• stunt stars 8 months ago

    this is Minecraft the escapists

  • Lucas Pappas 8 months ago

    notice me senpai

  • xALPHA LIVEx LIVEx 8 months ago

    Was it hard getting this good at parkour

  • Lauren ActingAsIf 8 months ago

    make a “reacting to my comments” video !!

  • Henry Gaylard 8 months ago

    preston when are you gonna upload on prestongames ???????????? so curious

  • Rachel lohan 8 months ago

    you got arested because your so handsome XD

  • The_Under_Doge Memes 8 months ago

    You don’t have to unsubscribe from shot if you never subbed in the first place 🙂

  • markiplier son 8 months ago

    i know im mark son but 1 like=1 making preston cooler😎

  • Erica Johnson 8 months ago

    Who ever said the “how ever many likes he has is how much he weighs” is rude. So how about…”how ever many dislikes Preston has is every ounce he weighs. So when I commented this he weighed 830 ounces!!

  • TheDarkness MC 8 months ago

    Anyone else notice he added his voice in at 24:26 to do the ‘ding ding ding’ sound

  • SweetEazy 8 months ago

    This comment will drown in all comments… 1 like = 1 prayer

  • Parvinder Kaur 8 months ago

    preston playz more like preston is bae

  • Beyond Supa 8 months ago

    Bring back miner ware
    Like if you agree

  • Collin Davis 8 months ago

    Why don’t you play on your cod channel anymore? I would like to see your bo2 cod videos!!

  • Rafino 20 8 months ago


  • Andrew Kimmel 8 months ago

    you are my fan but you suck more tan anyone

  • Andrew Kimmel 8 months ago

    you are in prison for being a gamer

  • SS-Obergruppenführer John Smith 8 months ago

    Escaped prisons duh…..

  • Captain Eclipse 8 months ago

    He got arrested for shaking a cops hand and burning him

  • SuperApple 8 months ago

    Hey! Who else think that Preston isn’t the best youtuber?

  • Palden gaming 8 months ago

    Hey Preston i love your channel so made a map for you it should be uploeaded to minecraft maps but heres the link http://www.mediafire.com/file/px2q7kjg10ayz0e/Extreme+Lava+Parkour.zip

  • Palden gaming 8 months ago

    please play with one more pack member

  • Jedoun Alsalhabi 8 months ago

    preston is 100% innocent

  • ed roy 8 months ago

    dab for prestonplayz

  • UMR Gaming And More 8 months ago

    the reason why he is in jail is because his videos are tooooooo goood.

  • Owais Khan 8 months ago

    Preston can you play DAVID AND THE 1000 CHESTS!!!

  • Emma Kelly 8 months ago

    Pause the vid at 3:14 for the best pic ever 😂😂

  • Lovely Sweet Gamer318 8 months ago

    preston give me a shout out and pls. play bedwars for 1 hour pls. I miss ur bedwars videos!

  • John Sprout 8 months ago

    this map is just like the steam game the Escapists

  • NaeNae - Random content 8 months ago

    Preston, you should film videos with Moose and Nathan! Just like Mitch did! Like if you agree!(I want Preston to see this :))

  • Shona Lumsden 8 months ago

    play starwars battlefront 2

  • Mr Both SBS 8 months ago

    Your video is good

  • AtinkyBooPlayzGamez Official 8 months ago

    5:00 look at his hotbar {inventory}!

  • Maria Temple 8 months ago

    hay matt is NOT A SIMPLE NAME!!!

  • Dung Huynh 8 months ago

    You got arrested by playing bedwars alot of time (Just joking you been arrested by so op)

  • Likith Inampudi 8 months ago

    Pls do more of 10 people with same skin pls

  • Staci Pensyl 8 months ago

    Make your skin a girl

  • Your brother From another mother 8 months ago

    One like for one click beater #prestonplayz

  • Jarl Del Rosario 8 months ago

    I think each hundred thousand likes equals one prison escape

  • Karma VR 8 months ago

    How awesome do u like Preston’s content Like if he dose amazing content Dislike if u r gay

  • xXcutegamingXx :3 8 months ago

    Preston saying that its his prisons server but he is never recording i mean he is on i have seen him but preston can u continue the series? Like if u agree so preston can see it.

  • Gabzz 8 months ago

    For clickbait lol

  • Liam Chiappini 8 months ago

    Do you no how to play mate why why dont you try out ROBLOX

  • Christina Maea-Brown 8 months ago

    you you cool

  • Porygon Glich 8 months ago

    What do likes do?

  • XxSeneca MCxX 8 months ago

    why have you abandoned tbnrfrags :(((((

  • GRIFFIN KENNEDY 8 months ago


  • SKILL SHOT 8 months ago

    can you please play David and the 1000 chests Minecraft map

  • Cash W 8 months ago

    I’m serious who ever reading this comment besides Preston don’t look at my channel so got really mad because my friend messed up the video 300 am challenge to say sorry he came in my room with a Preston plays video and I thought it would not do anything and said you stuipid bro and here I am now Heaka chilled so thanks bro oh and other people I wasn’t playing doo not plz plz don’t look at my channel just dont

  • Tradarius 8 months ago

    hey bro I liked and subscribed

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