How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Kane Strevens 8 months ago

    can only bet on 2 or 3 colours otherwise really get mad money

  • Kane Strevens 8 months ago

    should have stopped at 501k

  • Kane Strevens 8 months ago

    vikk should have stopped at 500k and they should only bet on 2

  • IamtheTrueDoctor Jake 8 months ago

    you need to put limits on blue or something so you dont get robbed from huge bets

  • Entity - minecraft and more 8 months ago

    vikkkkk an insane war just happened are you going to post that

  • Nate Dimond 8 months ago

    In season 4 it should be Nati v4!!!!!

    1 in season 1
    1 died in season 2 which was Nati v2
    then another later in the season Nati v3
    next season no nati
    then in season 4 it would be nati v4!!!!!!

  • HadTheGod 8 months ago


  • savage savage 8 months ago

    Can u play the story time minecraf to season 2

  • Owen Branch 8 months ago

    My casino is sick my friend keeps tryin break it but he needs to remember I’ve got loads of black blue and red I’m on Xbox one if u r add me my gt is Odb1Twigstar but I’m angry because on pc you can loads more

  • Jack Mangan 8 months ago

    what happened to the auto wheat farm live stream

  • Riyadh Uddin 8 months ago

    I cant find viks latest episode?

  • Terry Ross 8 months ago

    vikk can you do story mode season 2! 😀

  • Jakob Koep 8 months ago

    Vikk you have to have one bet only cause you’ll lose if you don’t

  • Terry Nahm-Kalyn 8 months ago

    Make auto-fishing farm

  • z MLGBoss 8 months ago

    where is the video from the stream 43 the auto mad villeger farm

  • Francesco Bernardini 8 months ago

    vikk episode 43 hasn’t uploaded from the stream

  • XeCroz Playz 8 months ago

    What happened to today’s livestream? I remember watching the uploaded version

  • Aves Iqbal 8 months ago

    “theres no corner gypsy magic” haha

  • JKD456 8 months ago

    why was the villager video removed?

  • Super Gaming 8 months ago

    hey I have been a sub since you started!!! I love your vids sooooo much! could it be possible for you to give me a shout out! the name is Casual Skillz

  • JaySlayz123 8 months ago

    vik I hope you are there I need help and ive got a question
    Question, did you remove your latest video the villager auto farm it is not on your Chanel old help I saw it before now it gone

  • JaySlayz123 8 months ago

    vik help plz

  • Noah Hamrick 8 months ago

    Vikk build another flying machine

  • Ethan Bryant 8 months ago

    A lot better casino Vik . Looking good

  • TheMazinAlmas 8 months ago

    why did #43 get removed???

  • TROLLOL 8 months ago

    Vikk, go visit Preston like the other pack members have done, so we can see you vlog about your experience there

  • Snikey 8 months ago

    why did you delete the video

  • InfectedApple - Minecraft 8 months ago


  • Tommy Lewis Games 8 months ago

    vik u gonna do Minecraft story mode?

  • UnderThe Galaxy 8 months ago

    vik what happened to #43?

  • connorman011 8 months ago

    Bet limit?

  • Leigh-Anne Garland 8 months ago

    today’s my birthday!!!!!

  • Black&BlueProductions 8 months ago

    When is the 7 Days To Die new season coming out ??

  • TheWaffleMan 8 months ago

    What do you guys think is the better series?
    Like for How to Minecraft-
    Comment for Mianite-

  • Ethan gaming and more 8 months ago

    Vikk you should make a “shucker swapper” and a “super smelter” they will make your life so much easier!! (Videos from Mumbai Jumbo)

  • Legendary Wolf 8 months ago

    where is minecraft story mode season 2

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    Vik you said that 1000=666+444. nah mate. 666+444 doesnt = 1000. its 666 + 333 = 1000. dont worry i dont really mind about the maths era. error. nvm xD gg have fun.

  • Masterbello 8 months ago

    Do mine craft story mode

  • MaxCSmith 8 months ago

    where episode 53

  • Stuart Wallace 8 months ago

    you shouldnt have every corner blue both sides. It is much more chance for blue with the corner block also. ie. longer chance to stop and hit it.

  • thrasher 101 8 months ago

    m8 1000-66/6=344 vikks real smart ain’t he? XD

  • Alex 04 8 months ago

    Vik u should make another table like roulette for Csgo like red and black both 2x and green for 14x. So they have options. Please let him see this

  • diamondminertron ! 8 months ago

    where did the pack go, why did you guys stop making videos with all of the pack, I think to those days when all of the pack would make vids with each other with all the friendly banter. I went to all their channels and saw no videos with all of the pack recently besides so h4m I’m not asking for likes i’m asking for the pack to come back. Copy and paste the comment on the pack’s channels to try and get them to do vids again! Started by diamondminertron.

  • IgeoMetrxx 8 months ago

    Considering you’re doing multi bets then you should really put in a bankrupt in like the corners instead of the quartz or replace one of the blue blocks as a coal for a bankrupt to add more odds in your favour 😉 gonna be making more bank

  • Brad Schulz 8 months ago

    Hey Vikk you need to change the corners to half red and blue. With having 3 blue squares essentially next to eachother in 4 spots it raises the odds that blue will be landed on. You actually have 14 of 26 odds with those blank blues on the corner.

  • Jared Chavez 8 months ago

    vikk Minecraft story mode

  • Silveral 8 months ago

    Please add a bankrupt in for a blue

  • OGC DwArF 8 months ago

    There should be /warps like /warp villager farm and be able to make ur own warps!!!!

  • Lauren Kitten 8 months ago

    Suggestion: put an anvil in the casino where people can name their characters so there is no confusion. I think it would be a good idea, hopefully you see this

  • SavageJinx 8 months ago


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