Today we begin our adventure into modded Minecraft Troll Pack!


  • Hutchison Bray 1 month ago


  • Anakin Wagner 1 month ago


  • funny pencil 1 month ago

    Couldn’t he have just transformed into a jengu

  • Clint Hanna 1 month ago

    Plz do this daily

  • Neeke Brits 1 month ago

    Jerome if you see this give a shout out to neeke and a love your vids

  • fatima heal 1 month ago


  • Quinten Islam 1 month ago

    future blocks for your house Andi LOVE THIS GAME

  • Raven Riot 1 month ago


  • Eric Lee 1 month ago

    When Jerome, like a complete flippin idiot, doesn’t pay attention to when his inventory is full, while mining something…………………………………………

  • Jackson Agius 1 month ago


  • Eric Lee 1 month ago

    When Jerome doesn’t put down the Transmutation Table to clear his inventory, after he makes one………………………………………….

  • Dippy Savage Gaming 1 month ago


  • GrayIsRad 1 month ago

    Hit 5000 like and he might play again

  • Mason Fowler 1 month ago

    Oooooo buddy

  • Blackwolf07YT 1 month ago

    That was the best troll ever but if you get a rabbit. Hide it. And name it Cookie 🍪

  • HicalebiH * 1 month ago

    Another one

    When’s season 4?

  • Blackwolf07YT 1 month ago

    Bring more Youtubers

  • King T 1 month ago

    This stuff gets old when there aren’t many people participating

  • That Osu Noob, Formerly The Inspiring Rice 1 month ago

    Chance cube at 5:06


  • The Definable Gem 1 month ago

    Use the crystal ball in your inventory by right clicking it to have it make a house for you.

  • happy x 1 month ago

    Bodil add

  • NTNKen 13th 1 month ago

    Jerome ASF your crazy you now that Jerome you have to many series and episode to make !!.. keep up the great work jeerome

  • Ruben Buk 1 month ago

    rip theirs taint

  • Noobuh 1 month ago


  • Gerald Mathis 1 month ago


  • BuritosViewMincraft 1 month ago

    i see u in the dark jeromemmmm i see u=your dark and cold soulll fiund that your self instead of making me i will see u later once again for i know who u are deep down you are not a peskatiran but a cow eater
    lol bye jerome

  • Joshua Pridy 1 month ago

    Bring tewity back

  • Linx 0589 1 month ago

    i want tewtie back 🙁

  • TheGamingTree 1 month ago


  • Clark Dela Vega 1 month ago

    He just missed redstone look above at 20:40

  • ShinyPlayz 1 month ago

    Ok guys I get he cuts out early with it but don’t dis it its trollpack it’s the best go back to season 1 of this then come to here why wouldn’t you like it

  • andrew horrocks 1 month ago

    I grew up on Nickelback

  • andrew horrocks 1 month ago

    When he miss the Redstone everybody in chat was so triggered XD

  • Tyler Todd 1 month ago


  • Buzz Clay 1 month ago

    There were redstone Above you

  • Wang Qi 1 month ago

    Guys there is no need to comments since he never read it

  • ahlam mishow 1 month ago

    Jerome u know u can make a pet? Plz do it to open trust me

  • Nitro Playz 1 month ago

    Is anyone else gonna join

  • Just Like To Comment 1 month ago

    Jerome Totally Escaped Bens Ban Threat By Changing Subject xD

  • Luke Whaley 1 month ago

    Jerome should of made a base out of that massive tree

  • MysticGamer OnlinePlayer 1 month ago

    Jerome in a Nutshell: LET’S BLOW UP SPAWN!!!!

  • Waffle Warrior 1 month ago

    someone should stream tip 1 quadrillion bucks one day just to see jerome’s reaction, but make it zimbabwean so it is really worth like 5 bucks

  • John Gaines 1 month ago

    20:43 redstone

  • John Gaines 1 month ago

    He wasted a diamond

  • ZR 12 1 month ago


  • Kayden Rees 1 month ago

    bring tewity back plz jerome

  • x caliber 1 month ago

    Do loot bags have emc value?

  • Piggy Gaming 1 month ago

    Jerome I got good idea for merch fan art merch 1 shirt with 1 good fan art for 1 week only and when its last day make a new theme I would buy it (if I cloud)

  • TheWolfKid 21 1 month ago

    20:45 Anyone else had a major face palm when there was red stone at the TOP left corner

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