It’s time I did a Skyblock series. I’m playing on the Minesaga server


  • Pyrocrastinator 4 weeks ago

    with that crate at the end, the one you thought you got nothing from, like you said; you gained experience. you went from level 10 to 57.

  • dark dragon 4 weeks ago

    You should do something crazy and use a water bucket to go to the very bottom and make the ground yourself from scratch if this series is long term

  • Maybe invite some friends over to play with you for an episode or 2-3?

  • Rainbowliz11 4 weeks ago

    Glad you’re still doing well on skyblock! Those keys that you said someone gave to you are more crate keys, and I’m not sure if someone gave them to you, because I got some just by being and playing on the server.

  • SangheiliWarrior 4 weeks ago

    I was playing on this server and was having fun until I found out you mobs dont spawn and you have to buy them. I want a server that will have things be legit and not be pay to win and the amount it costs to buy spawner is ridiculous if you don’t spend real life money on it

  • CrazyCrafter plays 4 weeks ago

    Some one was at yo I land at 7:52

  • TheIronToeNail 4 weeks ago

    Please play ark survival please

  • TheIronToeNail 4 weeks ago

    WTF WAS THAT AT 7:50

  • Ilona L. 4 weeks ago

    Unless they changed things server side, water is the 5th block. 4 blocks of dirt to all sides will be irrigated.

  • Backyardfilms2 4 weeks ago

    beefers just add an island dark box to grow mushrooms and have like 20 to start spread out

  • BaileyGTV 4 weeks ago

    14:46 that’s me in chat! also, if you type /vote in chat (what I was doing), you can vote for the server, on three different sites, by entering your MC username, to help get more people to find the server, and you get in game currency as well! it’s great!

  • Benjamin 4 weeks ago

    Beef. In skyblock with a shop you need to mass produce a farm item through automation. I’d recommend melons as you get a lot of melons when you break them. Also an auto melon farm is quite easy to make.

  • Gary Wilson 4 weeks ago

    Beef being haunted lol. Something is watching you…. Get a chicken and make pumpkin pie. Maybe a way to use ur pumpkins.

  • 0Blanky0 4 weeks ago

    Beef you can’t die in the void and i suggest each eps you should visit someone island

  • Sam ___ 4 weeks ago

    this is a really fun series to watch. im almost tempted to play it myself

  • Gouki Shin 4 weeks ago

    Yeah you do not need a lot of hoppers, have a piston to push, or cheap is puttin a block above the middle of four cactie, so you can have the growin ones fall on a stream of water, which should flow to the hopper, Dmac and Bdubs did something like that, so you can just afk it. Great idea to build seperate farms, look forward to the next episode, and i wanna play sky block on there, the economy seems well balanced to sell and buy items

  • Jonny Cruz 4 weeks ago


  • Felipe Aravena 4 weeks ago

    use /sell hand to sell the items in ur hand

  • the great killjoy 1 4 weeks ago

    You could use the fence post trick although I’m not sure if it still works

  • Albino Turtle 4 weeks ago

    You should try out the extremecraft server instead, they have Skyblock and a whole lot more

  • Nutrons 4 weeks ago

    idk how much has been said before but here is a megathread of what you need to do.
    dont worry about farming anything else except cactus, its the fastest and easiest to grow + it sells for the most.
    build an automated cactus farm (not one with piston although that was a wicked build) use fences or just look up a tutorial.
    drop party keys are when there are 150 votes on the server from player, advanced keys are when admins go on and give a key to everyone.
    there is a hopper limit of 100 per island by default so use them only when needed, water streams do the job great.
    if Youtube rank has /fly, utilise that. its so helpful.
    dont worry about purchasing any spawners until IG (Iron Golem) they’re for the most part too much effort to automate.
    i’m sure i’ve missed some stuff but this should be enough information to tide you over to the next upload

  • Waffle Sheep 4 weeks ago

    beef you can place 4 blocks next to the water block and they will all be hydrated

  • Gracie Newman 4 weeks ago

    Make a bridge from your main island to your farm island. If anyone can make the island aesthetically pleasing, it’s you beef. 🙂

  • Kundel Bury 4 weeks ago

    I was wondering if I would be in the video AND I WAS! I laughed when you tried to pronounce my name (it’s Egzequdaz not eezazaza XD) if you want to see a nice cobble generator come to my island 😉

  • cannaJan 4 weeks ago

    Does anyone else actually play skyblock or does everyone else vote for awesome rewards! This sort of server skyblock is a whole new game, more like cookie clicker than minecraft imo

  • 564Monster 4 weeks ago

    I need help, I tried to play on this server but when i got on there I would not take damage or run out of hunger. And that ruins it for me. Can someone help me fix this issue?

