How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Hunter Kleppek 1 month ago

    Anyone know the npc shop plugin on the server

  • Eve Hiscocks 1 month ago

    Fighting starts at around 1:20:00 🙂 thank me later

  • XxShade_ SlayerxX 1 month ago

    Vik was running around like a chicken with its head cut off

  • KyeHo 1 month ago

    One does not simply not run around the whole house while speaking

  • alex fry 1 month ago

    Admins are pretty bad tbh they aren’t good at planning the events. The events are good but poorly executed.

  • Olivia Huang 1 month ago

    rob is a horrible leader

  • CannonCraft 1 month ago

    49:50 I’m gonna dig up


  • Liam Eberhardt 1 month ago

    guys on woffles video it says the ultimate thing to destroy vikk.

  • Markzer 1 month ago

    Vikk made them lose…if he didn’t call everyone to fight one person..rob would have stayed and protected the obi

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    the story of the CAVE CHICKEN. by goCreative, a great author.

  • Fake View 1 month ago

    Why is Battlegrounds stream 3 hours long, Escapists 1h 30 mins long but Minecraft is just 1 hour Vik?

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    Rob: no preasure but if you die, i’m going to strangle you.

  • Benny Dunn jr 1 month ago

    Work with nooch to make it possible to fire your cannon from your house

  • Bongiwe Bongwe 1 month ago

    missed spawner at 46:52

  • Bqnshid_pvp 1 month ago


  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago

    Vik you should have made a water stair case. meaning putting water down at the top of the stair case. and then letting it flow down and then break the cobble stone stair case. so yeah. xD

  • Evozhs 1 month ago

    Do h4m

  • Evozhs 1 month ago

    Plz do h4m

  • Demolition Devine 1 month ago


  • old fools 1 month ago

    After all that prep im kinda annoyed but thats the game

  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago


  • epicman_ no1 1 month ago


  • lanky1983 pvp 1 month ago

    Helmet boy origins

  • jacob creamer 1 month ago


  • afernplayz 1 month ago

    better idea. You respawn if the obby is still their. But if you die, you cant respawn for like 2 mins or something. Once obby is destroyed, then you win.

  • Salman ABAS 1 month ago

    I subbed to florian

  • Ben AG 1 month ago

    Vikk you’ve been gone too long mate. Always leave a man behind.

  • George Clark 1 month ago

    Really anticlimactic when the all went to their base then all they did was break the obsidian, all the build up for that

  • Steven Claborn 1 month ago

    When Rob sang who else sang the rest

  • 2Many Giggs 1 month ago

    Egg wars h4m event? That would be 👏🏾

  • Emerson18 Minecraft Factions And More! 1 month ago


  • Connor King 1 month ago

    As soon as rob suggested Obsidian I lost interest, knew Mitch’s team would ninja it from the beginning

  • Connor King 1 month ago

    Also you should’ve wrapped water around the obsidian and make it harder to mine

  • Angel Perez 1 month ago

    tbh the only reason they lost was cause woofless wanted the obsidian rule

  • cory Flores 1 month ago

    Do a bed wars event
    Like comments if you agree so vik see this

  • LionTamer Video games and more 1 month ago

    You need to make slime block machines and tanks!

  • Stijn de Vries 1 month ago

    Bring back the little chicken dome both teams used to get in battledome

  • scott hamilton 1 month ago

    What happened to Lachlan?

  • Paul Fox 1 month ago

    Do you know doni

  • systemdownbeeeeeeep 1 month ago

    vikk you turned left instead of right to where the skelly spawner was then went back to the mineshafts..

  • Magnus Steenfeldt Laursen 1 month ago

    Ty Vikk for listening to the viewers and lvl up your MCMMO!
    And could you maybe start pinning comments pls! 🙂
    Keep up the great work btw! 😉

  • Exli Lomalee 1 month ago

    When the events called battledome but there’s only 1 fight

  • Aaron Lewis 1 month ago

    Vikk you are amazing

  • Michael L 1 month ago

    hey vikk you realize you can just use /r to reply to messages in chat instead of doing /msg “name”

  • Jacob Rawson 1 month ago

    Do a event where u have to kill the ender dragon from scratch and the reward would be 1m each but take away 1k for every min over the world record

  • Jorfizle (TheCuber) 23 1 month ago

    wow who wouldve thought a team of rob vik and kenny would lose…

  • King Cruz 1 month ago

    He missed diamonds

  • Cripto_G123 1 month ago

    watching vikk gives me cancer because of his sense of direction and he forgets everything

  • mr bacon man 1 month ago

    vikk join the battle dome server at 19:28 . thank me later

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