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  • silver demon 3 weeks ago

    Linda listen

  • Unicorn UU 3 weeks ago

    First OMG ilysfm mangle I love ur vids ❣️♥️👌

  • XBoxGamerMangle Meyleen 3 weeks ago

    Baby noooo don’t

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  • Minecraft Horror Daycare 3 weeks ago

    Hey Guys! Sorry for the re-upload but there was a bit of a error with the last video but it’s all good now 🙂

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  • Blueberry Fun bones 3 weeks ago

    I love your vids

  • Lady Herobrine 3 weeks ago

    Okay I love your videos

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  • foxy fnaffan 3 weeks ago

    I like how in the beginning baby came out of nowhere

  • Hi again

  • Autobot619 Greene 3 weeks ago

    Cool video

  • moose girl fan 3 weeks ago

    Love your video

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  • kind friend 3 weeks ago

    Yay more cool videos!

  • Asjad Shahid 3 weeks ago

    Oh cool they re-uploaded it! (Beacuse of one error)

  • Kayla Chimilio 3 weeks ago

    great vid mangle!!!! also plz try to be friends with foxy jr. I hate to see you two apart… =(

  • Crystal Proffitt 3 weeks ago

    Forgive fun time foxy jr

  • kind friend 3 weeks ago

    Yay I got high lighted XD

  • kind friend 3 weeks ago

    Thx tho 💗

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    haiii i’m late 🙁 so i’m going to like my comment

  • Iron Spring Gamer 684 3 weeks ago

    So you’re meeting all of Scrap Baby’s friends.

  • Johanna Ten Fingers 3 weeks ago

    Mangle seemed just a little bit greedy about the cookies.

  • Alice Dash 3 weeks ago

    When Mangle asked if that was a lamp shade skirt I laughed and stated “This isn’t Evil Baby, this is Lamp Shade Baby.”

  • Josalyn Martin 3 weeks ago

    What about the scoop with baby and the daughter and the daughter got scooped by circus baby

  • bonnica the bunny 3 weeks ago

    Is Sam Alive

  • Shadow Freddy's Adventures 3 weeks ago

    Stop with DA shirt

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    so manny circus babys

  • kind friend 3 weeks ago

    Yay I’m still getting highlighted
    Lol 💗

  • Astra IX 3 weeks ago

    Circus baby is crazy why is she so evil and I feel sorry for her because she’s sad

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    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope soooooooooo much nopppppppeeee

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    hi girls

  • minecraft five nights at Freddy's 3 weeks ago

    have a good night

  • Queen DeSaia 3 weeks ago

    Im crying right now why would Sam betray people he was so nice and I’m crying right now after that story

  • Jeff heerwagen 3 weeks ago

    Why is that baby acting kinda like a yandere

  • Neon Productions 3 weeks ago

    Where’d lefty go?

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  • Mermaid Palace 3 weeks ago

    Aren’t all Baby’s one Baby that has been through things? Omg. How are there more than one Baby?! Do you know? Or is this just for entertainment?

  • KAMRON GREGORY 3 weeks ago

    Why is everyone a BABY!

  • Betty Bardliving 3 weeks ago

    Sad that sad – Sad.

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