• KidMattersTV 3 weeks ago

    We are so excited to see you are apart of this collab! Love the mermaid skin

  • Rhoslyn Hancock 3 weeks ago

    YES YES YES YASSSSS! New series will a bunch of cool people and it’s gonna be greattttt! Hope you do some collabs in the future but that’s up to you! YA NEW SERIES!

  • QUIROZ ART 3 weeks ago

    I have the aquatic up date too

  • QUIROZ ART 3 weeks ago

    look at your water animationsprint under water and look at yourself press F5 and look at your self

  • ShimmerSparklez 3 weeks ago

    lol you were digging a cave on Funneh and the Krew’s island!!! XD This is a cool series btw!!!!!!!!!! SO MANY AMAZING AND FUNNY YOUTUBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANIMELOVEMANGA 1210 3 weeks ago

    Funneh draco rainbow lunar and gold go there and the crafting table is theres

  • ANIMELOVEMANGA 1210 3 weeks ago

    No not evry one have all of them

  • Hazel Behrends 3 weeks ago

    Love love love the new series!!! Keep doing it plzzzz!!!!

  • Sola Eclipse 3 weeks ago

    You can eat the dried kelp btw😄

  • emi and the wolf 3 weeks ago

    Anyone else saw when scott joined the server??

  • Thefuzzy Warrior 3 weeks ago

    Yay finally aphmau is in a Minecraft series

  • Belinda Mayo 3 weeks ago


  • Deema Jaser 3 weeks ago

    yammy the kelp is food xD.

  • Marianne Germain 3 weeks ago

    The dry kelp is for you to eat!!!!! And you can put the green kelp in a furnace to eat after

  • Marian Mazo 3 weeks ago

    btw… my other fav youtuber are sibling which is…
    THE KREW!!
    there skins are in the second line of the wall of youtubers

  • TheSmartCauldron 3 weeks ago

    Sprint in the water to swim. Dried kelp is food so please eat it. Other than those 2 things, this video was awesome. I am excited about this new series.

  • Rainbow Cake121 3 weeks ago

    You can collect fish with a bucket

  • Wicked Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    This series is gonna be great!!! Can you do a video collab in it with Jess, Stacy, or Lizzie?

  • ibs Faj 3 weeks ago

    Yo, go back to the island that said residents welcome!

  • Ros3lle In Gasha Studios 3 weeks ago

    Dolphins are traitors dont trust them.

  • Ros3lle In Gasha Studios 3 weeks ago

    Even the krew had the same dificulties the place is CURSED

  • Nicole Cornelius 3 weeks ago

    Yammy! U can eat the kelp

  • jupiterrr 3 weeks ago

    I looked at the players on the server and Draco is called AzianBoi like

    Edit: I realised he didn’t chage his name. 😂

  • ImJustMia 3 weeks ago

    Yammy you eat the kelp 😂

  • Rosebush1 3 weeks ago

    Yammy, You EAT the dried kelp!!! (Like so she can see)

  • Kiera King 3 weeks ago


  • Pug Wisperer 3 weeks ago

    Do U Know De Wae

  • Android ρlαуѕ 3 weeks ago

    Really nice video i love em!!

  • Android ρlαуѕ 3 weeks ago

    U hav saved me melon!
    And u died that was funneh

  • Android ρlαуѕ 3 weeks ago

    Not bad i rlly enjoyed

  • Ellyse Swadling 3 weeks ago

    If you sprint in the water you really swim.

  • TeddyDogsRule28 Teddy 3 weeks ago

    so this is vanilla?

  • Mindecraftyoutoublover NascheGirl 3 weeks ago

    I just got that mod

  • Sofia Garcia 3 weeks ago


  • FadedNeoncolors 3 weeks ago

    Wouldnt she be a mercat since she got cat ears and she got a mermaid tail?

  • BreeLynn Wilson 3 weeks ago

    Pls meat launreclips

  • pinkylovesmmd's 3 weeks ago

    Is Yammy xox or XOXXXXXXXXX
    like xDl idk I’m just playing

  • Kid Vanessa 3 weeks ago

    What?!?!??? But you need a mermaid tail mod!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • lourdito torralba 3 weeks ago

    I know who its itsfunneh and the krew

  • erica lafleur 3 weeks ago

    you are friends with aphmau aka jessaca

  • Blossom Momoko 3 weeks ago

    Your house should be a sand castle

  • AnimeLover_ Gamer 3 weeks ago

    u can eat kelp yammy XD

  • Harley Smith 3 weeks ago


  • ItsFunneh Fan 3 weeks ago

    Yammy funneh gold Draco lunar and rainbow took most of the seaweed and all the boats (ps) I still love ya funneh if you read this

  • jyothikumar13 3 weeks ago

    the only people not in this series chad audery dollastic rayan

  • Claire Hinton 3 weeks ago

    You are on Lizzie and Joel’s island.

  • Julia Maitland 3 weeks ago

    I play vinilla Minecraft👿

  • A and I gaming vlogs 3 weeks ago

    HOW DO WE GET THIS?!?!?!?!?!?! (if you don’t mind)

  • Nani Nani 3 weeks ago

    Hi yammy! Yey youre playing this! I already watch funneh and aphmau and now you

  • Starline 19324 3 weeks ago

    I think you stepped foot on The Krew’s territory… XD

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