• Terkel Olsen 8 months ago

    Hey lizzie i have an idea you can go into yammys cave and take some cave crystalsAnd make something with it

  • Shubhangi Nayak 8 months ago

    You should also build tthe grinder and furnace system like joey has did in his. <3

  • Galaxy Girl Vlogs 8 months ago

    Add a party place to one side of the garden
    Do like a barbecue place or picnic area
    Add a treasure chest or shells or a kawaii walrus plz add the kawaii walrus

  • Putsicat Meow 8 months ago

    Hi lizzie

  • Putsicat Meow 8 months ago

    Download the seashells decors that you will sea by the water with quick sand

  • Molly Christle Powell - owen 8 months ago

    You should put lots of loud mobs under Joels house as a prank

  • Putsicat Meow 8 months ago

    Also you can put animals in your castle outside u can organize them as well

  • Putsicat Meow 8 months ago

    You can also get some villagers from the villagers comes alive mod and get children and name them with the mermaid theme

  • Zoë Pollock 8 months ago

    Lizzy! You had another pirate banner in your chest! Like if you saw it

  • Jay Panganiban 8 months ago


  • Putsicat Meow 8 months ago

    Why wont you enchant ur sword

  • Norman Ibrari 8 months ago

    you must put magic flower around your mermaid house lizzie

  • Tony Wilkinson 8 months ago

    so then the baby skelletons can’t shoot you why don’t you put the slab on the other half of the block ,the top half, meaning you just have to crouch to hit the legs and they don’t get you

  • Patricia Kathleen Tan 8 months ago

    Lizzie… u should make a moat of lava around your wall….. so if any mobs come they will die in lava…..

  • Poppy_Monkey_ Emz 8 months ago

    Make more vidoes

  • NYstarlady 2007 8 months ago

    You should double your house

  • More Olakunri 8 months ago

    Lizzie u need to get pirate banners and make a pirate shield

  • L McP 8 months ago

    You should have a pet cat in minecraft called Bubbles or if u have two an other one could be called Biscuit.

  • Mark Catton 8 months ago

    hey lizzie, you should totally put some other trees in your garden inside of just purple and maybe some flowers

  • Sophia Roe 8 months ago

    Don’t forget to collect your fireworks!! 💥 Like to make lizzie remember!!💜💜

  • cutie_ pie 8 months ago

    Lizzie u had 4 banners 😁😂😘

  • Mark Catton 8 months ago

    hi lizzie, you should really make your armour look cut as well as safe

  • Aida Mattsson 8 months ago

    when are you making a house tour’

  • Mark Catton 8 months ago

    lizzie, I think you should put Mr. Boneys’s heard as his home

  • Pixel Pup 8 months ago

    Can you watch my vids please😋ps love your vids and pastel pink hair

  • Danisha THE BESTT 8 months ago

    Lizziee why don’t you make an advance diamond sword yoU have enough diamond to make itt

  • Milena Novac 8 months ago

    I dont really like the banner on the window however if u like it then keep it!

  • KawaiiAssasin 211 8 months ago

    You had 4 banners Lizzie…
    I watched this again and paused I saw 4 banners you only took 3 😂

  • Racquella Mapa 8 months ago

    Lizzie remember that you have feather falling boots

  • FunClub ForEveryone 8 months ago

    Lizzie around your castle you should get sand castles from your reckoning bench

  • London Shea 8 months ago

    You, need to play ark…… LOOK IT UP LADY and sorry for the caps ;-;

  • Sandra Muhammad 8 months ago

    lizzie you should name your pet sanlzza

  • Nikola Grzegorczyk 8 months ago

    Hi lizzie I think you could make a room for Mr boney and for your wolf’s and for your offer animals and a secret base like in troll craft and crazy craft leave a comment or a like so she does it

  • All Things Naruto 8 months ago

    We all know we were scared at the beginning,We thought lizzie died

  • Mr Razali 8 months ago

    Can you put cats around your area? That way you can avoid creepers because creepers are scared of ocelots.Like if you agree

  • Kawaii Katacorn 8 months ago

    Make some rainbow bacon and good idea omqash

  • Skye O'Leary 8 months ago

    You should make a pirate cave for Mr Boney!

  • Hope White 8 months ago

    Hey Lizzie just wanted to let you know you left a pirate banner in the chest!! 😆😲

  • Sheipai 8 months ago

    Hi Lizzie! I think It would be awesome if you would build a mermaid statue somewhere… or 2 statues at the main gate!

  • Marney Campbell 8 months ago

    Make a big apple and keep mr boney in or a big bone

  • Arberie Fazliu 8 months ago

    I will be in the office today and tomorrow and let you know if I will be able to get to the office today but I will be there for rent in hf for the meeting with the team and I will be there for sure I will be in touch soon to think about it and let me know if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at any time if you want to get the kids to get the interview on the best of my knowledge I have any questions I can answer

  • Kine Tell 8 months ago

    i want to see more of this

  • megakaijie108 gaming 8 months ago

    Lizzie! You don’t need to collect bones for the army of wolves, you can just breed the two you already have.( I’m using my brothers account!)

  • joby chacko 8 months ago

    maybe you should cover the gap next to the chest.

  • Millie H-B XOXO 8 months ago

    You should build a pinnacle for mr bones to live in like if you agree

  • Maddison-hope Birkett 8 months ago

    it will start to spawn chickens

  • Tillie Woodhouse 8 months ago

    Hay liz I don’t rial like the idea of putting the bangers on the window sorry 😟 ps could you name a wolf Millie pleas☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Pinky pie 8 months ago


  • Rosa Villalobos 8 months ago

    idk if u would like this Lizzy u should put glowstone on the back of the angel wings so u could fewer torches in the area like if u agree!!

  • Patricia Matsumoto 8 months ago

    you should have a dimond invanced sword 😀

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