• CELL Entertainment 8 months ago

    Well done mate, you really improve a lot

  • Master fidget Spinners 8 months ago

    I know this is fan make for something

  • Revan Akia 8 months ago

    tushar kd


  • YaBoiBonnieYT 8 months ago

    3:28 shows the original video by Alan Becker

  • TheDiamondGamer010 8 months ago

    This is awesome! You are inspired by alan, I am inspired by you man! THANK YOU SO JESUS MUCH FOR A GOOD IDEA! I just need to wait till my tablet charges and I will a ANIMATION VS MINECRAFT! I got dem skillz! (I KNOW HOW TO TYPE AND TO PROVE IT, THE SPELLING IS THEM SKILLS)

  • zechatron AKAsanta 8 months ago

    can I get a reply? 😀

    Btw I think your animations are super good and I appreciate your hard work 😛

  • swastik Mohanty 8 months ago

    that google guard though……..He had every google apps like Duo Allo play store yyoutubeEEEvvvEErrrrryyyyttthhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!!!!>……….

  • AnimaCurta BR 8 months ago

    THIS is very well made but, You need more creativity, it fells like the original

  • Bluelightning 191 8 months ago

    eyyyyyyyy Alan Becker’s vid on TV XD

  • Blitz Cinema 8 months ago

    This is cool! Like the quality!

  • Andika Putra 8 months ago

    NEED MORE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MagmaCanDoGames 8 months ago

    You’re copying alan becker but in a good way!

  • Aniket Jadhav 8 months ago

    great tushar!! black vs brown fighting is very great

  • M0TION 8 months ago


  • BestCypress 66 8 months ago

    Sweet dude

  • The Bossatron 8 months ago

    Dis Is Da Best, I Like And Subscribe :3 :0— 😀 :1

  • Aiyan Ahmad 8 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Aniket Jadhav 8 months ago

    hey tushar!! how much time u did spend on this animation

  • Aniket Jadhav 8 months ago

    ahh!! but u don’t had to killed black’s friend

  • iiObese 8 8 months ago

    Are you Alan Becker Friend

  • mmskelegun 21 8 months ago

    your friends with alan becker??

  • ni vet rasmus cool boy 8 months ago

    i Love your channel you are the best

  • novia aulia 8 months ago


  • MPC Chanel 8 months ago


  • aref zbaii 8 months ago


  • Animasyon Seslendirme 8 months ago

    Alan Becker ?

  • justin yt 8 months ago

    wow good

  • Илья Паршин 8 months ago

    1 st better

  • FireFighterProductions 8 months ago

    I love this dude there is so much creativity in this animation Good Work dude I can’t wait for more videos!

  • Elisha Peroz 8 months ago


  • Maggie Brigham 8 months ago

    6:06 Terraria!

  • Jhygz Lingad 8 months ago

    This is very cool! I also like Alan Beckers video about it

  • Rodeur Troll 8 months ago

    there is many reference

  • stickman kid 8 months ago

    hey can you help me make animation

  • Creeper Kevin 8 months ago

    sick guy wait was that hero beron

  • Emeht s'08 8 months ago

    how do you do like this???

  • Reyly Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Dude are you a imposter?

  • Diamond Epic 8 months ago

    Minecraft in 91 seconds…

  • Robert Comaduran 8 months ago

    u are awesome

  • MinecraftHedgehog6046 King 8 months ago

    Good Job on making this, there are a few problems but really who cares? good animating

  • ENRIQUE AGUIRRE 8 months ago

    you have the contact of alan baker

  • themasterpig 8 months ago


  • Robert Fountain 8 months ago

    too bad I animate with Macromedia flash 8.0

  • Robert Fountain 8 months ago

    sterobrine -_-

  • Aarif Anbari 8 months ago

    Look at all those Favorited comments

  • RobloxLegalEros1 8 months ago

    i dont like it

  • Génius 8 months ago

    Very nice

  • Kratt777 and Sten Uibo 8 months ago

    i could wanna make animator vs animation but i dont know how to do it even im 7 years old but still liked the video

  • Clara Fatima Cruz 8 months ago


  • Trilion YT 8 months ago

    1,5milj views in 2days

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