u Evle

  • Abby Zoey 4 months ago

    I love Ben 10~.

  • erlin bittie 4 months ago

    Sharky is mean

  • Emily Beattie 4 months ago

    Love your videos L.K

  • Truth will Prevail. 4 months ago

    I love u guys your the best👏👏👏

  • is liliy frisk here 4 months ago


  • is liliy frisk here 4 months ago

    ben love little kelly

  • Falcon Claw 4 months ago

    why is sharky so mean to ben 10

  • Selina R 4 months ago

    I bet little Kelly has to kiss him to get him back to normal ❤️💕

  • Kenzie Zagoto 4 months ago

    Ben 10 smells like poop

  • Christine Anderson 4 months ago

    why was the vid in Sharky’s veiw for a little bit?

  • Molhem Adal 4 months ago

    Hi, I’m a girl but this is my brothers profile because he bought a new phone and he gave me his old phone, I have a……….. ………… ……. ……. I think you should live your palace with little Carly and All your friends cause it’s annoying with ramona and yeah

  • sima Alotaibi 4 months ago

    Hi guys can I get at least one like?

  • Sirirat Patel 4 months ago

    Poor ben
    Poor little kelly
    Poor nah sharky don’t need a poor love you little kelly

  • Nur Aleesha Roland Ong 4 months ago

    Sharky is smarter than little Kelly in this video. I don’t know how but it’s true

  • Ilovezec 4 months ago

    Little kell 💏 💋💖🐩🐶

  • RAHUL GOWTHAMAN 4 months ago

    What Heck First Little Kelly WAS Playing than how it change to sharky

  • Lol Craft 4 months ago

    Little kelly you have the best videos ever! I found you a year ago and it’s great that you made so many videos so I won’t ever not be able to watch you. One question though. Will you PLEASE list the mods you use down below. I’m 10 years old so I don’t have a laptop but the least I can do is see the mods you use so if I ever get a laptop I can use the mods and be a great youtuber just like you! You changed my life in a good way little kelly. One day I hope to be added in the little club. Just so you know my name is pronounced as Lemma but my spelling of my name is Lama.



  • Bella the queen of Cats 4 months ago

    woudent it be cool if bendy kidnapped little Kelly and Ben 10 and Sharky had to work together to save him even though they don’t like each over

  • Shauna Finley 4 months ago

    on my phone its first little kelly than sharky

  • Shauna Finley 4 months ago

    now its little kelly

  • Armando Gamino 4 months ago

    Little Kelly kiss Ben

  • Matthew Hinton 4 months ago

    Little Kelly is scared of Ben 10

  • Daniela Santos 4 months ago

    AT 7:00 I LAUGH SO HARD 😂😂😂

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