• Sam Priem 8 months ago

    fishing challenge

  • Imabitspeddy 8 months ago

    i cant wait

  • PowerUploadGaming MajorGamingGirl 8 months ago

    I want you to fine something RARE!

  • bobthebuilder211 8 months ago

    Amy can you do mermaid Mermaid 2 or fishy Fridays

  • Melanie Rivera 8 months ago

    Amy will you finish STAR QUEST ⭐✨💖

  • creepercraft 123456 8 months ago


  • Chris Steinhardt 8 months ago

    Make the dog armor

  • Chris Steinhardt 8 months ago

    can you make episode 2 please

  • Zanana Zella 8 months ago

    Yay Max I love Max so much! Amy can you please give him a hug for me please? I just wanna cuddle him!! Love u Amy and Max!

  • Dominic Palazzolo 8 months ago

    You should do a challenge where you you have to get every pet

  • Salomon Gamez 8 months ago

    amy I love u so much and my weather where I live is technically pretty bad there’s a dust storm going on. love you so much Amy Lee you rock keep on making videos you inspire me everyday!

  • Salomon Gamez 8 months ago

    and your puppy is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Dohar Linda 8 months ago

    amy your a goosbarry❤💛💚💙💜

  • Dohar Linda 8 months ago

    amy your a goosbarry❤💛

  • Dohar Linda 8 months ago

    amy your a goosbarry

  • Dohar Linda 8 months ago

    amy your cute like a pupy

  • barbara zekas 8 months ago

    You made my day

  • CJ crazytrain 8 months ago

    Your challenge is to build a gigantic room for a nether portal and make the room nether style or yocu could switch it up and make the room decorated not like what is inside the portal……

  • John Roberts 8 months ago

    Amy you make me laugh so hard

  • Jessi Roland 8 months ago

    Are u going to do any more series with Stacy, or any other people?

  • Annie Wade 8 months ago

    When she said how u doin I thought FREINDS any one else??

  • Annie Wade 8 months ago

    AMY THE POPPIES THE CUTE BLOCK EATS POPPIES! Plz like so she can cent the squishy

  • Skylar Idell 8 months ago

    Amy you are the best person ever!!

  • Drew Steenhausen 8 months ago

    amy can do five nights at freddys o and i went to the beach i went under water a went swimming i went with my dad my little brother and my uncul it was so cun

  • Drew Steenhausen 8 months ago

    i mean fun not cun

  • Night Pony 8 months ago

    Amy why not put a puppy cam like a face cam but for your pup

  • jackie bern 8 months ago

    where has star quest gone

  • kittybomb_ xox 8 months ago

    Amy Lee you are so funny! Also, here is a challenge! Collect 10 Diamonds in one episode!

  • Little Juliette 8 months ago

    Amy, make inventory pets!!! It’s very useful😘 love u AMY💕

  • Kevlyn Hood 8 months ago

    Amy I love your videos! You are wonderful and amazing. I love you ❤

  • Tom Kelly 8 months ago

    its raining in new york

  • Kiera Duncan 8 months ago

    if u didint no doggs eat rotten fresh

  • Christy Callaway 8 months ago

    Hi Amy Lee I named this after you meat Amy lee

  • dark angel wolf 8 months ago

    Didn’t max just fall off the stairs at the end of the video

  • Marki-Lover Baka Onii-Chan Sama 8 months ago

    Amy!you should totaly build a BIG dog house that you and Max can live in and have a safe haven around the dog house,like big wollen dogs everywhere so max can meet even more freinds!:3

  • Hanna Jeong 8 months ago


  • Queenie Bird 8 months ago

    My dog is called Max, he looks just like her dog, but he is brown and black,
    I am watching this video because it is rainy outside, the type of weather to sit back, relax and watch youtube

  • hollie Bond-Haselden 8 months ago

    Ahhhhhh so cute

  • Lewis Williams 8 months ago

    Amy congrats on finding the mineshaft you are the BEST youtuber EVER and *it’s blocks galore* is hilarious and by the way call you’re world special lovely jubely world

  • Emily Eudall 8 months ago

    Omg i have a dog named Max and he looks like him the only difference is that my dog is bigger

  • Juliet Grobelska 8 months ago

    how do you get that mode for minecraft

  • Juliet Grobelska 8 months ago

    but on xbox

  • Tanya Cloughley 8 months ago

    can you get every flower in the mod

  • the challengers 8 months ago

    Amy your first challenge is to make a house

  • Molla Quack 8 months ago

    me + this series = loves it!♥❤

  • fiona firbank 8 months ago

    its cold and max is adoraple!

  • Rainbow_Kitty [YT] 8 months ago

    Love it ❤️

  • Mäddi Cöürtmän 8 months ago

    To tame the ‘squishy’ you need to have Popies

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