An Assassin enters an ancient tomb and must hunt and eliminate his


  • LittleThomasKid 1 month ago

    Hope you enjoyed Assassins! Thought it would be a nice change of pace to have the animation entirely in first person.
    Check out our Black Plasma Gaming video where I play Assassins on Hypixel:

  • Willard Kestila 1 month ago

    the main character of this animation kinda reminds me of the tf2 spy from the way he kills his 1st and 2nd targets

  • Willard Kestila 1 month ago

    WANTED: Derp Bounty: Dead
    Wanted for: killing several people in sky wars and being op

    me: looks at poster* the world will thank me for this you small-faced, fish-slapping abomination!

  • Beyza Karabulut 1 month ago

    Minecraft Evi YouTube 😁😁

  • ирина осинская 1 month ago

    Урааа новое видио!!

  • Darth Vader 1 month ago

    epic vid!!!

  • SnowixPl 1 month ago


  • AimPerfectly 1 month ago

    This would be great if minecraft looked like this and the playstyle and movement was like this!

  • PyroZx 1 month ago

    How do we get part of the animations Black Plasma? Is there a way to join?

  • Peter TheGamer 1 month ago

    black blasma you very cool

  • Vorex PL 1 month ago

    I don’t like animations on fire person☹️

  • Eren YTッ 1 month ago

    *Blocking Dead 2 Please Like*

  • Mohamad Duhoki 1 month ago


  • R1 992 1 month ago

    Hi 🙂

  • Mübarek Şeytan 1 month ago

    black plasma please make the THE BRİDGE animation +1

  • Alper Eşki 1 month ago

    My advice : clash royale animation

  • Youtuber374 1 month ago

    the return 🙂

  • Grüner DRACHE 1 month ago

    very cool

  • Joemo Biggs 1 month ago

    I didn’t rlly like that one it wasn’t very funny or silly it was more made to look cool

  • Ultra Shocker 1 month ago


  • The Ghost2004 1 month ago

    Where’s is UHC champions?? You left us on a cliffhanger

  • kevin_1213 1 month ago

    Ojala minecraft fuera asi

  • Jαdɛ_MCPE17 XD ❪The Leader Of Warrior Cats❫ 1 month ago

    Wow this is really cool animation, everything is 10/10.

  • King Alpha 475 1 month ago

    Radapedaxa is in these Video!!

  • tas5313 1 month ago

    sick animation bro I don’t even like minecraft but I love this

  • JC_PLAYZ 2286 1 month ago

    the last guy is Rain from Rainimator.

  • _Its_Doge_ 1 month ago

    The more the animations looks better the more stale the gameplay is

  • Dylan Rosenthal 1 month ago

    So Great! I love ur guys animations! but one question, when is animation life coming back up?

  • Eleanne Lubi-Ferrer 1 month ago

    Is Dat Rain?? 😮

  • Amir OMFG22 1 month ago

    better change content to fornite haha ​​xD :v

  • christopher belhida 1 month ago

    i cant join on server it says cant verify username how to fix that?

  • EndHunter89 1 month ago

    Amazing Animation In First Person View. The Beginning Of A New Animations! 😮

  • gamer/////_// MC 1 month ago

    Best Minecraft animator ever is my English rigth ?????? Comment plzzzzzz.

  • Giovanni Ramos 1 month ago

    I have a lot of Minecraft

  • ETONALATION XD 1 month ago

    Is that rainimator?

  • Zoli Fodor 1 month ago

    Ilyen marhasagokat kitalalni ez egyaltala nem szep a tobbi sem

  • I.C.E - Minecraft and more 1 month ago

    LOVE the FPS view!

  • alberto Ornelas Velazquez 1 month ago

    WOO! !

  • Quang MCPE 1 month ago


  • anna Strozyk 1 month ago

    Nice wideo

  • Giro Hinolan 1 month ago

    i love the assasin video its classy and very good its FPS

  • Giro Hinolan 1 month ago

    is the character agent pandoo

  • esben eatborn 1 month ago

    Could you create an animation please, if so, I would explain to you what it is about

  • Yumna Syed LV 3A 1 month ago

    Plz make more videos like this because it was a very good video and a watch it 3 times 2 att home and one in school.

  • Arvin Dee Jover 1 month ago

    It’s actually bounty hunter but nice video

  • grosir kaos 1 month ago


  • frits chandra 1 month ago

    I found my skin in this vid!

  • Exelyet 1 month ago

    This was the best ever made animation by BPS BEST EVER!

  • rachen estrada 1 month ago

    murder mystery?

  • turretless in ks 1 month ago

    Тут есть русские кроме меня ?

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