• Webbwulf 2 weeks ago

    Don’t give up on conan exiles beef

  • Tristan R 2 weeks ago

    Did you plan for this to be the 33rd episode, with a run time of 33:33 Beef?

  • SILSKY 2 weeks ago

    Yes! That shop! LOL! Through half the video I’m yelling at my screen “Go to the cave shop in the underground!” 🙂 Glad you found it.

  • Fuya Hanabi 2 weeks ago

    You know what’s cool and unique about this server? constant ABBA caving events since Beef invented it, and people selling vehicles becoming an actual thing. I swear I’ve never seen any other server with this feature being popular.

  • 1977music43 2 weeks ago

    I could be wrong – but I think your mushroom might have the grey wool visible from the top too?

  • Mischeif44 2 weeks ago

    No wreck feast for breakfast

  • LaRaughn Duronslet 2 weeks ago

    Episode 33 and its 33:33 minutes long

  • itsboner 2 weeks ago

    Yay new BeefyCraft!!!

  • NOT MY EYEBALL GAMES 2 weeks ago

    Maybe you are a actual robot.

  • Brandon Hinthorne 2 weeks ago

    Will you be playing The Forest again

  • Geric Paul 2 weeks ago

    Hire some people! So they can gather and deliver cars

  • 21 savage 2 weeks ago

    Beef, you should make a glowstone mine on your island

  • Cyberra 01 2 weeks ago

    I like watching episodes where you’re building stuff. I keep watching that Mindcrack episode of you building the squid tank at Etho’s over and over… It’s one of my favorites.

    The builds in spawn inspired me to find designs for hot air balloons and build some in one of my creative worlds.

    I wish I could join but my computer is too old and slow to even run the demo world on peaceful. I tried.

    Dragon’s breath is the ender acid spit by the ender dragon collected in a glass bottle. It’s used to make lingering potions (potions that are thrown on the ground and create an AoE type thing that effects whoever/whatever runs through it).

  • Shea Suess 2 weeks ago

    Beef, you need to Step it Up 2, The Streets!!!

  • Ipse Senex 2 weeks ago

    Looks like a row of white wall tyres on the bridge

  • John Rex 2 weeks ago

    Ples more conan

  • trillibytes 2 weeks ago

    OH no…. RIP Stan.

  • T-rath 2 weeks ago

    Hey Beef,
    You should try to make the path from the red house to the yellow and blue house go thro the mountain or clear out the area you want and let the area you don’t clear out hang over the path.
    But it is up to you your path I am just giving you an idea for it.

  • Adamalonso-_- 2 weeks ago

    It’s episode 33 and it is 33 Minutes

  • Kordian Polczynski 2 weeks ago

    i love reading the chat in the game

  • zbetterchedder 2 weeks ago

    By the way beef I was not trying to be sneaky I was just watching you build from a distance am I flew over you and I almost crashed into the bridge lol

  • Kordian Polczynski 2 weeks ago

    wait 2 diamond blocks is 18 diamonds for a PLANE and you CARS cost wwaaaaaaay more

  • Jason R 2 weeks ago

    From the one side the new mushroom looks like its stock is creating the bridge railing

  • lrd12345 2 weeks ago

    I dont believe that sign at all. Stan was a victim of oppression.

  • ahugs88 2 weeks ago

    The bridge looks like a bunch of faces and I can’t unsee it

  • StenStone 2 weeks ago

    Yes thumbsup for me, and the logo above my store is pretty awesome, gotta thank the great Flouzemaker for that.

  • Ceder 2 weeks ago

    RIP Stan

  • Padfoot 2 weeks ago

    build a grave for stan

  • Drella 2 weeks ago

    For the bridges, they arent to scale with the rest of the island and they are hella busy. As it was straight on that one it was fine. You overdid it. because the island itself is super busy with all the varying blocks and slopes and hills. even the rock formation is busy so having more busy things just gets ridiculous. My 2 cents. The bottom of the straight bridge was already giving it a balanced character, you made it imbalanced when you redid the top

  • Drella 2 weeks ago

    I do love it when you go around the server. it really makes it feel like a community rather than spending all the time on your island or store. Do more visiting. Tour Guide us through the serve. Have places on your visit list for us to see. Kinda like your Modded server show but less of a singular focus. you could visit new builds or older ones we haven’t seen. please

  • moonsong 2 weeks ago

    “The spam is real” got me XD

  • XD beefs middle island bridge loocks like a bunch of shoop da whoop faces XD

  • Timmeh7o7 2 weeks ago

    You know you’ve been able to charge 64 diamonds or such for your vehicles because you’re famous, right? People want to be on camera and noticed by a YouTuber so they’d probably pay triple what you charge anyway.

  • SangheiliWarrior 2 weeks ago

    I would pay 30 diamonds for those planes! Im exited to play on the server when summer comes!

  • Laura Wu 2 weeks ago

    I laughed too hard when beef crashed into the midair sign while looking for that shop. Totally saw a bird crashing into window imagery.

  • Toro 17 2 weeks ago

    10/5/18 R.I.P Stan

    best villager car salesman of the year of 2018 we will forever miss you in the 15 to 20 minutes of the episodes you were in.

  • Gabi X 2 weeks ago

    So, Beef sells his cars and motorcycles 32D, 64D etc. But 2 Diamond blocks are too expensive for a plane. Interesting.
    Btw, Good content and nice episode. The island is looking pretty good. 🙂

  • OmniShade~ 2 weeks ago

    I’m mad that you noticed i switched the end rods on the elytra so quickly lol

  • Justin Lindgren 2 weeks ago

    End rods on/in that mushroom would be great for lighting and would match!

  • kayker191 2 weeks ago

    Bro… Stop showing shops right at the moose. whatchyu got against the moose?!

  • Taco Salesman 2 weeks ago

    R.I.P Stan you will be remembered forever in our hearts. You had a great life ahead of you and would have worked your way up to manager at VB motors I’m sure of it.

  • Jeff Myra 2 weeks ago

    Did no one else hear a villager make a noise right when Beef looked at the VB Elytra and a second time when he went to the right side of it?

  • CatzHoek 2 weeks ago

    * Charges ~100 diamonds for a car
    * thinks 18 diamonds is to much for a plane

    oh beef ^^

    but seriously, thats dirt cheap … one should order a hundred in random plqces just to prank that poor buisness owner (and teach them a lesson)

  • Azzman 2 weeks ago

    Kevin07 was the Australian Prime Minister in 2007

  • Darth Nerdist 2 weeks ago

    Planes are probably cheap because the materials are easy to get, and The VintageBeef isn’t the designer of them.
    Since you, are you, people want your cars. If you didn’t charge a lot, you’d have way to many orders to ever fill.
    Personally I always thought you should charge diamond blocks for your cars Beef.

    Also, you could’ve given them two diamond blocks.
    You’re basically the 1% in this 😛

  • Bob Dillion 2 weeks ago

    Ep 33 that is 33 mins and 33 seconds #OCDlife

  • delco2035 2 weeks ago


  • Stoney _ 2 weeks ago

    👍for Stan

  • twistedfateforme 2 weeks ago

    Rip Stan

  • Cassidy Dingman 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Stan. The montage was great😂

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