• MisterSharpyEyE 2 weeks ago

    I dont like New coral i better like minecon coral

  • Jessy York 2 weeks ago

    I’m gonna play Minecraft on my deathbed

  • The Orange Pineapple 2 weeks ago

    Because they changed the trident texture do you think they’ll change the turtle egg.

  • I subbed

  • Diego Xyz 2 weeks ago

    How about the chicken egg to be placed as well!! Like the turtles

  • Dark Star 2 weeks ago

    Imagine wales sharks and slugs

  • james bradford 2 weeks ago

    When update aquatic comes out, your new soldier adventures house should be underwater.

  • Dragon D 2 weeks ago

    Can u see banner if they r outside the map?

  • Vinishka Akash 2 weeks ago

    Is this live ?

  • Gulumbo 2 weeks ago

    What he did WAS richt, you typed a “nothing”

  • Sizar Mayi 2 weeks ago


  • Hoot Owl 2 weeks ago

    So sorry I missed the live stream, wasn’t expecting it and was out doing errands. Thankfully, I can still watch it. Really enjoyed the update on the snapshot. Thank you for keeping everyone up to date. I Really appreciate it. Thank care.

  • Adewale Adeyemi 2 weeks ago

    considering endstone is basically just cobblestone with a color inversion, the fact that pink coral looks similar to it isn’t saying much

  • REDRING XBOX GAMING 2 weeks ago

    It should come out for Minecraft pe in at least 2 weeks

  • Åsmund Isaksen 2 weeks ago

    Early!!! Yass!!!!!

  • Logan Krecic 2 weeks ago

    check out banner markers on maps

  • Logan Krecic 2 weeks ago

    dig down

  • Logan Krecic 2 weeks ago

    there adding a new treasure to go in the chests

  • thememer27 Aka MLGness 2 weeks ago

    They should add sea helmets or something like that so we can go sea diving

  • Logan Krecic 2 weeks ago

    hey echo when you blow up fish you caught in a tank with TNT it should give you an advancement “Shooting fish in a Barrel “

  • Fawfuls TNT Egg TV 2 weeks ago

    The phantom’s new look is awsome, but I am majorly disappointed that they removed their ability to spawn in the end. If they spawned in the end, it would have been more challenging, since you can’t sleep in the end! I just hope that once the Phantom is added to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, that you can apply their movement and behavior to other mobs, so we can make a dive bombing ghast using addons.

  • Loren DarkWolf 2 weeks ago


  • MasterAustin50 YT 2 weeks ago

    Nice review on the update

  • jarrett landrum 2 weeks ago


  • Doggy 2 weeks ago

    oceans in Minecraft looks so alive now XD

  • ActiveGames 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys since there’s tridents do you think spears should be added in Minecraft.

  • jarrett landrum 2 weeks ago

    does 4 coral plants make a coral block??

  • AgentDR X 2 weeks ago

    The clown fish is basically the fish of the horses one original and a whole bunch of variants


    Hey eckosoldier I think the new hostile mob will either be a stingray since we’re not getting sharks or a dragon that spawns very little kinda like the turtle

  • MBAyoungboy Gollary 2 weeks ago

    Its cool and amazing

  • KirbyPlayz PE 2 weeks ago

    Placing slabs and stairs underwater with no air pockets is a good change but not adding that ability to the rest like doors, fences, etc. is infuriating cuz… Why not? Yes, redstone creations will be broken… Blah blah blah! ( I used to be a redstone engineer! ) Why not when you place a trapdoor underwater and close it, the water will not go through the trapdoor but items can! ( If the trapdoor has holes like the oak one! ) and when you open the trapdoor, the items still go through the trapdoor but the water can! It gives trapdoors a purpose or a must-need block for redstone water creations! Cuz seeing doors, fences, etc. having a air pocket while slabs and stairs don’t is infuriating!

    P.S. – I’m a filipino so expect some errors while reading the info and thank you for reading and please send this to Mojang!

  • Nexture ッ 2 weeks ago

    I hope they add deep ocean mobs/fish

  • MINI SALAD 1 week ago


  • Miguel Ortiz 1 week ago

    Ecko do to treasure maps do you think we will get undead pirates?Also since the Phantom has been removed from the end do you think we will get another end based mob???

  • Алекс Кос 1 week ago

    Actually over 3000 tropical fish were added as their texture and form is randomized!

  • nakhat aslam 1 week ago

    The phantom looks like lunala

  • nakhat aslam 1 week ago

    Lol the swamps from underwater look like endermen pee

  • Ishan S.Parab 1 week ago


  • GoldRaider97 Gaming 1 week ago

    when this update comes out nobody be supprized if you see me uploading again on Omlet Arcade because it will be me making a ocean base which will have redstone

  • Amargeddon12099 , 1 week ago

    they should make the phantoms mouth open as it dives towards the player and close after it has done its attack that would be cool like if u agree

  • Gta Master 1 week ago

    This could be time to get ready to say. Good bye co-ordinetes rip 2011-2018 to young to die it’s only 7 years old

  • DerpyPieceOfCake Gaming 1 week ago

    Apparently if you include the base fish, their pattern and other variants, there are 3072 fish in total. Check Slicedlime out.

  • Trickshotboi 34 1 week ago

    I have a treasure map on my Pocket Edition world and I got it from a library in a stronghold. All it shows is the village that I’m living in right now

  • Pixel Soldier 1 week ago


  • Pixel Soldier 1 week ago


  • KFC SM Sucat 1 week ago

    They add 300 class of tropical fish

  • Cooper Crawford 1 week ago

    Ecko this is not a joke but there is actually 3722 Different Variations all they did was add colour fin types dorsal fin and body type then it randomized

  • razzelldazzell 1 week ago

    It would be nice if the tropical fish dropped as their own type, rather than just a clownfish.

  • kaylin root 1 week ago

    Once your checking the new treaser there should be the trident

  • BluKarlie [ YT ] 1 week ago

    So the tropical fish eats
    a clownfish… that’s kinda dark..

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