• dxrs0 2 weeks ago

    Loved the screaming. LOL Spawners are a strange thing to me. Has taken me over 24 hrs getting my iron golems set up. And I am still not finished yet. Was great seeing ya on.

  • LeSuperCobaye 2 weeks ago

    Your cactus farm isn’t efficient because the plugin they use on this server only loads the chunk you’re in. You have to place a minion with chunk loading.

  • Liam Harkin 2 weeks ago

    The cow spawner would look cool if you did an island like bottom to it and then put a glass dome on the top

  • ツƎAƧY 2 weeks ago

    Beef, why not make an episode were gou scream for 30 minutes? XD

  • Joxman2k 2 weeks ago

    I like the screaming with the fading off

  • Unpopular opinion: No, the screaming is not fine now. It’s still ridiculously loud compared to your normal voice. And now, that 99% of people who read this have wrote me an angry reply, thinking that insults validate their point: You DO NOT have to stop screaming. I watch other people’s videos and they scream like little girls and it’s just not that bad. There has to be a way to keep the screaming in without piercing my ears. And the solution shouldn’t be that I reduce the volume for these videos to 5%, because if that was it, I’d just stop watching (inb4. “then just stop watching” comments who then also cry when a series gets cancelled because of bad views). I’m really just trying to provide constructive feedback.

  • Symbro 2 weeks ago

    does disliking comments do anything anymore?
    iirc it used to take a like away. and if enough down votes, the comment would be hidden.

  • padillaasd 2 weeks ago

    Beef, why dont you make a Parentheses shape of a slime jump island, so you can reach the pond. Just make the small island longer

  • krogan52 2 weeks ago

    This series started out with Beef trying to figure out to make more money via farms and spawners. This was fun to watch and out of Beef’s normal wheelhouse. But now, it has turned into a build/decorating series like all the others on his channel. I used to be excited to see a new video, what new farm/spawner or how much progress Beef made money wise, now I am just bored.

  • Crone 22 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for bringing the screaming back, it makes the falling more entertaining.

  • Patricia Buckner 2 weeks ago

    Please don’t start screaming again! It was so enjoyable without it! It’s not funny, just annoying and childish and hurts my ears!

  • Chris Brookes 2 weeks ago

    I do like the screaming, its not as good as it was previously because you aren’t actually scared anymore, but I still like it.

  • Alexander King 1 week ago

    I used to like youtube. but then i saw this channel

  • Grandpa's WheelChair 1 week ago

    Screaming is okay, but why that loud tho. My parents keep asking me to stop being annoying

  • shun9132 1 week ago

    SCREAM!!! please 🙂

  • Burgess Forge 1 week ago

    I enjoy the screaming *lite*

  • Cheffak 1 week ago

    Please stop screaming youre doing it again :/ my ears

  • ahugs88 1 week ago

    The intros crack me up. And I actually enjoy the yelling when you fall. It’s entertaining.

  • Kass Shae 1 week ago

    You should start another modded survival series!

  • Marcel van Werkhoven 1 week ago

    Iron golems will attack ghasts in your ghast spawner.

  • Sammley 1 week ago

    I very much love the screaming!!! xD

  • SoG Watchman 1 week ago

    Why not use a daylight sensor to set off the chicken farm? Also extend the timer for the lava pulse by a couple ticks to mitigate the server lag.

  • osbert 1 week ago

    Don’t forget to take your Ritalin, kids.

  • 2planker R 1 week ago

    Let the yell go as you drop. Is funny.

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Beef my house suggestion is to make a floating island right above the spot u filled in with dirt and make a floating house maybe a crater under it so it seems to be floating away

  • Aubrey Marie 1 week ago

    yes!! the scream is back!!!

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Omg just use pearls

  • Gabi X 1 week ago

    So, am i the only one who don’t care Beef is screaming or not?

  • Blitz 1 week ago

    the screaming was funny the first time, but now it’s just repetitive and annoying. it’s honestly unnecessary. and no, i shouldn’t have to turn my volume down for something that lasts 3 seconds, but is just as annoying in that time frame.

    sorry if you disagree with my opinion but, now you have mine.

  • Jet Lag 1 week ago

    Why do you put the pressure plates after the slime blocks?
    If you put them before then you don’t have to stop, sneak and adjust your position.

  • Memento Mori 1 week ago

    And I’m still for changing the Chicken Farm in a way that instead of moving away the Grass Block you should push the chickens on the Grass block away into the killing chamber.
    What you currently have is killing the chickens to often because of server lag.

  • MrFredsworth 1 week ago

    Yes scream good

  • Nathan Amico 1 week ago

    I would love to see your house floating above the main island, with more beefstone contraptions to get up there.

  • jeeeeeeees 1 week ago

    stfu, noisy beef >.< It's louder, And less pleasant to listen to. #AAAAAAAAAAAAA Good vids tho.

  • jeeeeeeees 1 week ago

    ok. ragequit.
    quit screaming ffs.

  • Tim Middleton 1 week ago

    “Why fly when you can jump”- Jesus Christ

  • DRAKON221 Guy In The Corner 1 week ago

    Hey beef. You can transform the cacti farm into a floating island! Maybe not floating… but an offshoot perhaps?

  • smg 85 1 week ago

    remove the cates farm

  • twilit13 isawesome 1 week ago

    Beef is trolling us with that missing gate 😂

  • You_just 1 week ago


  • cJonah 1 week ago

    Slime blocks don’t stick to leaves.

  • J. Michael Lanaghan 1 week ago

    Please stop screaming when you fall.

  • Taisoni 1 week ago

    At this point you know some people find screaming annoying and yet you started doing it again? Why? Like many have said, it was funny maybe the first time but not anymore.


  • BangDroid 1 week ago

    The Wow Guy, occasionally known as Owen Wilson

  • lapeachMC 1 week ago

    I genuinely find it hilarious how he goes from screaming back to calm and collected speech

  • debids87 1 week ago

    I loved the screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams!

  • WillTell 1 week ago

    I concede on 1 scream an episode. Or actually make it fun(ny). That monotone, robotic, emotionless scream is just grating on the nerves. It’s like listening to someone with an impossible accent where you don’t understand half the things they say, and the other half only makes your head hurt.

  • KarliInsane 1 week ago

    It’s okay Beef I believed in your terror.

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