Today we play Mad Pack and beat the Wither!


  • Matthew Kennefick 9 months ago

    I like things neat, symmetrical, and all that stuff. But when I see jeromes mess of an inventory, idk why, I just get really triggered

  • Debra Madaras 9 months ago


  • Tristan Realina 9 months ago

    It’s Bill Cipher!!!

  • danny Olger 9 months ago


  • king savage 9 months ago

    Is Alex going to come back

  • joey m 9 months ago

    where’s despasigils

  • BlackStar 9 months ago


  • Danish Hamdard 9 months ago

    Guys the wither was called kehhan lol

  • Cory Poe 9 months ago

    Make a healing axe so you don’t have to eat just hold the axe to regain health and food

  • Jacob Browning II 9 months ago

    make ferippop sing

  • ian castro 9 months ago

    2 times

  • You should make the unstable ingots into a block so it’s stable
    And inventory sorter can help with the speed

  • Generic Placeholder Name 9 months ago

    You should have sacrificed Andrew. Then he would have been division sigil’d

  • Alexander Araujo 9 months ago

    They killed Kehann’s cousin

  • Infinite 9 months ago

    13:06 Oh hey Kehaan didn’t expect too see you

  • MINECRAFTIAN BRAIN 9 months ago

    please let me join and play an episode with you jeorome

  • Joseph Davis 8 months ago

    Jerome enchant your crap with soulbound so you don’t have to go recollect everything when you die all it is is soulbound 1 and your enchanted items are kept on death permenatly

  • Karston Bell 8 months ago

    Don’t tell me it’s almost over

  • Sutton Kotler 8 months ago


  • Dylan Morris 8 months ago

    Just sprained my ankle

  • Chua FS 8 months ago

    32:35 Great Job Bean That Was The Most Lenient Punishment

  • Viviane Bailey 8 months ago


  • Kilorelv 8 months ago

    Holy fleep……. it’s not that hard to read a crafting recipe……..

  • TheBeast Ian 8 months ago

    You should have done /tp 0 84 0 .-.

  • Ryan's Rosters 8 months ago

    start pixlemon sooner

  • Speedy_109 8 months ago

    Use the one and only cobble gen to gen emc as the last compressed cobble is a lot of emc and all u have to do is uses the pipes and wait while you do other things xD

  • Jeninne Lilley 8 months ago

    The division sigles

  • TheEliteViper 8 months ago


  • carlson lee 8 months ago

    Do you nit a big ger house

  • Sammeth McBeth 8 months ago

    Steve tell bean he’s worth -999billion dollars

  • Rudolf Epner 8 months ago

    This video is too low with likes

  • Grant Gaming 8 months ago


  • FoxyGaming 1217 8 months ago


  • Infinite Retribution 8 months ago

    Jerome can you please play like ultimate chicken horse or bloons tower defense 5

  • semi tgg 8 months ago

    jeromeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. you forgot to turn off your night vision :3

  • Neels Goosen 8 months ago


  • Tania Roberts 8 months ago

    what happened to Alex

  • stef Star123 8 months ago

    Please the inventoryyyy

  • Kate S 8 months ago

    “I didnt know we could divide andrew”-Bean

  • ##Fred BEAR ##BRAZIL## 8 months ago

    Sacrifice beaaaaaaaaannnn

  • EpicGaming 8 months ago

    jerome pro-tip for you instead of making the ingots make the nuggets than make them into ingots and they dont explode and i did survival and i madfe them and they work like normal its just alot easier

  • Jowelle El Howayeck Jabre 8 months ago

    Aquadudes fro life

  • MC. Thunder 8 months ago

    Ben Broke Steves Ent Head, Kick & Kill Him 😠

  • Mike Mellace 8 months ago


  • the answers boss Friend 8 months ago


  • Balisticblaze51 Unte 8 months ago

    100,000 likes to give them keep inventory

  • I am not saying this in a mean way to big ben but

    Big BEN

    hehe get it FrizzleandPOP Ben? I am sorry I will go kill myself

  • Malik Taha 8 months ago

    Jerome u filled the chest with glass panes

  • Jay See 8 months ago

    Kehaan = soul sand = life but really cobble stone = life

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