• Zimix Graal 3 weeks ago

    landon i love yo new logo on youtube

  • flamegod123 and more 3 weeks ago

    Don’t you dare blame vurb,he is better than you.

  • Rosy Peres 3 weeks ago

    Defend your bed more

  • AGG Channel 3 weeks ago

    Vurb “Whaaaaaaaa” lol

  • Pug Obsessions 3 weeks ago

    What’s up with the new icon I️ like it but miss the old one

  • Danie Codes 3 weeks ago

    Gucci gang Gucci gang

  • Elijahflipz 3 weeks ago

    My best friend killed landon

  • 2026_ I don't know?!? 3 weeks ago

    Landon why do you keep copying Preston

  • NotSPOOKY 3 weeks ago

    i dont like this vid ples make a vid about cats ples

  • Plifie 3 weeks ago


  • TheCoolCoww 3 weeks ago

    I like the new prof pic

  • TheChickenNoodleMC 3 weeks ago


  • Krish devikar 3 weeks ago

    Landon can you do a video on Star Wars in bed Wars using the Star Wars resource pack I would love it dude

  • FazePug 3 weeks ago

    Aye fazepug

  • 09TurtleCraft Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I love that fan mail that is ur picture for ur channel

  • T0xicFr3ak 3 weeks ago

    im new

  • Jack Near 3 weeks ago

    Landon mc. am I allowed here becuz I think I’m allowed at Landon rb if I’m not I’m sorry I, here but I sub

  • bakedlasagna 3 weeks ago

    What is the texture pack

  • bakedlasagna 3 weeks ago

    Have you watched Stranger Things on Netflix

  • Gamer KingErwinLOL 3 weeks ago

    Just burn kind of sucks

  • Miah Tayen VEVO 3 weeks ago

    you lost all the games lollllllollo

  • T-Pug // PugArmy 3 weeks ago

    i is a pwofeshunal cee ess gow playr but i also swet in meincraf pvp bedwoors but wid my 360 noscowp snipr rekt

  • Zeak -S_S- 3 weeks ago

    Dat new profile pic man

  • KittyCat Alanna 3 weeks ago

    This is my second vid of your I watched but I watched many vids of Preston’s that you where in

  • Itsfreezy 3 weeks ago

    NICEEEE also NICEEEE on new profile pic

  • EvG-Trxpz 3 weeks ago

    he called me a hacker im timedice

  • Thor Johansen 3 weeks ago

    The guy on the thumbnail is backwards

  • julie 3 weeks ago

    I dont like/Watch roblox But still congrats with 200k ❤

  • Raptor Beast 3 weeks ago


  • Mrhappy Mrhappy 3 weeks ago

    When can u do vlogs

  • JudahMC-Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Luv new avatar

  • Tonyv toons 3 weeks ago

    *I’m new*

  • Mrhappy Mrhappy 3 weeks ago

    Also u had 1 like now u have 2 likes

  • ThatGuyHero 3 weeks ago

    Omg landon is playing minecraft never thought i would see the day when he comes back btw congrats on 200ksubs on RB

  • Jack Near 3 weeks ago


  • john wang 3 weeks ago


  • Gustavo Reyes 3 weeks ago

    in the next round made me laugh i paused the vid i saw the chat it said who is landon and a random guy said me

  • Rose 2000 3 weeks ago

    My friend and I ( Rose2000 and Pacnat1) are watching this together and we are in the vid xD lol

  • ZeroX MeroZ 3 weeks ago


  • Seviche 4 life 3 weeks ago



  • Mrcatboygaming 3 weeks ago

    play fortnite instead

  • TheAroyn 3 weeks ago

    Ребят новые читтрейнер вышел для майнкрафт вы станете главным на сервере

  • Ice Wollfie 3 weeks ago

    Landon Preston did this vid 5 months ago not to be rude

  • alpha squad gameing 3 weeks ago

    You look the parkcore king prestion

  • Knowing Eye 3 weeks ago

    Bruh landon you shouldnt said “watch out there’s white men behind you not in a offensive way”,and im literally smh

  • Ben Kaczmar 3 weeks ago

    U nub xD

  • Giag Rjfns 3 weeks ago

    Nick then they won’t target u

  • Mr Swag2018 3 weeks ago

    You should do a 1v1 versus verb in Bed Wars

  • KaiDaDestroyr 3 weeks ago

    You need to /nick

  • KaiDaDestroyr 3 weeks ago

    Why is vurb so bad

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