• Jessica Howard 5 months ago

    Some one was upset because no one would play with her so I talked to her and kinda help her

  • Susan Hayward-Langmaid 5 months ago

    I’m going to chessington today!I’ve helped my BFF

  • Eli Karlsson 5 months ago


  • Bordercolliesrule 7 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that finds jinx funny?

  • wenqian wang 5 months ago

    make a ckooking show on my chanle

  • Lola fitall 5 months ago


  • Lisa Erwin 5 months ago

    I now have a real wild PET wolf at my house

  • Whyhannah X 5 months ago

    In another episode u should do “jinxs therepy class ” xx

  • Heather EPright 5 months ago

    Amy lee can my daughter play Minecraft with you she is a big fan

  • smiley vlogs sings 5 months ago

    They made me leave my class in school because it was too many students now I’m not with any of my friends☹😢😢☹😢☹😢

  • Robbie Band 5 months ago

    Amylee please post more like this if you agree

  • candysqaisheytow Xoxo 5 months ago

    Happy and i sent a picture to my not really friend now shes my friend

  • Nolan Russell 5 months ago

    can you block and dog mode if no viris

  • Nolan Russell 5 months ago

    I mean the relist dog mode

  • epic snowflake star 5 months ago

    Jinx hahaha trying to be funny lol

  • Aaron Cornell 5 months ago


  • Aaron Cornell 5 months ago


  • Abigail Leonard 5 months ago

    him doin good I love ur vidos

  • Abigail Leonard 5 months ago

    I’m doing really good how about u any

  • Angel Fariry 5 months ago

    Potatos are yummy

    *(Why did i say that haha )*

  • Snuggly 9 5 months ago

    Me am feeling happy

  • harvey riddleston 5 months ago

    I am like jinx everyday but im not saaaaassyyyyy!

  • Aqueela Mogaji 5 months ago

    Amy: what wrong with you
    Jinx: …………………… pancake😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aqueela Mogaji 5 months ago

    ^ ^
    (• . •)
    / >🍕 yummy jinx: ew pizza give me pancakes bob: bye

  • Mollzie Moll 5 months ago

    i helped a Charity

  • Chelsea Ballenger 5 months ago

    I love jinx

  • kittylovers amazing 5 months ago

    Amy, if you put down your backpack and open it you can click on the bed and then it will well put down a bed so you can sleep wherever you are

  • Frisk The human 5 months ago


    Bananas are yellow

  • Rob willison 5 months ago

    Ginks your mean 🙅🙅🙅🙅😾😾😾

  • Jacquelyn Ballard 5 months ago

    Me: yep.

  • Taylor Hammock 5 months ago

    AMY!!!!! GET A FUGHING HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana Baucom 5 months ago

    you shod make jinx her own room with tings that she likes

  • Dana Baucom 5 months ago

    i love jinx she is so sassy and funny #:-(#;-p

  • Dana Baucom 5 months ago

    # love /i love you amy lee /max ;-p

  • Dana Baucom 5 months ago

    can i have jinx plas i like things that jinx likes

  • Crafty Penny 5 months ago

    JINX IS SASSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I smell like fruit

  • Ramondo Blue 5 months ago

    Amy that ice stuff makes armor and the metor rock

  • Wayne Leyden 5 months ago

    Jix What Is your fair food

  • alexalex0000001 5 months ago

    Amy, can you please get two snow golims out of that pretty and shiny snow please!!!

  • mangle plush 3.0 5 months ago

    I saw a dog that looks a lot like max

  • alexalex0000001 5 months ago

    Amy when you get eggs try to go in your bedroom and throw the egg on your bed to check if you have a chickaty or chicken in it. PLEASE TRY IT!

  • EeveeLee 33 5 months ago

    Loves it Amy and Max! ……. And Jinx miss sassy ! Love u cuties 💞💕💟💜💛💚💙

  • Sophie Limmer 5 months ago

    Jinx is hilarious loves it😍😍

  • Gianna Molina 5 months ago

    I am doing my home work at 12:45

  • Jennifer Swift 5 months ago

    I am on school holidays

  • Mia Harvey 5 months ago

    I let my sister play on my mincraft

  • Daisy Kettle 5 months ago

    Amy you inspired me to play minecraft on the Playstation and call my world
    DAISY’S LAND OF LOVE!!😍😘😍😘👍👍💕💝😝😜

  • Steve Bates 5 months ago

    I love your videos and finds is so so mean

  • Anna Leaman 5 months ago


  • Galaxy Gamer 5 months ago


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