  • Daniel Thomson 4 weeks ago

    Someone is watching you Beef. Be very careful, if anyone comes on like that and leaves immediately, be prepared for the next one.

  • STAIND1999 4 weeks ago

    does anyone know the command for chat I tried yesterday and could not find the command anywhere thanks

  • Boav Yittan 4 weeks ago

    Hey Beef! You got experience levels from the drop crate! 😀 keep up the good work

  • David Harding 4 weeks ago

    “MineSaga: Where the sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning” courtesy of one VintageBeef

  • David Chatwin 4 weeks ago

    you got xp

  • The season with the checkerboard cactus farm was season 2 in the castle 🙂

  • David Harding 4 weeks ago

    Segregation is the word you wanted @ 9:22 …sorry…had to.

  • David Harding 4 weeks ago

    Beef, I’d love to see this series as your only Minecraft. Honestly, this and Kingdom Come are the only ongoing series you have that I thoroughly enjoy

  • Simon Murray 4 weeks ago

    What about instead of islands make concentric rings around the main island?

  • Aira Plays Games 4 weeks ago

    FYI, Beef, when you pronounce wheat as “hweet” (possibly something you picked up from Iskall the Swede?), you should be aware that in Swedish, the word “skit”, which is pronounced exactly the same way, means something like “crap” or could be translated as a ruder word. Something to be aware of on your family-friendly channel! Anyway, glad to see a new episode of this. No worries if you’re not doing things the most efficient or fastest way. I’m a fan of figuring things out on your own and taking your time. Do it your way and have fun. 🙂

  • Jacob Code 4 weeks ago


  • Binidj 4 weeks ago

    Beef, there is a very simple no-redstone automated cactus farm you can make with cobble, water streams and a hopper … very simple to make but difficult to describe. Google should show you how it’s done.

  • kenneth mark 4 weeks ago

    Hey Beef maybe instead of building outwards, build up higher u go bigger it gets then maybe theme the levels.

  • Oposite 4 weeks ago

    Does anyone know, how can I join the server?

  • myckeli 4 weeks ago

    When I started playing on this server the first thing I did was accidentally turn my lava into obsidian…. Yup. I am the best minecraft player there ever was.. A new lava bucket is $220 so now I’m just farming stuff to get back on track

  • Nick Jonas 4 weeks ago

    Its a bit sad that I know exactly which season of mindcrack it was beef talked about, but he doesnt know :/

  • DylanSports 724 4 weeks ago

    You got levels

  • helen batey 4 weeks ago

    Beef, to get more mushrooms, make the room taller and let them grow big. The you can cop them down and you get tons of mushrooms.

  • Shea Suess 3 weeks ago

    1. If you put string or a block in between the cactus, when they grow they’ll pop off automatically and then you could use water to collect it into a hopper.
    2. Your wheat farm can be 9×9 with a water source in the very middle. All spaces will get saturated and will be able to grow. I’ve also heard that if you alternate crops from row to row (ex. wheat on 1 row and carrots or something else in the next row and alternate) they grow faster. I’m not 100% if this is true or not.

    Keep us the awesomeness. Love all your schtuff.!#LetsBeBeardBros #nHo4Life

  • BananaMan0124 3 weeks ago

    Just mine the cactus in the middle don’t do it at the bottom cause if you leave the bottom one then you don’t have to replace it ever time

  • BananaMan0124 3 weeks ago

    And for your cactus there is a really easy checkered slab kind of one and I thinks it’s the most efficient and it’s automatic if you do it right

  • BananaMan0124 3 weeks ago

    Go to someone’s island that has a public spawned and farm it until you have a bunch of drops then just sell the drops to get your own spawner

  • BananaMan0124 3 weeks ago

    Or see if that server has profit if farms just ask in chat if they have them

  • AntZ_K 3 weeks ago

    plssss make much more of these videos!!!

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