After Herobrine and his band of villains destroyed the Hypixel Main


  • Black Plasma Studios 6 months ago

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  • 류희관 6 months ago

    What the HYPIXEL attack???

  • AmunPlayz 6 months ago

    i think all the Owners Of the Servers Will Get Thougher to Kill Herobrine ”

  • Oscar Alejandro Urbina García 6 months ago

    Hola xd

  • Rocky Boss572 6 months ago

    But Alex hate Steve and Steve hate Alex

  • Esmirna Medico 6 months ago

    Make a part three

  • Side TSG 6 months ago

    Wow I just realised at the spawn it’s been attack and people died but at the mini games people didn’t even freak out they just stay there and herobrine didn’t conquer the whole place lol

    It’s funny people didn’t freak out they just go to the minigames and played lol

  • Ivan Kuipers 6 months ago

    4:18 are they gay becouse thats a cure couple

  • اللاعب الاسطوري legendary player 6 months ago

    مين عربي خلينا نشوف

  • Games Show TV Games 6 months ago

    Nice video 😮😮😮😮😮

  • Yengane Andries 6 months ago


  • alex vasiliou 6 months ago

    When the part 3 it will be post??

  • Ranked Cheaters 6 months ago

    Old lobby xd

  • LokyBro 6 months ago

    My Name is LokyBro

  • LokyBro 6 months ago

    Nice Animation

  • zohal Music 6 months ago

    How can this have almost 500 dislikes????!!!

  • Madi Huss 6 months ago

    U r the best guy in the whole world my wish cam trueeeeee yayaaaaa thanks dude u r the best i think u read all of my comments that why my wish came trueeee

  • Madi Huss 6 months ago

    Ofcourse I liked

  • Boss_bannana 6 months ago

    8:48 TO BE CONCLUDED fail xD

  • Rigon Bikliqi 6 months ago

    Next part pleas

  • John Sia 6 months ago

    5:02 – 5:05 xD

  • Visky István 6 months ago

    verry good!

  • Hamizan Mk 6 months ago

    So that means many players can’t play mincraft and the servers? That’s my worst nightmare… And also Steve and Alex too? Or they just fight them until hypixel is back? If Steve and Alex save hypixel… that’s good

  • Po Gi 6 months ago

    part 3 like if you want

  • James Howard 6 months ago

    My Brother skin is in it

  • Madi Huss 6 months ago

    Ahhhhh again I should wait for the part 3 why am I so unlucky ahhhh black plasma plzzzzzz part three omg black plasma is the world famous minecraft animator dude u r awsome

  • Demir oyunda 6 months ago

    İ love dis chanel

  • Dark Vimpire Minecraft 6 months ago


  • enes223 - The Roblox Gamer 6 months ago

    new season when will out?

  • Durpz Animations 6 months ago


  • Durpz Animations 6 months ago

    4:59 Steve have seen everything :0

  • WsCi ENES 6 months ago

    MOJANG add animation 3.part

  • WsCi ENES 6 months ago


  • EBbear bear 6 months ago

    I agree with esmirna plz make a part three this series thing is AMAZING

  • Jack Frost 6 months ago


  • Lol Gaming 6 months ago

    let me join Hypixel please why i cant join Hypixel 🙁 help to join please ):

  • 青いヨッシー 6 months ago


  • AwesomeGuy53 6 months ago

    Supid black pasma the part 3

  • MirzanDo 6 months ago

    3:03 anyone see this?

  • Владыка Black Fire 6 months ago

    а как называется скин того с крыльями и головой скелета иссушителя????

  • red men gaming 6 months ago


  • GirlGamer - Minecraft, Mcpe, & More! 6 months ago

    fuck that herobrine

  • Mohd Hamdi 6 months ago

    i like this videos

  • arsolon_studioYT 6 months ago

    Thats soo sooo very coool animate wow

  • leon kozlowski 6 months ago

    FINNALY IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alfred gamer 6 months ago

    sub me

  • The Flareon Ryan 6 months ago

    omg omg OMG I CANT WAIT FOR PART3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhanTOm RANA 6 months ago


  • Blejd! 6 months ago

    herobrine suck/. herobrine ssie xD

  • Magma Killer3000 6 months ago

    What The Heck Part 3!

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