• rachit shetty 1 month ago

    Python you should make a Redstone contraption to switch off the chicken farm because it would cause so much lag when you will have other farms running parallel to it

  • rachit shetty 1 month ago

    And congrats for your 20000 subs and 1 million views.enjoy your series very much but where has hermitcarft gone

  • iiMinhYT 1 month ago

    i love this series

  • iiMinhYT 1 month ago

    Python I got a cool idea, it is: when you finish this series, create a world with your own NAME and SURVIVE IN IT in HARDCORE MODE

  • nabila sayyour 1 month ago

    Let me suggest after your done with the current base area..you can build another base in taiga biome….base it on kingdoms…medivel structires.

  • ZahraCraft 1 month ago

    Nice Survive

  • Minecrafter001 Klein 1 month ago

    I subscribed and hit the bell icon and can u make a castle in one of your videos in the future?

  • TheRedWolf Gaming 1 month ago

    If you still have doubts about the window on the second floor of the barn, you could try fences as these will function the same way. Just an idea!

  • Manoj Ng 1 month ago

    Python you really are an inspiration for me in playing minecraft and by the wa when will you build a wheat farm

  • Silva T 1 month ago

    i love your survival videos pls made ep 9

  • FAIZAN AHMAD 1 month ago

    Hey python, you are going pretty cool. Please give us the link to download your world for every epusode. It would be amazing

  • Rob Verdickt 1 month ago

    Maybe you can add a dispenser with seeds, so the chickens grow up faster?

  • King Lorenz Reyes 1 month ago

    Hi python huge fan of yours I always watch all your episodes python I have a comment for you why won’t you build a skeleton farm you can get tons of exp in your next episodes I’m really s great fan of yours!!!

  • Mayra Barrera 1 month ago

    do you feel that you should make a rail system from your house to the villige

  • Alexander Skampo 1 month ago

    I am glad that I found this let’s play I enjoy watching it

  • Be TenableGerm 1 month ago

    Replace the glass in the chicken farm with a solid brick, like cobblestone. If you shoot an egg in that close distance it can go through, same with enderpearls! If you shoot enough at the glas you will go through

  • CommenceComments 1 month ago

    In later game, it might be cool if you took some aspects from different biome types, Mesa, plains, jungle, snow etc and tried to include them all in a small a space as possible. Keep up the good work

  • TheMiningSlime 1 month ago

    Love ur vids ur my favourite youtuber

  • Daniel Sharps 1 month ago

    Love the new series, but I’d love to see more Harmony too!

  • Iceycold 77 1 month ago

    I like your vids

  • Mayfair Awards 1 month ago

    I love the vids

  • Mayfair Awards 1 month ago

    How do you cum up with the best ideas I’ve ever seen and I think it would be nice if you do a subscriber garden

  • DaCh33ze 1 month ago

    Can you add some stripped logs?

  • Short Man Walking 1 month ago

    With the roof over the top of the chicken cooker, won’t that mess up the daylight sensors?

  • JaguarBrickFilms 1 month ago

    I love how you’re putting out videos every day! Keep up the good work Python! 🙂

  • Kurtaxel Padigos 1 month ago

    Make your garden and your farm dude

  • Shashi Jain 1 month ago

    Greetings python

  • Barrack Obama 1 month ago

    I’m now 23 years old and I remember when im in highschool and it sucked sooo bad!

  • RegrettedSoul84 1 month ago

    Python love your Videos but i wanted to suggest that you try some different styles of building instead of wood leaves flowers ext. on everything

  • CyberHex Gaming 1 month ago

    There’s another way ( sort of easy ) to breathe underwater, it is to use an empty bucket and fill it up. It gives you better chances underwater.

    It works fine in bedrock I don’t know abt java.

    hopefully this becomes a comment of the day.

  • Jack Breed 1 month ago

    Pythons motto: when in doubt pot it out

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 1 month ago

    You have genius for decorating!

  • Kevin Spee 1 month ago

    Could you tell me how youre able to craft bark blocks?Is that a mod or an update I missed, a plugin?

  • Kevin Spee 1 month ago

    Amazing episode of an amazing series! Keep it up!

  • Shania Yaws 1 month ago

    Python can u make a tree house? But so big that u can have a 5 rooms and even have your horse up there. Oh and can I get a shouout pls I love u, you are my favorite YouTuber and keep up the good work.☺😊😀😁😂😁😀😊☺😊😀😁😂😁😀😊☺😊😀😁😂😃😂😁😀☺😀😀😁😀☺😊 😊☺😊😊😃😁😀😁❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗❤💙💕💔💓💜💛💚💖💗💚💛💜💓💔💕💙💖💗💗💖💚💛💜💓💔💕❤💙💕💔💓💛💗!!!

  • LukeNuke 96 1 month ago

    Do you edit your own vids Python?

  • Assootosh Motah 1 month ago

    Here is a challenge proposal : Make a build without using flower pots which is still a good build like your other ones. After finishing the build, it should be left untouched.

  • Amber Barr 1 month ago

    Because this series is daily it gives me something to look forward to seeing every day especially when I’m ill like now

  • Mira55X - NalzenaTalesOfHeroes 1 month ago

    Im glad you dont try to make everything symmetrical… no offense to those who do like symmetrical, but sometimes I feel asymmetrical things can spice things up sometimes

  • reactern' gamer 1 month ago

    i love how you are accually doing a survival minecraft series

  • Mario12267 1 month ago

    Awesome episode! The barn turned out great! Maybe you can put some signs or item frames beside the chests on the second floor to help differentiate what’s in them. Keep up the good work!

  • Lili Rox 1 month ago

    So instead of Netflix, I binge watched on your Minecraft Survival series today! I was like, “thats it?” 😅 waiting for the next episode.

  • Claire Powell 1 month ago

    Make a new world pls

  • Terry Bradford 1 month ago

    for a cool effect, place a water source block over the mossy cobble. you now have drips. Loving the series

  • FrostedKO 1 month ago

    Yes! Putting vids out every day, just got notification for Ep. 9. Great job, Python! Loving this series! I recommended to my friends. Grats on 22k!

  • Freddofrogjumpyjump Ezzat 1 month ago

    Python amazing work in this minecraft world I found other youtubers on minecraft survival but I think your the best minecraft youtuber.Are u going to build a bigger house

  • Tobias Tollagsen Christensen 1 month ago

    Like END sup

  • mystical banana 1 month ago

    Your house is flying your armour is glowing will you marry me

  • Riley Edwards 4 weeks ago

    Cool can you make a Ender potol

  • Tom W 4 weeks ago

    Please stop killing animals I understand that you need food but it’s not it’s not nice

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