• Jessica Fossell 3 months ago

    My Ben impression would be “SHUT UP Steve”

  • Ben “the defense did is useless”

  • Pixie Grapes Dalessandro 3 months ago

    Play age of empire III!!!!!!!!

  • Mickey Kelly 3 months ago

    Defense die is useless

  • Freddie Linham 3 months ago

    Ben Quote – “Poopy Game Honestly!”

  • Nickolas Jackson 3 months ago

    Jromes boca voice is souds canadean

  • Greenday 2464 3 months ago

    Jarome when you play this agian i have a prank for you spawn a fireball

  • Shermiff -Jace Herondale 3 months ago

    Age of mythology is one of my favorite games jerome

  • Gracie Gentilella 3 months ago

    You guys need to do more of these

  • The Danish Wolf 3 months ago

    Jerome play age of empires

  • Zayden Kalt 3 months ago


  • FusionGamer18 3 months ago

    for the roleplay will Ryan be batman and Steve who you probably dont know be robin

  • nika Hood 3 months ago


  • Adventures Of Fatman 3 months ago

    *ben makes server crash* “JEROME”


    Come on what happend to tewity pls everyone what’s him back

  • Nathaniel Dumas 3 months ago

    you should record AoM i have hundreds of hours in that game

  • Philip Hoffmann 3 months ago


  • William Knight 3 months ago

    D fen

  • delaney dotson 3 months ago

    Ok Jerome notable quotable “Oh Bolagna”

  • R Gaming 3 months ago

    Ben quote

  • Eragonnogare 3 months ago

    You guys should play this game on the tntwars server

  • R Gaming 3 months ago

    Ben qoute Jerome armed robbery is perfectly leagal

  • The Kid Critic 3 months ago


  • Hayden Smith 3 months ago

    (Ben: WHAT DID U DOOO STEVE (Steve: ;-;

  • Hayden Smith 3 months ago


  • Pernilla Edelstein 3 months ago

    Oh pish posh

  • Jude Dunbridge 3 months ago

    This the scariest thing ever: a Yankees hat

  • Reaper Death 3 months ago

    The defense die is useless

  • ResurrectionYT 3 months ago

    ben is such a duch bag

  • Matthew Kennefick 3 months ago

    My Ben impression: “WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT”?

  • Nicole Wells 3 months ago

    bean SUKS at missiol wars

  • Nephi Fesolai 3 months ago

    Heres a ben quota “get good jerome”

  • Nephi Fesolai 3 months ago

    When is the halo rematch

  • Nephi Fesolai 3 months ago

    And dont forget this quote for u “ahh jeff hes the worse”

  • GameingGod Games 3 months ago

    Mine will be, Ben: Jerome why u set the bomb u know I was coming in there

  • William Knight 3 months ago

    Team smrt vs team nit smrt smlly

  • Luke Liedtke 3 months ago

    Age of empires 3 are amazing, which civ do you like to play as the most? are you looking forward to the upcoming Age of Empires 4?

  • ZacTheSword 3 months ago

    When u throw a snowball it spawns the shield and removes the barrier to put the shield… then just break the glass of the shield and ur free xD

  • Justice Sigmon 3 months ago


  • Matthieu Leib 3 months ago

    Plz do a no barrier battle i did it with my friends and it was really fun

  • Nudge Gaming Despres 3 months ago

    Man this is sad, minecraft youtubers used to own youtube bow its 90k views a video, i wish we could go back

  • Shawn-David Miller 3 months ago

    My bean impression: its not my fault we lost i blame everyone else

  • Dvij kotadia 3 months ago

    WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT ( beans voice )

  • generalJET 3 months ago

    f3 B enables hitboxes

  • KadenzPlayz 3 months ago

    Why do you never use your fireballs.

  • Jumper Quad 3 months ago


  • Jim Arndt 3 months ago

    JEROOOME!!!!!!!!!!! (ben line)

  • Pyrauxe 3 months ago

    Confirmed Ben works for a drilling company.

  • Nathan Hetzer 3 months ago

    It’s weird seeing Dasha in these videos because I’m used to the one who acts stoned all of the time being a guy

  • Ian Fisher 3 months ago

    ben is so sodium chloride (new meme they are elements that make salt)

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