• Katieemmaw 8 months ago

    The Enderman is my favorite mob 😀 closely followed by llamas and polar bears!

  • 121199ize 7 months ago

    My commet is on the video

  • The Assassin Pro 123 7 months ago

    number 9 it represents Jeff is color blind

  • Jaack & Friends 7 months ago

    how do you keep your minecraft from lagging?????

  • railman 7 months ago

    my fav hostile mob is the ender dragon

  • Manny Plays ROBLOX 7 months ago

    Have a cookie 🙂

  • R&M [] 7 months ago

    I forgot this channel for over 7 months but I still remember his name and his intro… I think I’m a fan…

  • StormSquadGaming 7 months ago

    Do facts about Minecraft sounds

  • BROOKBOT9000 Spoopy squid 7 months ago

    Can you please have a server for mcpe? 🙂

  • Addy.V 7 months ago

    Hey can you speak a little bit faster please?

  • Neez Prestige 7 months ago

    Wrong, after uve got dragon breath n made poison arrows, u can shoot endermen they cant doge the splash damage, also once u have poison arrows u can shoot the enderdragon whilst he’s flapping about at the portal healing, yes they bounce off but he still gets hit with the lingering splash damage.

  • Jack o' Lantern Tree 7 months ago

    I started in the beta days! 😀

  • Lili froggers 7 months ago

    Hi, I got banned from you’re server for no reason i sent you and staff about ti please respond my sister and i need you’re help thank you

  • Soringd playz Roblox and more 7 months ago

    15:18 how did that endermae get a cactus in the end wtf

  • Soringd playz Roblox and more 7 months ago

    Oh lol sorry it was a dessert

  • Mohammed BMW 7 months ago

    please show us ur real face please

  • ben the hyena 7 months ago

    you sould make a __ tings you dont know about iDeatiateM for 900k subs

  • MR. Damian 7 months ago

    99999999999 facts you didn’t know about dirt 😄

  • Tomahawk 7 months ago

    yeh and pustahw backwards sound like yea and pasta

  • Flaviu Farcas 7 months ago

    20 things you did know about silverfish

  • MRSWAGON 7 months ago

    Can only be watched at 1.5 LOL

  • Krisztián Kurtán 7 months ago

    in first scene… i’ found herobrine… :::)(((((((:(

  • Taz the kid 7 months ago

    did you know that fireworks hurt mobs

  • Jahren Burke 7 months ago

    This is why I unsubbed because you’re trying to reach the 10 minute mark and adding arrows in the thumbnail

  • Giang Nguyễn 7 months ago

    Things about Ender dragon!

  • KingOfKaiju05 7 months ago

    Jesus Christ!?! What happened to you!? You sound like your torturing yourself just making these videos, calm the fuck down and go back to your original self, it was sooo much better than this, it’s not that I hate your channel, people will still like your videos, just calm down, CALM DOWN!

  • Aurinkomakkara 7 months ago

    “Back in the earliest days of Minecraft”
    “Buut anyways”
    “R.I.P , you will be missed”

  • gartheminecrafter 06 7 months ago

    do thing you didnt know about endermites

  • Sab vd bos 7 months ago

    do 10 things did you no about a creeper do

  • Deza Hexa 7 months ago

    Anderman in moincroft!

  • Memes Gamer 7 months ago

    I’ve hit and enderman with a spectral arrow

  • harley p 7 months ago

    10 things you didn’t know about creepers

  • Cpt.LoneWolf&Mr.Delta 7 months ago

    you can hit
    Enderman with a bow it super hard

  • - R4MPG3 - 7 months ago

    i would watch more of your videos… they are good… just your voice is so slow

  • GoldHawk Jaden 7 months ago

    black smoke

  • Get Rekt 7 months ago


  • KirbyStar2003 7 months ago

    7:12 that needs to be in minecraft!

    who agrees XD

  • Antonette Michelle 7 months ago

    dude u haven’t been making any bids make it now before I unsubstantiated u

  • Kelvin Ayon 7 months ago

    I wish they couldve kept the enderman with the green eyes

  • 习乐 杨 7 months ago


  • Ofelia A. Garcia 7 months ago

    what’s worse? An Enderman sounding like a zombie or an Enderman with no sound at all?

  • Random Person 7 months ago

    Just saying but I actually hit an ender man with a bow and arrow on mcpe

  • Excelsior Talarial 7 months ago

    wow ideactive is far from the other side of the world and have you heard of magma museum

  • Excelsior Talarial 7 months ago

    what about herobrine i know he is not in the game

  • EggQ TM 7 months ago

    Hey Anthony, There Is A Guy Copy Ur Video, He Is Vietnam So U Cant Find It, That Is The Reason I Left This Here, Copy N Paste It On YT And Report Him
    If It Doesnt Work, Try To Add This Word
    Vinh Miner

  • Endertastics Ender 7 months ago

    Look At My Name

  • {Abood 4gaming} 7 months ago


  • Khalid Rguig 7 months ago

    1.8 realese it’s cool

  • scarec kbud0 7 months ago

    your friends with justvurb on hypixel

  • Dragon plays 7 months ago


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