And here it is – our April Fools’ update for 2018. Some of the best


  • Exterrata 3 weeks ago

    these textures are in, appdata, roaming, .minecraft assets, indexes, 1.12-af

  • CoolDepot 3 weeks ago

    Netherrack looks better

  • Derpy GMR 3 weeks ago

    Hey, open this so you can see his secret private video link

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  • Henry The Moonrabbit 3 weeks ago

    That was a surprisingly smart* prank


  • THE CRAPPY CHANNEL , 3 weeks ago

    i thought this was a bug and deleted my game ffs

  • Henry The Moonrabbit 3 weeks ago

    Has anyone converted this into a proper shader/texture pack to download and screw around with after the prank’s over?

  • Golet234 Lider de la secta Gabe Newellista 3 weeks ago

    My computer with these graphics goes at 3 FPS :'(

  • Weno 24 3 weeks ago

    You should do a infinite fire in a jungle at a super high tick speed

  • Chris Cooper 3 weeks ago

    i got pretty pissed.

  • Kimmel 3 weeks ago

    It was awful

  • Wolf Steelpaw 3 weeks ago

    I hated those textures. >=-(

  • tcd2cool 3 weeks ago

    This looks like the original Minecraft. I remember seeing something like this when I played alpha.

  • Johan Veenstra 3 weeks ago

    The ender dragon is now a legonster! At least that’s what my younger sister screamed

  • CheeseEat GT 3 weeks ago

    Dude! I thought this was a glitch in my files! I reinstalled my launcher..

  • TheSkyShaft 3 weeks ago

    I had a dark eclipse around my screen aswell. It even persisted when i switched over to sphax.

  • Crusage 3 weeks ago

    Lmao, I played minecraft for the first time in a long while on April fools day, and I thought it looked like that, I was like, what have they done to minecraft?

  • SebsterGaming 3 weeks ago

    I am so happy the textures was just an april fools joke they are so ugly

  • Aeoris 3 weeks ago

    more like fps boost update

  • Ploppy GT 3 weeks ago

    I liked the texture kinda but I hated the shadow feature around our screen when under a block

  • Retro :D 3 weeks ago

    *get trolled by Mojang*

  • Greg Koc 3 weeks ago

    Oh god I thought my Minecraft was broken

  • Axel Ljungqvist 3 weeks ago

    They probably just put all the textures through a filter…

  • uraganas viesulas 3 weeks ago

    I want it on consle

  • CodeYT 3 weeks ago


  • Arnold Wijaya 3 weeks ago

    Lol i thought my minecraft got error .

  • Discontinuned channel 3 weeks ago


  • 猫可可 3 weeks ago

    installing lots of mods→suddenly eveything looks like bugs→trying to figure out which mod gives all the bugs→finnaly realize thats an official bug

  • Bendy Tuber Gamer 3 weeks ago

    nope not ganna fool me

  • NateTheLOLZ 3 weeks ago

    Its suppose to be trash but its actually decent

  • XtremeElectrix 3 weeks ago

    My main issue with this April fools: It makes the future addition of the new default textures look bad. When you release a purposely bad texture to minecraft and tell people they don’t need/want your feedback, it makes more people disagree with the new default textures releasing and makes even more people feel like they can’t give their two cents on these changing textures without being shutdown.

  • Aleksandra B. 3 weeks ago

    This screwed Block Party on

  • Sebastien Guillebot 3 weeks ago

    ah ehm

  • the gaming ultimate 3 weeks ago

    I experience this but my Minecraft always turn black if i put anything literally i cant place anything i thought im glitching but apparently no

  • George Hatcher 3 weeks ago

    Is it bad i like some of the textures in this? Like the ender dragon and fire

  • Keanny Ooi 3 weeks ago

    Real or fake?

  • Luminita Noptii 3 weeks ago

    Thanks to God, only a prank

  • Peggy Stremlow 3 weeks ago

    tbh that looks pretty good

  • Rated Carp7 3 weeks ago

    1:56 He gets a boner

  • Super Suchti 3 weeks ago

    when i first saw the textures i thought my Graphics card was dying. until i noticed it only changed vanilla stuff

  • Kirbyman Deld 3 weeks ago


  • Awesome Vlogs 3 weeks ago


  • Russell Seager 3 weeks ago

    Oh… I had assumed minecraft was broken.

  • S_for_Samuel Plays 3 weeks ago

    I am so glad someone else noted that. (Its so bad)

  • OfficialThing 3 weeks ago

    If you could mine air

  • ZucchiniShadow 3 weeks ago

    “WOAH. So… Wow that looks really ugly. Kinda don’t want to stare at that too long.” *Me when I look in the mirror*

  • Torch on Grass 3 weeks ago

    Your making a Joke its 1 april

  • Titopepe 3 weeks ago

    Imagine this is real/rule

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