Today we play a modded minigame called Monsters Industries in


  • daynightgamer 3 weeks ago

    Love the vids fluffy keep it up

  • Anthony Ramirez 3 weeks ago


  • oj MVP consumer 3 weeks ago

    Next time do it with super hero mods.

  • Shygirlknowledge 3 weeks ago

    I love this series ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cameron Russell 3 weeks ago

    they should change they faces of all the mobs to beans face for the lols

  • Mowpow 979 3 weeks ago

    more plz

  • Tobias Barry 3 weeks ago

    Jerome is a very intelligent person, and this is only slightly proven by how smart of a gamer he is, but one good example was a monopoly a long time ago and he was explaining a piece of math that confused even Ben.

  • Brendan Defieux 3 weeks ago


  • Khaws 3 weeks ago


  • travis martinez 3 weeks ago

    Rip Minecraft 2017🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ogyee Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Love it more

  • Christian Braegger 3 weeks ago

    Love this game

  • Collin 3 weeks ago

    Fight against Ben, not with him. Like if you agree!

  • bre prall 3 weeks ago


  • Luna-Chan Kawaii 3 weeks ago

    hey jerome you should start saying ohhhhhhh bunny cause of cookie

  • Connor Young 3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one that thought when Ben said “so pointless” about the spider eye upgrade, so are you, but we keep you around.

  • NIGHT Core 3 weeks ago

    Do more

  • Damien Farrar 3 weeks ago

    Do a subnautica play through not all the game just a bit of it you did some with tewtiy if you remember but I’m just suggesting it
    Love your bids ❤❤❤
    Like if you want or watch subnautica play through

  • NIGHT Core 3 weeks ago

    I’m so happy <3 <3

  • Mr LSG 3 weeks ago

    I love these vids but it’s no fun just watching you and Ben stomp people please switch up teams so it’s fair

  • Erin Rizzo 3 weeks ago

    Give me a take someone back at my computer but it’s not working it’s that’s not working on it doesn’t work with the man there’s a no I want to retry to sit still rising it does doesn’t work just can you tell us what should we do and as we know you could beat Lionheart OK sweetie you said destroy a Tosa I’m not falling for that

  • Shawn-David Miller 3 weeks ago

    Also where were the reactions of squishy and steeeve 🙁

  • Gabriel Huffman 3 weeks ago

    You broke towtiy

  • Alonzo Rejano 3 weeks ago


  • Jocelyn Sabran 3 weeks ago

    The best

  • Steven Le 3 weeks ago


  • Pokemon Trainer Nick 1 3 weeks ago

    Town of Salem plz more

  • Oliver cookson 3 weeks ago

    Jerome I had surgery two days ago and I couldn’t go to France with my family I wait every day for your videos every day because the always cheer me up thank you

  • Anthony Tanza 3 weeks ago

    “MONSTERS INDUSTRIES” is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kadyn smith 3 weeks ago

    Dis you know that endermen run really fast they dont teleport theres a video on it

  • Justin Halbert 3 weeks ago

    does any one know if still works ?? seems to me that the site was bought out … idk … there are no options on the site

  • tangeld stardust 3 weeks ago

    What happend there is no video

  • Anthony Tanza 3 weeks ago

    Please More MONSTERS INDUSTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • James Bray 3 weeks ago


  • mikegamingstudios 3 weeks ago


  • Fuzzy Monkey 3 weeks ago

    Jerome can you send me the map if you can plz

  • Avneel Kumar 3 weeks ago

    If we get 15000 likes can you do 2 hours

  • ZewilloGBB 3 weeks ago

    Soon there will be a montage of Jerome saying ooooohhhhhhhh buddddyyyyyyyy

  • Onno de Rooij 3 weeks ago

    Were is Tewtey?

  • Onno de Rooij 3 weeks ago


  • LZF gaming 3 weeks ago

    Jerome,i know a really good strat.when the enemy team spawns a swarm of mobs,buy like 10 creepers,spawn it on your side,then explode it,killing everything with a few gunpowder and paper against like 9 stacks of everything.pls like this comment for jerome to see

  • ZenoBox 3 weeks ago

    go with steve next time plz

  • Onno de Rooij 3 weeks ago

    Can you play troll craft plz?

  • KaiDaDestroyr 3 weeks ago

    Tbh,this is the only place Ben is useful

  • Wobbly Dog 3 weeks ago

    Dat skeleton is a pro with the double 360 shots

  • Dominic Touch 3 weeks ago

    I Want The Map

  • Teddy Novak 3 weeks ago

    One time I want to get a comment that gets like 200 likes and than edit it to something really stupid.

  • marley D 3 weeks ago

    nothing better than eating a meat plate while watching jeromeasf

  • abomasnow 2615 3 weeks ago


  • Strategi Website Bisnis Online 3 weeks ago

    (^ _ ^)

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