How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Zezo 123 6 months ago

    do a castle with big towers and make the lagoon a fort that’s surrounded by walls

  • Conall Mandal 6 months ago

    Lachlan likes the l’s

  • Chikko 2 6 months ago

    Vik make Ur skin pixelart and live in iy

  • Build the Star Labs as a house or project

  • tacapa1111 6 months ago


  • Original Bart 6 months ago

    Subscribe me ….i make MC toooo

  • OMGiTsPac YouTube 6 months ago


  • Edward Speller 6 months ago

    Build a mini white house as your house instead of the same old tower

  • Captain Flash 6 months ago

    Captain Zuko is from Avatar the last airbender m8

  • qamaralee Jeffry 6 months ago

    Vikk this time…plz no vik towers its a pain for me to watch u build😂😂

  • Simone Fasen 6 months ago

    h4m was the best season ever

  • TheChrazer 6 months ago

    I love your content vikk, but you guys need to understand that rushing out another season of h2m is always bad when the servers don’t work properly. I seriously can’t watch this anymore without getting angry, as a functioning server was promised to us every time after the last few seasons. This hurts your reputation and the series. Its better to have it delayed for a day than put out unwatchable Minecraft content

  • WANA MESS with me bro 6 months ago


  • Iliyas Yasir 6 months ago

    The intro in the beginning was such cancer lol

  • Marko Rajic 6 months ago

    How cool would it be if you had a custom enchant that lets you use normal pvp not 1.8

  • Questionable Mind 6 months ago

    under water base or sky base

  • Honey RH 6 months ago


  • nik smith 6 months ago

    you could so like a batcave type house under a waterfall in a mountain then maybe have vikk towers on top of the mountain leading to the underground section 😀

  • Piero Freestone 6 months ago

    Build something new and different every series others have insane builds make one yourself

  • LiamPlayzmc and More! 6 months ago

    don’t make your house out of stairs this time

  • Jan Harold Costales 6 months ago


  • Lewis H 6 months ago

    Create a massive Fortnite house of some sort and maybe a person to

  • Lewis H 6 months ago

    Who thinks Ali should join

  • ImLuke 6 months ago

    idk about you guys but my favorite seansons were s2 and s3,if you guys could make s6 something like that i think it would get way more support,but love this anyway

  • GamingBrosEmpire 6 months ago

    imma fail my exams cuz of this

  • smain oulmi 6 months ago


  • mlgplebslayer 2610 6 months ago

    Best series ever

  • Charlie Hill 6 months ago

    I would usually defend vikk and the htm team, but this season just looks awful. They said they were taking a month or so off to make the server good, rather than restarting straight away, but it’s just the same old server issues and i’m sure it’ll stay this way too

  • Alia Eltarshouby 6 months ago

    Island house pls

  • ImLuke 6 months ago

    omg ethan yes plssssss

  • Joe Shorty 6 months ago

    Either a country mansion
    Or a defensive castle with loads of traps

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjansen 6 months ago

    Build a boat house

  • JR 88 6 months ago

    Build a modern mansion sort of thing.

  • khourti khourti 6 months ago

    Does anyone have a problem that doesn’t let you watch the video

  • SUNxSET 6 months ago

    the trailer was amazing!!

  • Melis Derveni 6 months ago

    The ship is from last season with that overpowered season with the secret room

  • Chell Chell 6 months ago

    my favourte series is back

  • Monkey Man 6 months ago

    Whoever created the spawn and the whole entire world are a fucking lad and they know how to build

  • kirito uzumaki 6 months ago

    tower pls

  • Iliyas Yasir 6 months ago

    Build a penis house LIKE IF AGREE

  • kip Tube 6 months ago

    Everyone hates 1.12 everyone likes 1.8 1.8 is skill 1.12 is gear

  • Rashid Buraba 6 months ago

    Build a castle and logo

  • Michelle Hart 6 months ago


  • Archer Drake 6 months ago

    Make a bunch of vick towers

  • Ferruccio04pavolini 6 months ago

    Build a house behind the waterfall

  • Abood Ghoul 6 months ago

    who is hyped for s5

  • Thomas 6 months ago


  • charlie ion 6 months ago

    do Vick towers 2.0 from how to minecraft s1

  • edward ezra 6 months ago

    Finally its out

  • R3DSPL4SH 6 months ago

    I’m calling episode 14 Lachlan will quit H5M

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