• musixx 1 month ago

    Thea is like the child of these 3 parents 😂

  • Miner02468 Miner02468 1 month ago

    Crainer – “Get the blue balls to get an iron sword”

  • Growlithe is my favourite Pokemon of all time

  • Red Panda 1 month ago

    Don’t you dare break the bed mr Aftin Crainer breaks the bed and it’s crackin when thea breaks the the game is lagging because she the hugest SAVAGE can I have a drink nah thanks for askin nauhah ay Don’t act like you know like you know me nauhah ay I am not you homie not your homie like if you liked my song (don’t know what the freak you would)

  • But every time they say balls we take a shot

  • Bruce Wayne 1 month ago

    I’d prefer the normal Bed Wars….this one is too complicated.Like if you agree 🙂

  • ultrafnafproductions 1 month ago

    Can I throw my poke balls at your face? Who else thought weird about that?

  • Courtney Smith 1 month ago

    late cringe

  • BlazingwolfLoZ102006 1 month ago

    pixelmon mod is over

  • Ernesto Lopez 1 month ago

    why do you boss somutche

  • Rainbow Monkey 1 month ago

    thea the thot


  • Nathanael Trimm 1 month ago

    Is Nintindo ok with you making money of their copyrighted pokemon?

  • LS Zoologist 1 month ago

    What happened to realms

  • Cody Bondhus 1 month ago

    plz start a new pixelmon series I love them when u do it ur the only best at it

  • Cody Bondhus 1 month ago

    but bring maddaline in the series

  • Chase Hammond 1 month ago


  • HazyCash 6361671 1 month ago


  • ru ouyang 1 month ago

    Don’t you just hate that Wooper can learn ice punch when it has no arms? And Scyther can’t learn fly when it has wings? 😂😂😂

  • ru ouyang 1 month ago

    Sandslash is worried…

    Because it has to take a bath.

  • JASMINE NAREZ 1 month ago


  • Adrian Atkinson 1 month ago


  • jua4264 1 month ago


  • Patrick Farrell 1 month ago

    add wobbuffet I won’t get any likes anyway 😢😭😔

  • Vijay Anand 1 month ago

    needs to be balanced

  • ChaosWolfYT 1 month ago

    U disgust me when u call charizard a charmander

  • Tyler chen 1 month ago

    trainer cringe

  • Jamyl Guevarra 1 month ago

    that cool

  • Paul Claydon 1 month ago

    this whole ball thing is messed up

  • PKMN Trainer Bro 1 month ago

    ssundee I have been watching you for a long time and you inspired me to start a channel and I hope I get as big as you one day (sorry this was so long CRINGE)

  • Xtreme Guillotine 1 month ago


  • Annette Cook 1 month ago


  • pedro The gangster 1 month ago

    lol pokeballs

  • Mark Daniel Morales 1 month ago

    Stop being greedy ssundee, youre making them your slaves so you only can get the good stuff, stop being selfish

    Like if its true

  • polarbear shinobi 1 month ago

    bring pixelmon back everyone is asking for it

  • sam sam 1 month ago

    he said help me help you from logan pauls music

  • Cesca Too 1 month ago

    Thea is me because im like the crazy one im da school

  • your NightMarez 1 month ago

    Count how many times he and Crainer says balls

  • Reymar Acierto 1 month ago

    hey SSundee fr e sh a voca do is fresh avocado

  • Kerrigan Thompson 1 month ago

    my dad is leke 32 on pokemon go

  • Pro Gaming Youtuber 1 month ago

    SSundee can please give me a shout out to nuck bomber7

  • TheJETelevision 1 month ago

    Mew tow

  • Chain Gigan 1 month ago

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan619 Ambrose 1 month ago

    I missed the stream 🙁

  • Axel Olsen 1 month ago

    A grown man plays minecraft with his wife and his best friend and the scream like crazy

  • Gamer T Gamer T 1 month ago

    i loved this stream

  • Cassandra Martin 1 month ago

    Pls do some more Pokebedwars!
    Like if u agree!

  • Tammy Clayton 1 month ago

    1v1v1v1 on POKEFIND

  • Tammy Clayton 1 month ago

    1v1v1v1 on pokemon+bedwars

  • MasterJ 1 month ago

    You could have made a iron Pokemon golem!!

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