• Doel Dampios 1 month ago

    Wo! Thats hardest maze

  • gnu00001 1 month ago


  • Alexandros Theodoridis 1 month ago

    2 questions
    1. Did they really demote him? I mean, was this a joke set up by all of them or does he really have to work his way back up?

  • Edrik Aldens 1 month ago

    wow preston you published this video on my birthday 😀

  • Radikal Rad 1 month ago

    First faction episode I loved <3

  • UNI V Game's 26 1 month ago

    Preston is a little fat in real life he’s not in shape today :[

  • Fahri Fahri 1 month ago

    If I was you I’ll rather get kicked lol

  • Sproofless 1 month ago

    If i was preston i would ban him and tell him to get me leader xD

  • PvP Master 1 month ago

    Do more factions please

  • Kaltri Tola 1 month ago

    prestpn u did it for 9 mins 😋 FAILLLLLLLL

  • Captain_ Starfish 1 month ago

    plz watch and like my vids and subsribe

  • Zach Bober 1 month ago


  • Pete Post 1 month ago

    dot be ming.

  • Thomas Martinez 1 month ago

    PrestonPlayz I have not seen you do a tsunami challenge it can you please do that

  • x*TRICELATONIEŠI*x 1 month ago


  • VIJAY LALA 1 month ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I hurt my leg with a big water bottle

  • Maux Maux 1 month ago

    “MCC Crate” = Mystery Cosmic Crate Crate

  • Tonja Light 1 month ago

    thes is awsem

  • Epic Destroyer 1 month ago

    murder shotgun

  • Pete Post 1 month ago


  • its me from danknation 1 month ago

    Supposed to be a 7 minute video almost 20 minutes long

  • Arthur Shoniwa 1 month ago

    preston still got that baby face bruv

  • Arthur Shoniwa 1 month ago

    and i liked and my life aint sny better wheres ma 1m bucks

  • ZionX Gaming and More 1 month ago

    lol I hit dislike and you February

  • Parky_ 7035 1 month ago

    Bru go sub to my channel Parky_7035

  • TheReal PrestonPlayz 1 month ago

    What’s factions?

  • SkywatcherPlayz 1 month ago

    What About /ban

  • TheDark King 1 month ago

    775k views 55k likes. lol like if you agree that preston is a good youtuber

  • Henry Bechtel 1 month ago

    . . j,.

  • AnT Struwig 1 month ago

    PLZ Give me one IGN:ScareBear_

  • Zombie Killer 1 month ago

    Preston playz from were did you get your computer

  • Sweetweevil01 1 month ago

    Preston can I join the fac

  • Richie Coyt 1 month ago


  • Penguin Walsh 1 month ago

    umm 13:30

  • EyeCutiPie 1 month ago

    I swear if was the owner of that server I would have banned those people

  • Flare TM 1 month ago

    #1 like=1tb support

  • BuggyBoy 06 1 month ago

    I lost all my stuff on that server I am sad I want my stuff back

  • Alex K 1 month ago

    its a 7 minute maze. video duration: 16 minutes 3 seconds.

  • wakuExtabyte Gaming 1 month ago

    unsub to me and unlike me because I’m EVIL!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ezra Universe 1 month ago

    🙁 my bday is February

  • Colby LaPorte 1 month ago

    i miss the vlogs

  • Jakob Ramos 1 month ago


  • Destroyer Of all 1 month ago

    I got roasted

  • GamerBoy Playz 1 month ago

    At least he uploads factions 😂😂😂

  • Darren Frost 1 month ago

    U are good at mazes

  • youtube kids 1 month ago

    🙂 🙁 😮 😀

  • Frozen Height 1 month ago


  • Leslie Wong 1 month ago

    Bring TNT wars back

    Remember to not play with shotgun because he sucks.

    Like if you agree.

  • Lulwalulwa Deebdeeb 1 month ago


  • Lulwalulwa Deebdeeb 1 month ago

    I vote for preston even tho he fails i still vote for him #yourevidsarethebest

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