• Piggywiggles 1 month ago

    I love you Preston my fellow Jesus lover! I’ve been watching your videos for a LONG LONG time now! Keep up the good work! 👍🏼

  • Maddox Wilson 1 month ago

    Preston I love your videos I’ve been watching forever now
    Keep up the great work😀😀😀

  • 08Batman 1 month ago

    I love ur videos Preston I’ve been watching ur videos since 2k. U are my favorite YouTuber and can u give a shoutout to my channel plz

  • RubixGamer 1 month ago

    You are amazing I love all of your vids keep doing what you are doing👍

  • Jr Loveless 1 month ago

    Hi love

  • Kyle Markus 1 month ago

    Man the people how poot you in there are cool and that is sorry I am very bad at spell

  • Kamran Khalid 1 month ago

    you missed a button I saw one button that you missed it was on a block bey that thing that you said to it “I am not even gonna step on it that is gonna kill me if I step on it” no a presher plate though that spiraly block

  • Master Man 1 month ago

    I love ur hair

  • Kamran Khalid 1 month ago

    no you pressed it now

  • Kamran Khalid 1 month ago

    I love your videos they are funny and lots of other things love your channel❤️ .Keep up the good work with your videos👍🏻.I have been watching for a long time like really long time🕗.

  • Daniel Games 1 month ago

    I turned this on and lord of the rings was on my tv except it was the Twitter towers not the fellowship

  • Dwight Rozen Bawar 1 month ago

    So funny lol

  • Israel Hall 1 month ago

    Best map by far, add Lachlan, and Preston RAGE is sad but so good!! Thank you Nico!!!!

  • SV TV 1 month ago

    pa pok koo wiv moos ad on spek op

  • Emma Jones 1 month ago

    Give me a shout out please I ❤ your vids

  • WILD Reagan 1 month ago

    U r one of the only youtubers I watch and u r so funny. I have been watch for about 2 years. Your the best

  • Landon Burkhardt 1 month ago

    I loved that🤩🤪😜🤣😂

  • Flame Maker 1 month ago

    Love your view friend me on toolbox (Flame_Maker)

  • Flame Maker 1 month ago


  • the reaper 1 month ago

    Preston I been watching your content from 3mill subs

  • the reaper 1 month ago

    Keep it up for the hard work ok

  • Ape man The beast 1 month ago

    do it with laclin

  • LEA YUMANG 1 month ago

    I love you Preston you’re my favorite YouTuber!!!!!

  • Dan The storm 1 month ago


  • Firey Tophat 1 month ago

    Preston I always have your notifications turned on but every time I get a notification I don’t watch your videos so this is the first one I’ve watched In a while. So I’m glad to be back and watching your videos

  • Luna Starchild West 1 month ago

    Loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Mason Yester 1 month ago

    What’s your adress

  • MoesteRules. 1 month ago

    I love u preston iv been watching for soooo long u are the best youtuber ever

  • MariuseGaming TV 1 month ago

    me biggest fan!!!

  • Puncoro Goeyardi 1 month ago

    I seen ur vids sinse 2012

  • Puncoro Goeyardi 1 month ago

    Rip wallstreet

  • TTrixx x 1 month ago

    I’m that 1%

  • Jean Paula Lagrimas 1 month ago

    I like the work so crazy

  • Creeper Gaming 1 month ago

    I didnt click because of Clickbait and the 1% chance of completion, Im only here cuz Im bored

  • Irene Yapchulay 1 month ago


  • EPIC ALPHA GAMER 1 month ago

    You are awesome

  • Kailah Fale 1 month ago

    Lol dude listen to this Roses are red
    Violet are blue
    Where is the like button

  • the blox guy 1 month ago

    Poor preston

  • Ray Thonson 1 month ago

    Im like one of your biggest fans

  • Ray Thonson 1 month ago

    Ive watched your vids from age 6 and now im age 11

  • the blox guy 1 month ago

    Hahahahah this is so funny

  • David Munro 1 month ago

    Your awsome

  • Milo Clarebrough 1 month ago


  • Vincent Lau 1 month ago


  • Ash-Greninja 2536 1 month ago

    I feel a bit bad for you Preston

    And I’m sure you were annoyed by all the trolls 🤔

  • Zachery Wu 1 month ago

    Preston i reccomend u to make a unfair parkour series

  • Future Cactus 1 month ago

    youre the best XD watching u since 1 million. love ya boi

  • Bunnytelle 9 1 month ago

    Actually…if you can beat it…WE CAN COPY!

  • Bunnytelle 9 1 month ago

    That, Flut though. It’s just a sad, Flut.… HATE, AND LOVE! By the way…it triggers if, you go back, so um…

  • רובין שיף 1 month ago


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