• Ember 129 2 weeks ago

    Quartz path!

  • Avaneesh Samsi 2 weeks ago

    Her path is way better. You shud use paths depending on the colour of houses in the surrounding. Use coloured glass and use coloured concrete powder instead of grass.

  • Cynthia Schwab 2 weeks ago

    Keep the NHO really nice builds.

  • Mr_inkredible 2 weeks ago

    Your path sucks

  • Lydia Katee 2 weeks ago

    I feel like quarts is too clean to be scattered in a path… If it was meant to be clean make it a set out path. If it’s meant to be scattered use the other one or maybe a block that’s not so bright? Concrete? Wool?

    Edit: I don’t think I like the cobble in her path though. To me it looks a bit harsh compared to the other blocks

  • Fnassau 2 weeks ago

    Another great skin made by Red! looks really good 🙂

  • Kron Master 2 weeks ago

    Try replacing path blocks with white concrete powder perhaps,might be a better combination with the quartz

  • marc sagana 2 weeks ago

    I like the natural look of the other path It fits the theme of the island. I think that the quartz path look a bit out of place because of its color

  • White flowers, beef

  • Irbiyanto Hernawan 2 weeks ago

    Bagus sekali

  • WickedOmenOfThunder 2 weeks ago

    I think the wood looks better, but to blend it in with the bridges you could slowly transistion using more birch and maybe even (and please dont hate me for using the forbidden block) Diorite near the bridges in combination with a few quartz blocks/slabs. you could also “dent in ” the road by using a lower slab in the road.

  • Aaron McBride 2 weeks ago

    Dear Beef, that hole under your land bridge looks like a clown knife fish. don’t believe me? look it up!

  • jerome brazeal 2 weeks ago

    I like the wood path

  • Slim Lancaster 2 weeks ago

    could barely see the stone half slabs on the roof of that car.. blends in way to much with all the stone in the garage..

  • Inez Odesjö 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I feel like her path fits in more. The quartz just looks out of place for me

  • JRBDBC 2 weeks ago

    so is that king koopa’s or Bowser’s ship?

  • flippyboo 2 weeks ago

    come play with the nHo again please beef <3

  • alous Joe Potter 2 weeks ago

    So with the paths I think you should use yours as a main pathway then use the other design for small off shoot pathways? or the other way round depending on what everyone else says?

  • Jadyn Buker 2 weeks ago

    I think the wooden path fits with your island theme rather than the quartz path. Great video Beef keep up the great work!!

  • Big Scarz 2 weeks ago

    Should of done Bowser’s ship

  • Daniel Milosovic 2 weeks ago

    Words path

  • Daniel Milosovic 2 weeks ago

    Wood path

  • jpeg2525 2 weeks ago

    The path with the wood, sorry Beef, yours just looks out of place!

  • TacinasACM 2 weeks ago

    sry beef, i like huldras better. i dont think the quartz works in the green path

  • Hennessey ho zhen hao 2 weeks ago

    315 nether quartz, do i get a game now?

  • JessNieNoPlung 2 weeks ago

    the wood path fits more to the style. It’s more “Whimsical.” 🙂

  • Forgottenotaku 2 weeks ago

    I like the path with the wood, the quartz path is too in your face. The wood path however is Subtle and looks natural

  • troy fisher 2 weeks ago

    BEEF change your skin back to the old one!!!!!!

  • matthew shirley 2 weeks ago

    The more rustic path seems to fit the feel of the island a bit more

  • Druman19 2 weeks ago

    I die every time I hear someone call the ground “floor”.

  • Kassidy Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Beef I love the painting now there is 2 beefs lol and I love you beefy.

  • Dorito Bandito 2 weeks ago

    That paint classic

    Paint beef like one of the French girls and he has 😂

  • Adrian3ngblom 2 weeks ago

    Mix diorite in with the quartz to give it some more variation maybe?

  • Colum White 2 weeks ago

    Employ the person who built the original path to do it!

  • WraShadow 2 weeks ago

    If you’re using Quartz on the path, you should probably add Birch wood, even though you dont want to and you dont really like Birch – not sure if you feel the same about the planks.

  • Owl Boi 2 weeks ago

    what is the seed for the server?, i want to make a singleplayer world with it

  • kjemradio 2 weeks ago

    Still hoping you make a Genny B RV.

  • Croozraider1 2 weeks ago

    R.I.P. Skippy the Blob

  • KAMCHATA Vodka 2 weeks ago

    The ship is amazing man wow good job whoever did that!

  • CARL CLARKE 2 weeks ago

    Qwartz block path looks really shit

  • BaileyGTV 2 weeks ago

    Reliable cars still need oil changes, silly 😛

  • Ion Meth 2 weeks ago

    the best thing about this series is that comments actually reach him cause ppl can just smack signs in his face

  • pieter sutherland 2 weeks ago

    beefs path

  • Isaac Mtz A. 2 weeks ago

    Wood looks better

  • Daniel Simon 2 weeks ago

    that red house reminds me of your barn from foolcraft 2

  • LynVoyager59 2 weeks ago

    So glad to see Edd on the video. He has created a great series called Base Race if anyone wants to participate, it’s great fun.

  • Pistachioxen 2 weeks ago

    its like beef is buying something off the black market

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