• ECKOSOLDIER 2 weeks ago

    More likes than views gg youtube, you can read more here: http://www.mcbedrock.com/showthread.php?338-Minecraft-Update-Aquatic-News-Phantoms-Fish-and-more! What would you call that creeper fish ?

  • SharkBoy 101 2 weeks ago

    Creeper fish

  • Avenger9595 2 weeks ago

    I liked and subscribed!!!

  • Stu Art 2 weeks ago

    Creeper guardian

  • Rabia Anwar 2 weeks ago

    Ecko when is the giveaway going to start? And end?

  • WitheredGaming 2 weeks ago

    Sharks, giant squids and spider crabs

  • JAMES SEFTON 2 weeks ago

    Memo isn’t a tropical fish? Its a salt water fish?

  • Ginger Cricket 2 weeks ago

    Creeper shark

  • Dustbin01 -visit mixer 2 weeks ago

    I still don’t understand why you don’t have like 5mil you are such a good YouTuber

  • Dustbin01 -visit mixer 2 weeks ago

    I wish bedrock had modding villagers using command blocks and iron golem spawn eggs

  • Giedrius Kavaliauskas 2 weeks ago


  • n ziom 2 weeks ago

    Hope you see my secret Map when I release it

  • Mica Isaacs 2 weeks ago


  • UNKNOWN TROY BIEM 2 weeks ago

    The must adding a shark

    Cyan fish

  • agentc00787 2 weeks ago

    noooooooooo dont let it in

  • this is a deep sea fish i would want, the Angler Fish

  • Heather Saam 2 weeks ago

    nemo MUST BE IN

  • ZiggyZagga Zagga 2 weeks ago


  • AssassinGamer303 2 weeks ago

    What about the PS3/PS4/XBOX360?

  • Crazy Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Aqua creeper!

  • Breakminer Boy 2 weeks ago

    The Creep Fish that’s what I would call it Ecko and instead of exploring in your FACE I think it sould like spit out exploring spit that’s what I think of my evil fish name Ecko

  • Emerald Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Creeper of the deep waters

  • Emerald Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Or creeper of twisting waters

  • Henry Muller 2 weeks ago

    Custom flat worlds

  • Riley Blackford 2 weeks ago

    Tell them to add it so that Polar Bears can realisticly catch salmon out of the water! Because Bears do that in real life, and polar bears spawn in colder areas, and salmon spawns in colder waters, also we need a realistic fishing animation.

  • Moon Fox 2 weeks ago

    Seriously, dory (blue tang) angle fish, lol

  • Moon Fox 2 weeks ago

    I’d like to see a lionfish, blue tang, butterfly fish, jellyfishh. Angelfish,pl piranha, tigerfish, yellow lab. Sorry i watch a lot of fish/ocean life tv shows lol

  • TheRedstoneEngine 2 weeks ago

    Creeperfish 😛

  • Ryguy 43 2 weeks ago

    He is my friend in pixelgun

  • Satan sama 2 weeks ago

    Cowfish and anglers would be nice

  • Wolfie's Hacks 2 weeks ago

    What if the pic you found on google with the creeper fish is the new hostile mob? Also what do you think? Should seahorses be added aswell?

  • Nessa Smith 2 weeks ago

    creepy fish

  • xXNOBODYLIKESUXx or Prokiller 2 weeks ago

    The hostile mobs called the crefish

  • Thomas rios plays 2 weeks ago

    I would call it a Fisher

  • Alexis Grunden 2 weeks ago

    Dori was a royal blue tang. Ideas for hostile fish could include Moray Eels (poisonous to eat raw, as eel blood is actually toxic to mammals) or piranhas (which would school; not much of a threat individually), and a neutral mob could be Barracudas (they tend to leave you alone unless really hungry or if you tick them off). Ideas for tropical fish could include Angelfish, Snakeheads (might eat other fish), Betta Splendens (shallow tropical water), Tigerfish (possibly hostile to fish for? they aggressively attack shiny objects irl), and any number or Wrasse (cleaner fish). Temperate species could range from mackerel, bass, trout, pike (which are basically freshwater barracudas that love deep, cold lakes), minnows, perch, sunnies…the list goes on and on. There’s really almost no limit for potential fish species, and that’s without getting into mollusks and crustaceans.

  • eye am necyrb45 2 weeks ago

    dory is an god fish ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • eye am necyrb45 2 weeks ago

    errrr som thin idk

  • TheLazyPanda 2 weeks ago

    Another bug is not being able to get slime easily in survival. I went to a swamp for 6 Minecraft nights and didn’t get a single slime ball.

  • Sandra Skender 2 weeks ago

    I woud name the creatur demon of the ocean cuz creeper duh

  • Elza Jurēviča 2 weeks ago

    charged fish

  • Thekingslad 2 weeks ago

    i would call the sea monster an accident of birth

  • Lenny Face 2 weeks ago


  • WqfL - Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Charged Water Creeper

  • Onniivarifilms 2 weeks ago

    I call it Swimmer

  • ZtheemeraldMiner 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait to play this on my survival world!

  • Thegaming walker 2 weeks ago

    You are the best content creator.Loved your videos

  • Thegaming walker 2 weeks ago

    sheild should be added to bedrock

  • lea petrovic 2 weeks ago

    That crecher is named in the mod

  • Keane Plays 2 weeks ago

    Eploading fish

  • Michael Hooper 2 weeks ago


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