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  • Mumbo Jumbo 3 weeks ago

    Whoops! Uploaded two versions of the same video. For those who didn’t see it, you didn’t miss much! Just 10 minutes of black screen!

  • DoodleNoodle MC 3 weeks ago

    the whole punching tree glitch at the beginning of a new world happens to me as well

  • TheGamingEMU 3 weeks ago

    Hey mumbo, kinda funny after you have done a couple hours of hard work, but your pickaxe hasn’t used any durability… especially when you have no anvil. Just a thought…

  • Builder T 3 weeks ago

    Make a new intro , it’s not a redstone video

  • Charlie Dawes 3 weeks ago

    Can you link the fish farm I’m struggling

  • RSdabeast 3 weeks ago

    How does the afk fish farm actually catch fish? I recall having to right click each bite.

  • DiamondJacket 3 weeks ago

    9 pieces of iron doesn’t make a full set of tools, you forgot the hoe. hoe-2 pick-3 sword-2 shovel-1 axe-3
    3+3+2+2+1=11 iron

  • SKB Artistry 3 weeks ago

    It can be quite heart to read the comments here. It’s so moving with all this love. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Ethan Lawrence 3 weeks ago

    It is 11 iron, you forgot about hoes

  • nacoran 3 weeks ago

    I always try to put multiples of 8 items to smelt into the furnace, at least in the beginning of the game so I don’t waste any burn time. On a related topic, we usually grab some logs and smelt them for charcoal. If you started near a forest it’s much more plentiful than coal. Remember, 1 log will smelt 1 log into charcoal, but one piece of charcoal will smelt 8 logs into charcoal, so once you have your first piece of charcoal make sure you keep at least one piece of charcoal.

    Make sure your villagers are in lit huts too. Put a door on your starter cave. It lets you see out much more safely.

    We usually make a chicken farm setup using an upside down stair along the top lip… but there is a gap. The chickens can’t get out but you can feed them through it. We make a long killing trough. It’s the easiest to build and safest form of XP farm I’ve run across (although it’s not as productive as mob farms, but faster than fishing, although not afk). You can divert the eggs into a cooker, but we actually like having raw chicken to trade for emeralds with butchers.

  • FierceDeity 3 weeks ago

    This video inspired me to make a new survival world I’m doing really good

  • hannahlavern delosreyes 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Keithtro 3 weeks ago

    mumbo where the afk fish farm tutorial and love the vid

  • UnspokenBuild Gaming 3 weeks ago

    8:05Mumbo is on creative mode! 😀

  • David Frunza 3 weeks ago

    Can you build 7:17 in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  • Purple Flower 3 weeks ago

    I am mostly a creative builder, but I still appreciate this really awesome way to get good at Survival. Thanks for the tips!

  • Kim Anthony Tan 3 weeks ago

    I just mined at the side hill as you said and I found a mineshaft and I already have a lot of gold iron and more 😎😎😎😎

  • HexRegulus 3 weeks ago

    This is a great little video!

  • HexRegulus 3 weeks ago

    I bet it took a long time to record

  • Flartoe 3 weeks ago

    Man I’ve been playing Minecraft wrong my whole life…

    Thanks for the guide 🙂

  • Diamond 3 weeks ago

    You’re amazing. You have taught me that as skillful as I am at Minecraft, I STILL can improve!

  • TheOFFICAL RedX 3 weeks ago

    Wow honestly I’m very impressed. I thought I was going to see some joke of a video with obvious and stupid “tips” on how to play Minecraft, but, of course, this is mumbo jumbo, it’s got to be a awesome video!

  • this is only my few 3 weeks ago

    i think you need a red stone academy in your town and mine carts running to and from your port

  • Mark Tavormina 3 weeks ago

    Nice job on the tutorial, maybe do a survival LP?

  • son of father time 3 weeks ago

    villagers (aside from the null that you boxed up so that he can naturally despawn) are incredibly important…

  • khepera_ptah 3 weeks ago

    Quick tip: The afk fish farm design is broken in the 18w16a snapshot ( the water will flow through the slab ). For now, try using a sign instead of a slab so the water wont flow out. ( I think this will be patched in a future snapshot though )

  • Ant OfThy 3 weeks ago

    Derpy blacksmith… No chest. 🙁

  • Mario 3 weeks ago

    theres a reason why mumbo didn’t put killing the ender dragon on this list. Because if he did, he wouldnt be considered a pro himself.

  • backspace890 3 weeks ago

    afk fish farms won’t work in update aquatic.

  • backspace890 3 weeks ago

    maybe introduce varieties of iron blocks which will encourage iron farms.

  • Aethyx 3 weeks ago

    *places two torches in a 3×3 area*

  • caleb harris 3 weeks ago

    Btw it’s highly unlikely that you got 64 meat and 64 leather because it does not drop in the same amounts

  • McBossBrine 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo you don’t have to use nether or transporting villagers from miles away because you need to makw some weakness potions and heal zombie villagers and it’s the best way trust me.

  • suzanne smith 3 weeks ago

    I literally can barely fight mobs 🤣😭

  • ThatLittle Dude 3 weeks ago

    this is great and i love you mumbo but it doesn’t account for different situations e.g i spawned nowhere near any caves/mountains

  • Mine_Zone 3 weeks ago

    Your render distance was set to far at the start giving you single player server lag, either turn it down or wait a bit and it will be fine.

  • funny JOLOXx 3 weeks ago

    *Then what am I doing exploring biome to biome?*

  • Maddyx Mancuso 3 weeks ago

    This is one of the BEST Guide to Minecraft Survival EVER!!! Like if you agree =)

  • Dimanti88 3 weeks ago

    I have build my ironfarm into the ground, and build an entire village circling around it, that way it doesn’t look like a random ugly box in your world and you can easely trade with the villagers inside (You do have to trap them inside the houses though). Also put in an automatic weath farm in the village.

  • Jigisha Wala 3 weeks ago

    If u smelt oak wood in furnace
    It will give u charcoal to make torches

  • Nigel Roder 3 weeks ago

    Make a stone axe rather than a sword at the start. Axes are just as good for killing mobs and they let you cut down trees quicker as well. Swords are only really a benefit when you want to kill multiple mobs.

  • JuantheAce 1 3 weeks ago

    This is not how to start this I’d how to do and probs finish….

  • Fikri Yaldi 3 weeks ago

    Mantap bang

  • Barrel Of Bleach 3 weeks ago

    the ISO standard for starting a minecraft world properly LEAKED

  • John Oslo Kefir 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo wont follor these steps in hermitcraft season 6… hes just going to be a spoon

  • John Oslo Kefir 3 weeks ago

    How many times did he say *MONSTROSE!!*

  • Prakash Venkatesh Bhat 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo, You Have A Grass Block In Your Inventory, 6:11

  • Koll Kollitab 3 weeks ago

    The hackerman

  • Reza Yudhistira 3 weeks ago


  • Mr Pot8o 3 weeks ago

    after doing all that, make a serie called hermitcraft and post it on youtube

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