• Shopkinz Time 8 months ago



  • Cassius Aly 8 months ago

    do part 2!

  • Rebekah Haroon 8 months ago

    do the 2nd half

  • Rollerknight 8 months ago

    Finally… FINALLY…

    she didn’t include roleplay in the title of a non-roleplaying video 😛

  • david tyler 8 months ago

    You can buy here M.i.n.ecraft-Alt for nothing it is shielded together with is successful – plus.google.com/u/0/+MineCraftyAcc/posts/SqyCKq4NPXj

  • Little_Chocolate_Laura 5 8 months ago

    She is actually an idiot I loved little Carly till I saw this but she is just solo dumb she could have built 4 blocks high and put water on it and drown, stand on the soul sand, just built around the bed and slept, and the lava thing is solo easy. She is not a real Mincraft player if she’s like this.

  • Yessenia Girdler 8 months ago


  • ChosenFate YT 8 months ago

    Little carly is a big NOOB

  • larry the walrus 8 months ago

    JEEZ that intro was LOUD! XD

  • Anna St. Clair 8 months ago


  • Chocolate FoxyX 8 months ago

    Just put the water on the second block!

  • Anime Girl 8 months ago

    oh hello there i havent seen you in a while

  • Charity Ellison 8 months ago

    Played it before will you tell me how you got in the App Store

  • jenette bieber 8 months ago

    Hi little carly

  • Chloe Johnston 8 months ago

    I would love to play…. but I don’t have a computer 😔

  • Ginger_Jacky Newman 8 months ago

    she is such a noob

  • Gareth 0826 8 months ago

    I can’t believe how hard it is for little Carly to drown herself.

  • dyllan peeks 8 months ago

    Preston did it without hints your bad

  • Gareth 0826 8 months ago


  • dyllan peeks 8 months ago

    U need unpraceful

  • Albert Flores 8 months ago

    You are awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Albert Flores 8 months ago

    Little Carly you are awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • David Chang 8 months ago

    IS VERY EASY OMG !!!!!!!!

  • Coolgirlnd 8 months ago

    Where is Kelly?


  • Alexandra Trejo 7 months ago

    can you do the finish the lyric challenge

  • VanderWorld 7 months ago

    lol Carly, hey guys (: my sister and I started a minecraft channel around a month ago and we are looking for feedback!!! COME and TELL us what ya think (: thanks lovely people.

  • Maria Flores 7 months ago

    You should make more videos like that 😀

  • Lacey Reid 7 months ago

    your not supposed to read what to do cause your supposed to figure it out

  • Jeff Littlefield 7 months ago

    yes second half

  • G1rlG@ming 7 months ago

    I’m triggered! Stop pressing the hint button!

  • Lahliya Sargento 7 months ago

    It’s easy u don’t have to put a pool just put it on TOP of urself

  • Robert Cameron 7 months ago

    Is an gone I hope she is I’m so worried about you wait what about little Kelly she okay

  • Rahsaan Johnson 7 months ago

    Shoot down shoot down and the ground with a bow and arrow and then no those jelly hit the jelly cubes that slime like a trampoline thing I don’t know how to pronounce it but use a jelly block but just a jelly block basically and and shoot and shoot at it then I’ll bounce back at you they’ll die so by the way I love you too I really do love your channel channel is the best guy and cute little Kelly little Carly Vlogs please please please please

  • Mia Tadiello 7 months ago

    You weren’t supposed to read the hint button that was for if you couldn’t figure out what to do

  • María Aguilar 7 months ago

    Hi carly 😄

  • K and A 7 months ago

    you were not supposed to click the what to do button. that was for if you couldn’t figure out how to die

  • Mia Gea 7 months ago

    no, it’s super easy. you just have never played a real game of minecraft

  • Mia Gea 7 months ago

    Do you not have minecraft comments scence??

  • Jasmine Knibbs 7 months ago

    pull back lc

  • Sis vs Sis Maddy and Brooke 7 months ago

    666th liker

  • Cace Simien 7 months ago

    I luv your videos

  • horsey lover 7 months ago

    I remember watching dantdm play this map a few years ago

  • Daliyah Debro 7 months ago


  • Daliyah Debro 7 months ago

    Can I be in the little club please

  • Daliyah Debro 7 months ago

    Can I be your friend on ROBLOX please

  • Annie Carp 7 months ago

    U were so stupid on level two

  • evo eevee 7 months ago


  • Moira Mionette Daan 7 months ago

    little Carly is so lazy

  • Taylor Burnett 7 months ago


  • Taylor Burnett 7 months ago


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