Today we play Monsters Industries in Minecraft in a Fan Battle!


  • Paula Acevedo 2 weeks ago

    luv your vid

  • Jake Dickinson 2 weeks ago

    There are no comments for me. Lol. But 4.1k views

  • JedPlayz 2 weeks ago


  • Hadley Okraincee 2 weeks ago

    I just missed it whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Felix Martin 2 weeks ago

    We need fear the crafting dead

  • Hunter Quay 2 weeks ago

    I love your work and more gold rush please

  • Alessandro Torres 2 weeks ago

    more of this pls

  • Dylan loves Manutd forever 2 weeks ago

    Why is there no comments

  • Tophat_Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • freddie gonzales 2 weeks ago

    Hi Austin is a penut

  • Daniel Kim 2 weeks ago

    Ben Even I , a pro masher, cant get over 15 clicks per second. Are you sure you can get 10 per second?

  • uhh 14 cps is not normal at all

  • Tophat_Gaming 2 weeks ago

    3:50 blade, You can’t GET ender eyes, they’re not even part of the game!

  • Hollywood Lax17 2 weeks ago

    Hi Jerome

  • PICKLE RICK 2 weeks ago

    2:48 who eats paper i sniff paper its good for u

  • WarFalcon 2 2 weeks ago

    I wish he would’ve ended it one second later than he did

  • Robloxian Dragon 2 weeks ago

    please make more videos with tewity , blade, and ben thats the dream team (with you)!

  • daniel forman 2 weeks ago

    7:00 gaming jokes aS

  • Danny Devito 2 weeks ago

    I thought the thumbnail said you smell

  • Growlithe Squad 2 weeks ago

    I was going to become a super baca and then I found out you have to pay…

  • Gannon Doyle 2 weeks ago

    Did Austin just insult all magicarp

  • The RedMagician 2 weeks ago

    GG Jeff

  • Frost _Dragon143 2 weeks ago


  • Betsy Fortier 2 weeks ago

    Last year almost all the girls in my class started eating tissues, gross

  • TheDerpyGarchomp 2 weeks ago

    Jerome next time they send slimes, don’t kill the tiny ones, use catch em instead… Same for magma cubes

  • WonderWoman_ Youtuber1 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys

  • WonderWoman_ Youtuber1 2 weeks ago

    Jerome i love your vids

  • Breast and butt lover 2 weeks ago

    The thumbnail looks like it says you smell

  • Zack Bossgaming 2 weeks ago

    Jerome I’ve been making a remake of this map and I’m adding a few things, when I’m done with the improvements i can send u a link to the world and I’ll add 2 more levels for monsters

  • adam rowell 2 weeks ago

    Jerome l have a idea for a vid on Jerome listen to flight it’s dubstep/your type of music

  • Michael Monterosso 2 weeks ago

    The HUD is too small

  • SmushyTaco 2 weeks ago

    Can we get a download link the updated map? I can’t find the version of the map ty guys are using.

  • Ugandan Playz 2 weeks ago

    You should play sky monster industries with your fan once its fully updated jerome

  • Cookie_Is_The_Best_Rabbit :D 2 weeks ago

    When he said stacks The CCs changed it to Snacks

  • Dustin Crecelius 2 weeks ago

    teachers own staplers

  • Rage and Things 2 weeks ago

    ” All right, time’s up, let’s do this. LEEEEEEERROOOY JEEEEEENNKIIIIINNNS!!!” “At least I have chiiiiicken” – Leeroy Jenkings

  • Cookie_Is_The_Best_Rabbit :D 2 weeks ago

    Make more RPGs Also Plz (For a example i found a Recent One from a year ago )

  • Ethan Bhattacharya 2 weeks ago

    I only have pocket edition :(😢

  • FLD_go 2 weeks ago

    invisible zombies?

  • Christine Tan 2 weeks ago


  • Kharacter :P 2 weeks ago

    What’s do you guys think is the best mobs in Monster’s Industries? Give me your reasoning why also, mine is Silverfish, because they don’t fight each other, cheap, and hard to hit.

  • Pablo Barahona 2 weeks ago

    Jerome did you remember BIG BOY ADVENTURE try to hit 100 likes

  • The Golden Boy 2 weeks ago

    Turn on caption 2:33 it Ben said jerome but the cap said drawer

  • TaterTots 2 weeks ago


  • Can you livestream

  • Kenzo Raphael 2 weeks ago

    Do more risk faction

  • MASTER FISH 2 weeks ago

    What happened to dinos

  • Joe Hunter 2 weeks ago

    When is pixelmon

  • Youtuber Fan 2 weeks ago

    Can I be in the next fan battle monster industries?

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