• Brooklyn Mccullum 2 weeks ago

    Did you see wonder women of toy of the week look at little carly when she flyed over her head

  • Scott Nied 2 weeks ago

    I love you little kelly

  • Chelsea Santos 2 weeks ago

    My bday was November’s 1st

  • the MJ Universe 2 weeks ago

    I think it should of been Thor cuz his movie comes out tomorrow

  • Nicolas Nunez 2 weeks ago


  • Princess K Disney 2 weeks ago

    I love wonder woman

  • Roundtop Hen 2 weeks ago

    How come for me it changed from little kelly to sharky

  • Dan Atyeo 2 weeks ago

    Hey my name is not dan but my middle name is Ellie so can i become in the little club please

  • Dan Atyeo 2 weeks ago

    I can be Ellie the baby 👶 😊

  • Alyson Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos ❤️❤️😘😘😘

  • Dan Atyeo 2 weeks ago

    I Subscribed and the notifications on aswell

  • thewolf 435 2 weeks ago


  • Linda Little 2 weeks ago

    batman looks weird

  • Carlos Garcia 2 weeks ago

    Shut up

  • TheKhristianhenning 2 weeks ago

    hi I am a big fan <3

  • Josaphat Gacoscosim 2 weeks ago

    look at the top right its the time is three AM (devils hour) in 4:58

  • Maegan Swanson 2 weeks ago


  • Fearless Girl Gaming 2 weeks ago

    little Kelly I don’t like when you don’t do your video is your video

  • Zaondrus Wiseman 2 weeks ago

    My B-Day is in November

  • Denise Beltran 2 weeks ago

    You are on shark video I can see you

  • Amara Cheever 2 weeks ago

    Love it it is I like Batman Flash and little Kelly they are so cute and I love them baby baby and they are so cute amazing

  • Vinicio Gildardo Yañez Gomez 2 weeks ago

    Te amo😙😇🦄🐩🐕

  • july abanador 2 weeks ago

    wonder womans head move at 2:58

  • mario biscarra 2 weeks ago

    well can you wake up donny

  • Hyeth Sison 2 weeks ago

    I really Love when Little kellyy is Wonderwoman she is Like my Favorite Superhero and the superhero Names Are.Wonderwoman,Cyborg and Flash

  • Hyeth Sison 2 weeks ago

    Little kelly and i have a superhero in common

  • Pikacraft 2 weeks ago

    What ghost busters toys

  • Puppy Lover 2 weeks ago

    Why isn’t it little Kelly’s perspective

  • KayKay 2 weeks ago

    My birthday is on November 10th and my best friend that is my sisters birthday is today (November 3rd)

  • Ruth Gordon 2 weeks ago


  • Galactic Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • MY BIRTHDAY is on this week!!!!

  • JessahMarie Meedok 2 weeks ago

    I love this move

  • Dimple Sexon 2 weeks ago

    hi little kelly and little lizard and little carly

  • Rowan Egan 2 weeks ago


  • Maria Baeza 2 weeks ago

    Man i just saw a cut-out scene of tiny turle ghost and he was batman. (Ghost in your house!!!!)

  • Maria Baeza 2 weeks ago

    Karina you and kelly look like twins

  • Sharon Southern 2 weeks ago

    It little Kellys channel then why is sharky looking at little Kelly

  • Makenna Sanders 2 weeks ago


  • Pink Buttercup 2 weeks ago

    hahaha tobay is the 31 for mee to

  • Laura Noneyo 2 weeks ago

    The toy of the week Wonder Woman canister head

  • Carlos Perez 2 weeks ago

    my birthday is november 13

  • Diamond Girls2427 2 weeks ago

    you look more like Super girl

  • Mark Maryzed 2 weeks ago

    Super cool video

  • Mark Maryzed 2 weeks ago

    Little kelly and little carly are sisters????

  • yani utomo 2 weeks ago

    Wa mod is good

  • arkin omg 2 weeks ago


  • Daniela Santos 2 weeks ago

    Sharky is really and always funny

  • XxkawaiixX Forever 2 weeks ago

    Guys do you notice wonder woman just stared at sharky then steady and like before at 2:57 😂😱

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