• Wala Ara 3 weeks ago

    My god I want to watch more

  • Maria Theresa Alemania 3 weeks ago

    The person on video are dumb but they strong at fighting

  • AsdaH Asdah 3 weeks ago

    I want criss

  • Gangster MC 3 weeks ago

    can you do the the part 29, how steve teaching Criss like in part 18 (then fight ends)

  • Củ Tỏi Its 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft Action Mod: The damage it beautiful and have some knife details,attack detail too,Super speed emote.
    Minecraft Tools mod:Powerful weapon and pickaxe.
    Did you know BLACK PLASMA STUDOIS company,Your animate company must win the contest because your drawing and Realist minecraft details it really beautiful.WHY ARRE YOU HAVE SO LOW SUBCRIBER PLASMA STUDIOS IS HAVE MILIONS RARARARARARA BRRRRRRRR LOLLLLLLLLLL SNIAJA SRJRJCOC WHAT AM SAYING RIGHT NOW.

  • Jypixel Nime 3 weeks ago

    The fighting scene are awesome and it’s funny

  • 张三 3 weeks ago


  • Tom Steve 3 weeks ago

    What about that shadow herobrine from AV25?

  • Red Asi 3 weeks ago

    When would the 29th episode lunch

  • Hedgy Spiker 3 weeks ago

    Retardness Almost Engulfed the Hero.

  • Rainimator Ayongao 3 weeks ago

    Alex and steve vs herobrine or bullys

  • Jaquan Richards 3 weeks ago


  • iyvh luvs cookies 3 weeks ago

    iiii nnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeed more i have always loved this series <3

  • Hero Gamer011 3 weeks ago

    I cant wait for next!
    Your videos are the best on the world…

  • Eletric_ Raiden 3 weeks ago

    annoyng villagers ep 29

  • Luca Lebro 3 weeks ago

    make sure theplayer qhit the emerald chestplade will lisen to what steve sais

  • Lex Playz 3 weeks ago

    I can’t wait for part29

  • t Chilford 3 weeks ago

    Best bro best animation after ever

  • Grit Trovato 3 weeks ago

    Now we all wait for annoying villagers 29 trailer… and then annoying villagers 29…

  • R.U.D.E 3 weeks ago

    i noticed that the fight animation is using stickman style (Watch hyun’s dojo)

    Unrealistically quick movement
    Extreme item smearing (Sword swinging effect)
    Extremely fast pace

    Plus, he played around with cameras, something 2D animations cannot do.

  • Extreme Player Reborn!! 3 weeks ago

    Where did the first time grave and steve fought?

  • junyong park 3 weeks ago

    Grave got so raged and Steve turn to a savage

  • Soykot EX Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Hey How many times do you need to make a animation?

  • MASON killergrip 3 weeks ago

    i want more

  • Fadil Marjuni 3 weeks ago

    Mr Fudge Monkeys, you can create a movie animation? Please..😊😊

  • Fadil Marjuni 3 weeks ago

    Good animation..👍👍👍

  • David Castillo 3 weeks ago

    El Español q

  • Munkhbayasgalan Bazardari 3 weeks ago


  • Saad Malik 3 weeks ago

    why are they all so short?

  • Ian Shea 3 weeks ago

    im so excited

  • ROMULO LOPEZ 3 weeks ago


  • ARTURO chapa 3 weeks ago

    Mrfudgemonkey not to be rude but u should take of the silly faces

  • Olivia Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Oh no

  • tony the Tiger 3 weeks ago

    So cool

  • Ender_Defender9000 Pro 3 weeks ago

    Plzz make more the fight is not over yet ITS INFINITY

  • Dustin Slade 3 weeks ago

    I have a feeling that these episodes will go on until eps 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 nonillion episodes

  • Carrie Thomas 3 weeks ago


  • Hằng Thị 3 weeks ago

    hay lam good job

  • Jordan Howard 3 weeks ago

    I think the next episode steve and that guy maybe will team up and save the world/fight herobrine.

  • Ếch Mạnh 3 weeks ago

    Take video 29

  • Johnson Ding 3 weeks ago


  • GameTuberXDPlayz 3 weeks ago

    OmG aNnOyiNg vIllAgErS are getting so IntEnSE

  • Datch3y Playz 3 weeks ago

    This is my favorite one so far I’ve watched it like 10 times already I can’t wait for the next one

  • wienna rohadi 3 weeks ago

    It will be hard to make annoying villager
    And he is alone he need friend to help him to make video fast

  • MCPE MASTER Yanni 3 weeks ago

    The scene that Grave said SHUT UP AND FIGHT!! looks like anime

  • Jacquilene Boado 3 weeks ago

    faster making minecraft annoying villager please

  • TheWolfKid 21 3 weeks ago

    So basically
    Naruto vs Sasuke

  • Peter Keith Leung 3 weeks ago

    MrFudgeMonkeyz ,you’re really great on making fighting scenes,but can fighting scenes be slower? It’s really hard to see clearly what they are doing 🙇🏾‍♂️

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