• Tanin SULTAN 3 weeks ago

    Thumbs up, if you are breathing oxygen,lololl🤣🤣😂😂

  • Honkey Dorey 3 weeks ago

    I love the imagination beef puts into his builds always looking great

  • SomeBodyKares1 3 weeks ago

    Horses, Mules and Donkeys are 2×2 in size. They can not escape though 1×1 holes.

  • Fuya Hanabi 3 weeks ago

    I can imagine people putting up signs around tony’s fences saying jokes and greetings already lol

  • Noob Nation 3 weeks ago

    i love all ur vids but what happened to pixark?

  • MrFredsworth 3 weeks ago

    Thank you

  • Fnassau 3 weeks ago

    Well look who came on to the server today, fancy having you 😉

    You gave Tony a cool little spot at spawn, I like it 🙂

  • Abd W.Waheed 3 weeks ago

    from the vanilla craft server 🙂 🙂 :p

  • Stalker Bleach 3 weeks ago

    its been a while…

  • Renegade 9182 3 weeks ago

    Rolex Wall Mounted Watches, the new and improved clock

  • Euphoria 3 weeks ago

    Glad you are going to be “more regular” Beef! Lol. 🙂

  • Spacehamster1OO 3 weeks ago

    lol beef my shop is indeed under your bridge, The button to enter it is on the tree left of your bridge, opposite that little shop where you bought the wool. Pls visit it on camera I need business :s


    P.S. that button your pressed under the bridge was a useless machine that I built when I first built my shop.

  • MISTERAMD 3 weeks ago

    Nice building for Tony. Don’t forgot to make hailbails for the HermitCraft Server game to add +1 to the total 🙂

  • Carly Ann 3 weeks ago

    Why do I love this so much… and the comments make it 100 times better 😂😍

  • Ben Ball 3 weeks ago


  • Dragodelchaos 3 weeks ago

    In the new MC update, you can actually do a pretty good trough with new new water mechanics!

  • LaRaughn Duronslet 3 weeks ago

    I think that button activated the death trap lol

  • nassr al sarihi 3 weeks ago


  • izeplays 3 weeks ago

    you need a proper entrance to tonys area… not just jump on these cobble walls…

  • Juan Mondragon 3 weeks ago

    What happened to pixark

  • QuiveryNinja 3 weeks ago

    “Minecraft from the vinalla craft server” nice one beef

  • Leah Jones 3 weeks ago

    0:37 “wall mounted watches”
    Beef, I think you mean a clock

  • SILSKY 3 weeks ago

    Classic Chad.

  • Mymusic 1998 3 weeks ago

    i thought ud quit haha

  • Tony is 2×2, so you can change some of your stuff if you want.

  • Caleb Gallant 3 weeks ago

    The comments are dedicated to beefs derpyness and love haha which I do both for him like I loved the video but you bought a depth strider 3 book and ur mouse was on a depth strider 3 and protection 3 book and I was just pure salt haha❤️

  • izaya hamilton 3 weeks ago

    Lol @17:07 Poor chad.

  • balaram lowe 3 weeks ago

    How the hell does beef not know the size of horses

  • yrelyk 3 weeks ago

    ThatguyTony got into your potions and drank some speed…he went cerrrazzzy.

  • Jaynee Burks 3 weeks ago

    What is up with the Chad bashing. I was on not long ago and everyone was picking on him. Poor Chad! Don’t we have a no bullying policy on the server? 🙂 He’s always nice to me.

  • Chesire Galaxy 3 weeks ago

    I love minecraft it’s a good game but i would honestly prefer Conan Exiles.

  • Reid Ong 3 weeks ago

    Can you do a let’s play of Detroit become human? I miss your single player story playthroughs.

  • Cyberra 01 3 weeks ago

    “Vanillacraft”, lol

    Looks better than the majority of my horse pens.

  • Daniel Thomson 3 weeks ago

    I really like the Disturbed references there Fnassau and Chad. Awesome. Disturbed are my favorite band in the world. Favorite song, Stricken. Two others are The Sound of Silence and Prayer.

  • The Gaming Zombo 3 weeks ago

    why does the thumbnail say ep 3

  • DreamyDuskywing 3 weeks ago

    A new paddock?

  • Max Lambrechts 3 weeks ago

    Beef…. horses are a 2×2 mob. They can’t get up 1 block gaps

  • Gavin Fowler 3 weeks ago

    Ur Chanel is dead bro

  • Anas ahmed 3 weeks ago

    Beef why dont you use middle click to pick block?

  • Chad C 3 weeks ago

    When I take over Beef’s thoughts. xD

  • Avaneesh Samsi 3 weeks ago

    VanillaCraft ? lol

  • Just Ry 3 weeks ago

    The vanilla craft server?😂

  • Gurgles N' Gargles 3 weeks ago

    Beef da Thief

  • Byron HD 3 weeks ago

    how do you make your game look so vibrant or saturated?

  • Jose Bautista 3 weeks ago

    Good ole vanilla craft 😂

  • Shadow 3 weeks ago

    The wordyou are looking for is paddock. – a small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised.

  • Ace Gaming 3 weeks ago

    “hey guys welcome back to another video of vanillacraft” cracking me up because he didn’t even notice

  • theMAYHEMchannel 3 weeks ago

    HUmmmmmm just thinking a water trough with holes in the side would really well RIGHT!

  • Yesits Kam 3 weeks ago

    Tony has brain Worms!!

  • Skeletons from Hell 3 weeks ago

    Tony is not a horse. Tony is a Donkey.

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