• Mobdestroyer 3000 1 month ago

    I agree with Patrick Socha, for t he community challenge you should try to survive a few Minecraft days without saying the word “the”, or maybe not pressing F5.

  • Jesse Albertsen 1 month ago

    I played the new version

  • zwirth2795 1 month ago

    How bout playing minecraft with only a keyboard

  • Cheese Burger 1 month ago

    Community challenge go to nether in one Minecraft day.
    What is your favorite breakfast food?

  • can you not be so annoying

  • Xxfrog 1 month ago

    Challenge: get 500 cobblestone in 1 minecraft day

  • Cutebunny01010 AJ 1 month ago

    Yo Tyler,

    You should try and make a whole mansion in minecraft ONLY using coal blocks which you have to get from the ore.

  • JayCatPlays 1 month ago

    you asked what the first app we use is:
    mine is either Instagram or Puzzledom most days

  • Bealeng Gaming 1 month ago

    I kinda like stopped that……….. uhhhhhh

  • William Kenney 1 month ago

    ur the best

  • Well

  • Morgan Ngunga 1 month ago

    i once played minecraft hour of code!

  • Retrex 1 month ago


  • Van Ryan 1 month ago

    In bed rock edition fire works dont give u boost with elytra

  • Undertale_kid50 1 month ago

    #AskLDZ what is your favorite only one command

  • lego city 1 month ago

    Is ther some updates in version 3.0

  • Death to directs secret eevee freind 1 month ago

    I already knew about this in 2016

  • Fishingehd 1 month ago

    Update Aquatic for Bedrock itll be lit

  • Marko Krajnovic 1 month ago

    try to kill enderman with wooden sword

  • ron nie 1 month ago

    your mouse is like me

  • Tyler Garrick 1 month ago

    were did u get the moue from ???

  • Mac Bacon 1 month ago

    text messages/snapchat

  • William wijaya 1 month ago

    Lol. Ur Tyler

  • Tornado Duck 1 month ago

    I hated 1.9 it killed pvp

  • NewMEndy 2008 1 month ago

    I code

  • Asger Haahr 1 month ago

    What is the bedrock edition?

  • Oscar Villarreal 1 month ago

    I understand

  • jose chavez 1 month ago

    It’s already released in bedrock it is

  • Alexandru Duțu 1 month ago

    Java is better

  • X Man 1 month ago

    Survive a night in Minecraft well the controls you use with your feet

  • PIKADUDE 456 1 month ago

    Community Challenge: Protect a village and all of the villagers from zombies, no iron golems or wolves.

  • Vasilios Kapnias 1 month ago

    Try survive a night in minecraft without make any tools

  • -o0Bluebeetle0o105- 1 month ago

    Don’t ya hate how bedrock edition has shrubs, but us pocket edition doesn’t?

  • GAMING LAND 1 month ago

    good game

  • the crew of cool 1 month ago

    When I try the most new 1.13 snapshot textures, it drops me down to 12 fps…

  • the crew of cool 1 month ago

    Pleeease for the community challenge try to find 1 diamond but FIRST do /effect @p speed 1000000 255 true

  • The Pro 1 month ago

    Can you build a giant tower

  • Swifter1243 1 month ago

    Kinda clickbaity tbh

  • Boss PotatoChip 1 month ago

    try to survive A night in mine craft without using any tools

  • Anthony Almonte 1 month ago


  • Lo Lo 1 month ago

    is it on xbox one

  • BlackPanther5000 1 month ago

    I’ve got a challenge … Survive a whole day in Minecraft but without turning around or facing a different direction than you started in … basically don’t move your mouse only click with it

  • CLM Bigbro 1 month ago

    fight the Wither with a wooden sword (no potions)

  • PewPewGamer 1 month ago

    what is bedrock

  • Evan Olson 1 month ago

    Do a only keyboard cahllenge

  • CaptainKcaz 1 month ago

    Here’s a challenge: Survive a night with only a half heart! 😉

  • Dean Clark Nacional 1 month ago

    What is bedrock Edition?

  • Power Den 1 month ago

    This Will be the best update ever

  • Dazlynn_Art _ 1 month ago

    Play minecraft until you get 10 diamonds. Easy right? But you cannot say any minecraft objects such as wood, diamonds, stone, ore,pickaxe, etc. You also cannot say the word this, that, the,it,them. Lets see how you do!

  • Dazlynn_Art _ 1 month ago

    Play minecraft but you cannot stop moving. To your character must be jumping, moving the entire time. The challenge ends when you have crafted a diamond block and placed it down.

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